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Haiyang Luo (罗海洋) (Info) University College London 2021‑08‑25
Vincenzo Abbate (Info) King's College kcmei 2018‑06‑17
Bernard C. Abbott (Info) UCL biophysics pinacrespo 2006‑09‑27
N. Joan Abbott (Info) King's College Blood-Brain Barrier kcmei 2018‑06‑17
Sumayah Abdul-Jabbar (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
Michael H. Abraham (Info) UCL Physical & Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology jandh 2013‑10‑31
Rudolph A. Abramovitch (Info) Clemson University, University of Saskatchewan WildcatChemist 2017‑04‑15
Joaquín Acevedo (Info) Imperial College London amit 2016‑02‑10
Neil Kensington Adam (Info) UCL, University of Southampton surface chemistry jandh 2011‑07‑12
Samyog Adhikari (Info) UCL anregan 2021‑02‑13
Claire Adjiman (Info) Princeton bernalde 2019‑11‑06
Aneel K. Aggarwal (Info) Mount Sinai School of Medicine Protein-nucleic acid interactions: studied by X-ray crystallography and other biophysical methods jandh 2012‑06‑14
Dragana Ahel (Info) Oxford University UK xeniorn 2021‑09‑03
Ivan Ahel (Info) Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, Oxford University UK DNA damage response mhondele 2019‑12‑22
Naveed Ahmad (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑01‑11
Taha Al-Adhami (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
Zahraa Al-Ahmady (Info) University of London, University of Manchester, Nottingham Trent University Drug Delivery, Nanomedicine kcmei 2018‑06‑18
Mohamed Ali Al-Badri (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑01‑11
Noor Al-Hasani (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
Abdul-Aziz Al-Hashmi (Info) Imperial College London pluckham 2018‑10‑11
Khuloud T. Al-Jamal (Info) King's College Nanomedicine, Drug Delivery kcmei 2018‑06‑17
Wafa T. Al-Jamal (Info) University of London, Queen's University Belfast, King's College, University of East Anglia Nanomedicine, Drug Delivery, Liposome kcmei 2018‑06‑18
Adrian Albert (Info) ANU, SUNY Stony Brook Chemotherapy, heterocycles tarselli 2015‑07‑27
John Wyndham Albery (Info) Oxford Electrochem 2014‑02‑15
C. B. Alcock (Info) Imperial College physical chemistry, ceramics, vapor pressure of metals kripke 2016‑10‑26
Simon Aldridge (Info) Oxford, Cardiff University, Imperial College London, Notre Dame Main Group and Transition Metal Organometallic Chemistry STang 2013‑07‑17
Abdulaziz Aldubayyan (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑07‑11
Peter Alexander (Info) Chester Beatty Research Institute radiobiology jandh 2019‑05‑22
Thamer Algahtani (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
Mohamed Albed Alhnan (Info) King's College kcmei 2020‑07‑21
Afia Begum Ali (Info) School of Pharmacy, University of London Interneuron, neocortex, hippocampus, synaptic networks audinate 2009‑04‑06
Hanene Ali-Boucetta (Info) University of London, University of Birmingham kcmei 2018‑06‑18
Harry R. Allcock (Info) Penn State Polymer Synthesis, Materials Chemistry, and Biomedicine jandh 2013‑07‑10
Albert (Bert) Derrick Allen (Info) UCL, University of Toronto inorganic chemistry jandh 2018‑10‑23
Arthur John Allmand (Info) King's College jandh 2013‑07‑26
Marey Almaghrabi (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
Isabel Almiro do Vale (Info) Queen Mary University of London melphick 2013‑10‑11
Joshua Almond-Thynne (Info) Oxford Organic Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry, Organometallics ja2209 2016‑06‑17
Benjamin D Almquist (Info) Imperial College London almquist 2018‑04‑12
Abdulrahman Aloumi (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
Abdul Alqurshi (Info) King's College kcmei 2018‑06‑19
Mohammed Alsalhi (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
Mohamad Altamimi (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
Ali Altharawi (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
Simon L. Altmann (Info) Oxford group theory, quaternions, and solid state jandh 2011‑12‑27
Rafael Pérez Álvarez-Ossorio (Info) Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad de Cádiz Synthetic Organic Chemistry tarselli 2015‑07‑11
Thamer Alzoubi (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
David B. Amabilino (Info) Nottingham, Nottingham Stereochemistry, self assembly, molecular materials STang 2014‑07‑25
Nadav Amdursky (Info) Technion connectingresearchers 2020‑09‑16
Donald E. Ames (Info) Chelsea College, University of London Shrinidhi 2018‑07‑10
Richard Amison (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
Sekharipuram Venkateswaran Anantakrishnan (Info) Madras Christian College Physical organic chemistry Vigyaanik 2016‑11‑18
Richard A. Andersen (Info) UC Berkeley organometallic, and inorganic chemistry jandh 2011‑11‑16
Ephraim S. Anderson (Info) Enteric Reference Laboratory multiple drug-resistance in bacteria jandh 2013‑08‑08
James C. Anderson (Info) University of Sheffield, Nottingham, UCL Organic Synthesis, Synthetic Methodology, Catalysis STang 2013‑07‑17
John Stuart Anderson (Info) Imperial College LiS 2013‑09‑17
Ka Lung Andrew (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑19
Paolo Andriollo (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
C. Austen Angell (Info) Melbourne University, Purdue, Arizona State physical chemistry, glass science, water, ionic liquids, energy storage zuofengzhao 2013‑05‑05
Gleb V. Anrep (Info) UCL sugar metabolism jandh 2013‑07‑18
Ali Ansarifar (Info) Imperial College London pluckham 2018‑10‑11
Silvia Anselmi (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑07‑11
Orapan Apirakkan (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑07‑11
Maziar S. Ardejani (Info) Scripps Institute, King's College, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Protein Chemistry and Biophysics, Lipid and Glycochemistry, Protein Design, Molecular Self-assembly munhee 2015‑05‑29
Kate Arkless (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
Alan Armstrong (Info) Imperial College London, Nottingham, Bath, Columbia Synthetic organic chemistry, Catalysis STang 2013‑07‑17
Clay M. Armstrong (Info) Penn Ion channels hanks 2005‑10‑12
Henry Edward Armstrong (Info) Imperial College Organic chemistry jandh 2011‑07‑15
Rachel Armstrong (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
Chiara Arno (Info) King's College kcmei 2018‑06‑18
John Arnold (Info) UC Berkeley inorganic and organometallic compounds jandh 2012‑03‑03
Steph Arnold (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
M. Arthur (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
Gian Giacomo Asara (Info) King's College Physical chemistry, Physics, Chemistry, Material Science GianAsara 2019‑01‑28
Andrew E. Ashley (Info) Imperial College London Organometallics clow 2016‑04‑18
Marc J. Assael (Info) University of Thessaloniki, Greece Measurement of the thermal conductivity and viscosity of fluids and solids, Simulation of environmental processes, Risk Assessment CANCASTRO 2021‑10‑13
William T. Astbury (Info) University of Leeds Molecular biology jandh 2014‑03‑18
Alessandro Astolfi (Info) Imperial College London dl9 2020‑05‑12
Paris Ataliotis (Info) St George's Hospital Medical School, University of London mmercola 2018‑01‑21
Robert William Atkinson (Info) Royal School of Mines, Tokyo Imperial University, UCL English consulting chemist during Meiji period, Japan 19th C. tarselli 2015‑08‑22
Jennifer Auer (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
Styliani Avraamidou (Info) Imperial College London, Texas A & M, UW Madison dl9 2020‑06‑22
Bernard J. Aylett (Info) Queen Mary College silicon-nitrogen and silicon-metal compounds fullmerl 2013‑08‑04
Sam Azadi (Info) UCL recohen 2019‑11‑05
Anna Babin (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
Peter H. Bach (Info) University of East London anregan 2021‑02‑13
Thomas G. Back (Info) University of Calgary Organic Chemistry pq 2016‑05‑23
Christian Baerlocher (Info) ETH Zürich Zeolite, powder diffraction, crystallography Zeo 2019‑07‑17
Jie Bai (Info) King's College kcmei 2018‑06‑18
Ion C. Baianu (Info) UIUC Physical Chemistry, Food Science and Technology Agriculture pq 2016‑05‑27
Kenneth Bailey (Info) Cambridge jandh 2014‑08‑25
Arthur David Baker (Info) CUNY Organic Chemistry pq 2016‑05‑27
Herbert B. Baker (Info) Imperial College jandh 2011‑06‑19
Rafal Baker (Info) King's College kcmei 2020‑07‑21
Artem Bakulin (Info) Cambridge markwbwilson 2017‑04‑17
Ernest Baldwin (Info) UCL comparative biochemistry jandh 2015‑04‑13
Jack E. Baldwin (Info) Imperial College, Penn State, MIT, King's College, Oxford Synthetic chemistry and reaction mechanisms, natural products jandh 2011‑12‑31
Edward Charles Cyril Baly (Info) University of Liverpool absorption spectra, phosphorescence and fluorescence, photochemistry and photosynthesis jandh 2011‑12‑08
Jennifer Banerjee (Info) Cancer Research UK - London Research Institute hulrich 2016‑07‑12
Asoke Banerji (Info) Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, BARC, Mumbai Biotechnology, bioorganic chemistry, phytochemistry, synthetic organic chemistry Vigyaanik 2018‑02‑03
James D Banks (Info) Texas State University, Queen Mary University of London J.banks 2020‑12‑05
Sukhvinder S. Bansal (Info) Strathclyde University, National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill, London, MRC-LMB, King's College Chemical Biology, Peptide, Organic Chemistry kcmei 2018‑06‑17
Vik Bansal (Info) Imperial College London amit 2016‑02‑10
Huiming Bao (Info) LSU Baton Rouge Thiemens 2021‑08‑15
James Barber (Info) Imperial College London connectingresearchers 2021‑09‑14
Jogendra Chandra Bardhan (Info) University of Calcutta Organic chemistry Vigyaanik 2016‑10‑30
Joshua Philip Barham (Info) UCL, University of Strathclyde, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals R&D, University of Shizuoka, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), University of Regensberg Organic Chemistry, Radical Chemistry, Photochemistry, Electrochemistry, Flow Chemistry JPBarham 2019‑12‑19
David Barlow (Info) King's College kcmei 2018‑06‑19
Paul Barnes (Info) Birkbeck College robajackson 2015‑08‑05
Richard M. Barrer (Info) Imperial College kripke 2013‑03‑14
Anthony GM Barrett (Info) Imperial College, Northwestern, Colorado State Total Synthesis uom 2012‑11‑18
Andrew R. Barron (Info) Harvard, Rice University nanotechnology jandh 2015‑09‑04
Fred Barrow (Info) University of London fycus-tree 2018‑06‑21
Philip N. Bartlett (Info) University of Southampton Electrochemistry PNBartlett 2013‑12‑17
Derek Harold Richard Barton (Info) Imperial College Organic chemistry, stereochemistry jandh 2011‑07‑11
Paul I. Barton (Info) MIT michanapo 2018‑01‑11
Chris Basu (Info) Imperial College London almquist 2019‑04‑03
Katie Bates (Info) University College London kcmei 2018‑06‑20
Roderick W. Bates (Info) Imperial College of London etherion14 2015‑12‑20
Robert A. Batey (Info) University of Toronto tmcr 2014‑02‑26
Ryan David Bayliss (Info) University of Birmingham, Imperial College London, University of Illinois, Chicago, Argonne National Laboratory, Oxford, Corning Materials Chemistry RDB417 2013‑10‑21
Andrea K. Beaghton (Info) Imperial College London Sotelea 2020‑01‑28
Michael J. Bearpark (Info) Imperial College London leethomo 2021‑04‑23
Ian R. Beattie (Info) Oxford jandh 2013‑02‑01
Pierre Beaulieu (Info) Université de Montréal JSWalczak 2012‑03‑21
George Bebawy (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑01‑11
Arnold Heyworth Beckett (Info) University of London kcmei 2018‑06‑18
Thomas Beddoes (Info) Pneumatic Institution, Bristol Mavalto 2018‑06‑18
Franky E Bedoya Lora (Info) Imperial College London Electrochemistry, Engineering franky 2018‑06‑14
Paul D. Beer (Info) Oxford supramolecular chemistry philgale 2013‑11‑22
Robert P. Behringer (Info) Duke Granular Materials, Nonlinear Dynamics abehclark 2010‑07‑30
Thomas W. Bell (Info) SUNY Stony Brook, University of Nevada, Reno Medicinal chemistry, HIV tarselli 2015‑07‑18
Michael Hewitt Benn (Info) University of Calgary Natural products chemistry Vigyaanik 2019‑02‑24
George Macdonald Bennett (Info) King's College jandh 2011‑12‑27
Martin Bennett (Info) ANU adhunter 2016‑02‑24
Enrico Berardo (Info) UCL MZ 2015‑07‑06
Ernst David Bergmann (Info) Weizmann Institute organic chemistry jandh 2011‑08‑03
John Desmond Bernal (Info) Birkbeck College Crystallography jandh 2011‑07‑10
Albert James Bernays (Info) St. Mary's Hospital, London, London University, St. Thomas's Hospital Medical School Vigyaanik 2019‑02‑16
Frank J. Berry (Info) The Open University Mossbauer RDB417 2013‑10‑21
Charles H. Best (Info) University of Toronto diabetes tcoderre 2006‑12‑01
David 'Judge' JM Bevan (Info) Flinders University LiS 2013‑09‑17
Dewan S Bhakuni (Info) Central Drug Research Institute Biosynthesis, natural product diwanrawat 2017‑11‑11
Yogesh Bhargava (Info) Dr. Harisingh Gour Central University, India Zebrafish, Behaviour, NO Signalling, Biophysics, Ion channel yogeshbhargava 2009‑02‑07
Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar (Info) Banaras Hindu Univ, Varanasi, India, Punjab university, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research Organic chemistry Vigyaanik 2016‑10‑31
J.D. Billimoria (Info) University of London Vigyaanik 2017‑07‑09
Brian Billups (Info) Cambridge, ANU Synaptic transmission attwell 2008‑01‑26
Emiliano Bilotti (Info) Queen Mary University of London J.banks 2020‑12‑05
Nigel J. M. Birdsall (Info) Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research, National Institute for Medical Research, London, Cambridge kcmei 2019‑08‑30
David Bishop-Bailey (Info) Royal Veterinary College, London hlatim 2015‑08‑09
Dimitris Bitounis (Info) University of London, Harvard kcmei 2018‑06‑18
Donna G. Blackmond (Info) Imperial College asymmetric catalysis jandh 2011‑12‑19
Julian Blagg (Info) Institute of Cancer Research, London, UK Vass89$ 2017‑11‑09
Ian A. Blair (Info) Penn biochemistry, pharmacology, chemistry, mass spectrometry, toxicology pq 2016‑03‑22
Simona Di Blasio (Info) King's College kcmei 2018‑06‑18
Karl Hermann Friedrich Blau (Info) UNC Chapel Hill diagnostics of inherited diseases jandh 2017‑09‑07
Mordecai Blaustein (Info) University of Maryland Calcium-Sodium Exchange DavidJMiller 2014‑09‑18
James W. Blood (Info) Imperial College London Chemical Warfare Agents, Porous Materials jwblood 2017‑01‑25
James Lawrence Bloomer (Info) Temple University Biosynthesis jandh 2019‑05‑21
Sally F. Bloomfield (Info) Nottingham, Chelsea College, University of London, Unilever Research, Port Sunlight, UK, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine kcmei 2019‑08‑30
David M. Blow (Info) Cambridge X-ray crystallography jandh 2011‑07‑19
Jochen Blumberger (Info) UCL connectingresearchers 2019‑09‑25
John O'Mara Bockris (Info) Imperial College, Penn, Flinders University, Australia, Texas A & M Physical Electrochemistry jandh 2013‑03‑09
Sivasambu Bohm (Info) Imperial College London Graphene, Batteries, Fuel cells, coating, Graphene production and applications, composite SivaBohm 2021‑05‑07
Tamzin Bond (Info) Imperial College London kcmei 2019‑07‑11
William Arthur Bone (Info) Imperial College Explosives uom 2012‑11‑17
Karl J. Bonney (Info) Imperial College London Synthetic organic chemistry karlbonney 2017‑11‑04
Gustav V.R. Born (Info) King's College Platelet biology, purines, monoamines alirezamani 2010‑12‑10
Simon J. Boulton (Info) Cancer Research UK - London Research Institute xeniorn 2021‑09‑03
Maxime Bourgognon (Info) King's College, Roche kcmei 2018‑06‑18
Edward John Bourne (Info) University of Birmingham, Royal Holloway, University of London saccharides jandh 2020‑06‑08
Martyn Boutelle (Info) Imperial College phashemi 2018‑02‑05
Tian Bowen (Info) University of London kcmei 2018‑06‑18
Fredrick Orpen Bower (Info) University of Glasgow jandh 2013‑07‑25
Chris Braddock (Info) Imperial College London karlbonney 2017‑11‑04
Donald C. Bradley (Info) Queen Mary, University of London transition metals and lanthanides jandh 2011‑12‑02
John C.D. Brand (Info) University of Glasgow jandh 2011‑12‑27
Nigel Brandon (Info) Imperial College London DanBrett 2019‑09‑01
Ernest A. R. Braude (Info) Imperial College organic chemistry jandh 2013‑04‑16
Pierre Braunstein (Info) Université de Strasbourg CyaPa 2018‑09‑11
Christopher Bray (Info) Queen Mary University of London harryshirley 2016‑01‑11
Christopher D. Bray (Info) Queen Mary University of London harryshirley 2016‑01‑11
Dan Brett (Info) UCL (London) Electrochemistry, fuel cells, batteries, supercapacitors, electrolysers DanBrett 2019‑09‑01
Keith Brew (Info) University of Miami, Florida Atlantic University Biochemistry pq 2016‑04‑18
Peter Brick (Info) Imperial College crystallography jandh 2015‑01‑19
Henry V.A. Briscoe (Info) Imperial College Inorganic chemistry jandh 2011‑07‑12
Jeremy P. Brockes (Info) UCL regeneration, stem cells M. Odurih 2012‑02‑05
Detlev W. Bronk (Info) Penn nervous tissue metabolism and electric activity hanks 2005‑11‑09
Adrian Gibbs Brook (Info) University of Toronto jandh 2018‑10‑16
G. Brought (Info) Queen Mary College, University of London kcmei 2018‑06‑18
Joseph James Broughton (Info) UCL Chemistry JoeyBroughton93 2020‑03‑03
Alex P N Brown (Info) Imperial College London Organic Chemistry rednaxling 2017‑05‑08
Andre E. Brown (Info) Imperial College London behaviour, genetics, C. elegans aexbrown 2010‑08‑16
Ronald Drayton Brown (Info) University of Melbourne, Monash University Theoretical chemistry, Microwave spectroscopy jandh 2016‑10‑14
Ronald Alexander Brown (Info) University of London, adio Corporation of America, Lancaster, Pennsylvania., The Polytechnic of North London Holloway istanbul 2018‑08‑20
Steven G Brown (Info) UCL kcmei 2019‑01‑11
Duncan L. Browne (Info) UCL Organic Chemistry Duncan_Browne 2019‑12‑18
Antoine Buchard (Info) University of Tokyo, École Polytechnique, Imperial College London, University of Bath Catalysis, Polymer Science antoinebuchard 2012‑03‑13
Erwin Buncel (Info) Queen's University, Canada Nuclear Chemistry pq 2016‑05‑23
Clifford A Bunton (Info) UCL tylerz 2014‑04‑11
CHRISTOPHER PAUL BURDESS (Info) University of London istanbul 2018‑08‑20
Diane Burgess (Info) University of Connecticut Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacy pq 2016‑05‑15
Albert William Burgstahler (Info) The University of Kansas chemistry of natural products jandh 2011‑11‑01
Alfred Richard Burkin (Info) Imperial College London hydrometallurgy jandh 2018‑05‑15
Richard J. Bushby (Info) University of Leeds Liquid Crystals, Phospholipids, Pi Multiradicals richardb 2013‑12‑04
William John Hughes Butterfield (Info) University of London, Nottingham, Cambridge jandh 2018‑04‑13
Brian C. H. Steele (Info) Imperial College London fuel cells, solid electrolytes, ceramics John123 2016‑10‑25
Lorena Robaina Cabrera (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
Franco Cacialli (Info) UCL - London - UK giusepate 2019‑05‑10
Alban Cadu (Info) Ruprecht-Karls University, CaRLa, Uppsala, Imperial College London ACadu 2017‑02‑06
Thais Cailleau (Info) Imperial College London karlbonney 2017‑11‑04
Ernesto J. Calvo (Info) Universidad de Buenos Aires - CONICET Chemistry, electrochemistry, nanotechnology Ernesto220751 2020‑04‑15
Luigino Calzetta (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
Jason E. Camp (Info) University of Huddersfield, Queen Mary, University of London, Nottingham Organic Synthesis STang 2013‑07‑17
Alan Newton Campbell (Info) University of Manitoba jandh 2017‑09‑08
R. Keith Cannan (Info) NYU School of Medicine physical chemistry of proteins jandh 2013‑07‑18
Daren Carauana (Info) University of Southampton PNBartlett 2016‑10‑19
John Edward Carless (Info) Chelsea College, University of London Pharmaceutics jandh 2018‑11‑21
C. Harry Carlisle (Info) Birkbeck College X-ray crystallography jandh 2012‑03‑09
Claire Carmalt (Info) UCL kontiki 2018‑08‑09
Barry K. Carpenter (Info) Cornell, Cardiff University Reaction Mechanisms, Nonstatistical Dynamics of Reactive Intermediates, Photochemical Reduction of CO2 jandh 2011‑11‑15
Robert Carrington (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
Mike Casey (Info) University College Dublin (Ireland) Organic synthesis, chemistry education research mykc 2019‑04‑10
Daniele Castagnolo (Info) King's College kcmei 2018‑06‑18
C. Richard A. Catlow (Info) UCL Computational Chemistry aronwalsh 2014‑02‑28
Kara Cerveny (Info) Johns Hopkins Medical School pds21t 2018‑04‑08
nicolas g. chabloz (Info) Imperial College chemistry asdf123456789 2016‑11‑13
F. Mark Chadwick (Info) Imperial College London Inorganic Chemistry mrxx61 2019‑01‑25
Ernst Boris Chain (Info) Oxford, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Imperial College jandh 2015‑05‑05
Bruce Chalmers (Info) Harvard Metallurgy jandh 2013‑08‑11
Christopher Chamberlain (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
Hyeygjeon Chang (Info) Imperial College London, Imperial College London, Kookmin University dl9 2020‑05‑12
Jason Chang (Info) Imperial College London RobertChannon1 2019‑10‑15
Robert B Channon (Info) Colorado State, Imperial College London Electrochemistry, Microfluidics, point-of-care, biosensors RobertChannon1 2017‑11‑06
Vasileios Charitopoulos (Info) University College London bernalde 2019‑11‑06
Jittima Chatchawalsaisin (Info) University of London k2019 2019‑10‑11
Nick Chatterton (Info) London Metropolitan University Z12Z53Z16 2013‑07‑23
Jyoti Chattopadhyaya (Info) Uppsala Bioorganic chemistry connectingresearchers 2020‑05‑06
Christos Chatzidoukas (Info) Imperial College London bernalde 2019‑11‑06
Bruno Chaudret (Info) CNRS Toulouse vmontiel 2018‑10‑25
Shiguo Chen (Info) RPI Linhardt 2017‑09‑07
Yiyuan Chen (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
Yu-Lin Chen (Info) King's College kcmei 2018‑06‑18
Michael A. Chesters (Info) Nottingham Physical chemistry STang 2013‑07‑17
Albert Charles Chibnall (Info) Imperial College London, Cambridge, UCL Protein chemistry, biochemistry Vigyaanik 2017‑08‑27
Malcolm H. Chisholm (Info) Princeton, Indiana University, Ohio State inorganic, organometallic and materials chemistry jandh 2011‑12‑02
Cyrus H. Chothia (Info) Cambridge Computational Molecular Biology jandh 2013‑07‑05
Wing Ying Chow (Info) Cambridge, Leibniz Forschungsinstitute for Molecular Pharmacology, CEA - Grenoble solid-state NMR, biomaterials, collagen wychow 2015‑09‑30
Madiha Chowdhury (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
Connie Chui (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
Wasim Chun (Info) King's College kcmei 2020‑07‑21
Melvyn R. Churchill (Info) SUNY Buffalo wileyyoungs1 2015‑08‑30
Agostino Cilibrizzi (Info) Cambridge, Università degli Studi di Firenze, Imperial College London, King's College, King's College organic chemistry kcmei 2019‑08‑26
Andrew J. Clark (Info) University of Warwick, UK Organic Chemistry, Radical Chemistry, Renewable Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry AJC1 2016‑09‑16
Edward Raymond Clark (Info) University of Leeds Anti-oestrogens jandh 2018‑06‑06
Hans Thacher Clarke (Info) Columbia Biological chemistry jandh 2011‑07‑11
Stuart Gordon Clarkson (Info) University of Geneva Medical School tRNA genes and transription; DNA repair damielcassiel 2017‑12‑10
David C. Clary (Info) Oxford theoretical chemistry jandh 2012‑05‑31
Emlyn Clay (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
Alexander Andre Cobb (Info) King's College Organocatalysis, Asymmetric Synthesis cobbaja12 2014‑10‑29
Philip Cohen (Info) University of Dundee protein phosphorylation in cell regulation jandh 2014‑02‑19
Ronald E Cohen (Info) Carnegie Institution for Science geophysics, materials science, physics, high pressure, electronic structure, condensed matter physics recohen 2019‑11‑05
Stanley N. Cohen (Info) Stanford Medical School antibiotic resistance jandh 2014‑08‑01
David J. Cole-Hamilton (Info) University of St Andrews Applications of organometallic compounds in homogeneous catalysis and materials science jandh 2012‑01‑06
John Norman Collie (Info) UCL Organic Chemistry jandh 2011‑07‑11
Howard Colquhoun (Info) University of Reading, UK ChristineCardin 2017‑09‑21
Elena Conti (Info) Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried jandh 2015‑01‑19
Brian Evans Conway (Info) University of Ottawa Electrochemistry jandh 2015‑09‑21
Stuart J. Conway (Info) Oxford, University of St Andrews Chemical biology, organic chemistry sjc16 2013‑08‑15
Arthur Herbert Cook (Info) Imperial College Organic chemistry jandh 2014‑11‑08
James Wilfred Cook (Info) University of Glasgow polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, alkaloids jandh 2011‑12‑21
David Corcoran (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
Christopher Cordier (Info) Caltech tarselli 2015‑08‑01
Tom Cornell (Info) King's College brendanorner 2019‑05‑11
John W. Cornforth (Info) University of Sussex Organic chemistry, stereochemistry jandh 2011‑07‑12
Maria do Céu Gonçalves Costa (Info) Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias Medicinal Chemistry mccosta 2020‑07‑01
Charles Alfred Coulson (Info) Oxford molecular physical chemistry palmerit 2010‑07‑05
Roland A. Coulson (Info) Louisiana State University School of Medicine, New Orleans jandh 2015‑06‑23
David Anthony Cowan (Info) King's College drug testing jandh 2019‑06‑04
David P. Craig (Info) ANU theoretical chemistry jandh 2014‑10‑03
Donald Craig (Info) Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, UK andrewmarsh 2015‑07‑29
Duncan Q. M. Craig (Info) University of London, University of Bath, Queen's University Belfast, University of East Anglia, UCL Experimental Medicine, Global Health, Nanotechnology, Personalised Medicine, Materials kcmei 2019‑08‑30
Lionel Crawford (Info) ICRF London ilblitz 2018‑06‑02
Paul Cressey (Info) King's College finn 2017‑04‑20
Peter Cresswell (Info) Yale major histocompatibility complex (MHC) jandh 2014‑05‑07
Francis Harry Compton Crick (Info) Salk Institute molecular biology / Consciousness hanks 2005‑11‑09
Mark Crimmin (Info) Imperial College London andreasphanopoulos 2019‑06‑24
Leslie Crombie (Info) Nottingham natural compounds jandh 2013‑01‑09
Justin R Cross (Info) Sloan-Kettering Institute, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center cphko 2018‑05‑18
Rory Curtis (Info) Elixir Pharmaceuticals GAP43, glia, ion channels, regeneration, neurotrophins, GAP-43 rory 2009‑01‑07
Noel J. Cusack (Info) Boston Life Sciences, Inc. Purines CJM3 2012‑10‑22
Stephen Cusack (Info) EMBL jeremysmith 2017‑02‑20
Joanna Czerwinska (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑07‑11
Andre Moreira Neto Da Silva (Info) King's College kcmei 2018‑06‑18
Jawwad A. Daar (Info) UCL, Imperial College London, Nottingham Materials Chemistry kripke 2019‑12‑09
Mingjie Dai (Info) Harvard Biophysics, DNA nanotechnology, synthetic biology, single-molecule techniques, super-resolution microscopy 2016‑02‑25
Paul A Dalby (Info) UCL Protein engineering and formulation pauldalby 2021‑08‑24
Aaron Dale (Info) UCL SNeidle 2019‑08‑02
Henry Hallett Dale (Info) National Institute for Medical Research, London Pharmacology hanks 2005‑11‑03
Lyaquatali A Damani (Info) King's College jandh 2019‑06‑04
Krishna K. Damodaran (Info) University of Iceland Anion recognition, coordination polymers, catalysis, crystal engineering, supramolecular gels Vigyaanik 2019‑02‑25
Manayath Damodaran (Info) Madras University, CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India Protein chemistry, biochemistry Vigyaanik 2017‑08‑27
David Danaci (Info) Imperial College London Adsorption, porous materials, gas separation, CO2 capture, CO2 utilisation BobBarone 2020‑07‑21
James F. Danielli (Info) Cambridge, King's College cell membranes jandh 2011‑07‑12
Alwyn G. Davies (Info) UCL Organometallic chemistry STang 2013‑07‑18
David Ian Davies (Info) King's College Organic chemistry Vigyaanik 2021‑08‑08
Gemma Davies (Info) Imperial College London kcmei 2019‑07‑11
Gemma-Louise Davies (Info) UCL markhardmeier 2020‑04‑17
Paul Charles William Davies (Info) Cambridge connectingresearchers 2019‑07‑19
Robert P. Davies (Info) Imperial College London simonsung06 2019‑12‑13
Elaine Olive Davis (Info) National Institute for Medical Research jandh 2019‑12‑04
Peter Day (Info) Oxford, Institut Laue-Langevin, UCL mixed valence compounds, solid state chemisrty, neutron diffraction kripke 2016‑03‑20
Edward de Barry Barnett (Info) Sir John Cass College, London Organic chemistry jandh 2013‑03‑02
Luiz Pedro S. de Carvalho (Info) The Francis Crick Institute Enzymology pq 2015‑12‑01
Nora de Leeuw (Info) Birkbeck College rgraucrespo 2015‑10‑01
Paul Jose de Mayo (Info) Western Ontario Natural products chemistry Vigyaanik 2021‑04‑25
Rafael Torres Martín de Rosales (Info) King's College kcmei 2018‑06‑20
Sam P. de Visser (Info) University of Manchester Computational Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Thermodynamics devisser 2014‑08‑04
Glen B. Deacon (Info) Monash University Chemistry of Main Group Elements, Rare Earths, Precious Metals (including platinum anti-cancer compounds), and New Materials (semi-conductor dopants and precursors) jandh 2013‑06‑21
Antony J. Deeming (Info) UCL Vigyaanik 2020‑10‑31
Ioscani Jimenez del (Info) Imperial College London bernalde 2019‑11‑06
Antonio del-Rio Chanona (Info) Cambridge, Imperial College London dl9 2020‑06‑25
Antonia Delago (Info) Queen Mary University of London melphick 2013‑10‑12
Kenneth George Denbigh (Info) Imperial Chemical Industries, University of Southampton, Royal Ordnance Factory, Bridgwater , Imperial Chemical Industries, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Imperial College London, Queen Elizabeth College Physical chemistry, chemical thermodynamics, chemical engineering Vigyaanik 2019‑03‑22
John Dennis (Info) Queen Mary University London zhaoxm0821 2020‑07‑19
Jonathan Hancock Dennis (Info) Florida State Genome regulation jhdennis 2014‑06‑10
Ranchhodji Dajibhai Desai (Info) Aligarh Muslim University Organic chemistry, Dye chemistry Vigyaanik 2017‑02‑26
Ravi A. Desai (Info) UCL Bioengineering raviadesai 2015‑08‑17
Michael J. S. Dewar (Info) UT Austin, University of London, Cortaulds, Chicago, University of Florida Theoretical chemistry jandh 2011‑12‑20
Biman Bihari Dey (Info) Presidency College Calcutta, Presidency College Madras, Madras University Organic chemistry, Biochemistry Vigyaanik 2016‑11‑19
Moti Lal Dhar (Info) Jammu and Kashmir State Drug Research Laboratory, CSIR - Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, IIT KANPUR, Banaras Hindu Univ, Varanasi, India Organic chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry Vigyaanik 2016‑11‑22
Nil Ratan Dhar (Info) Allahabad University Physical chemistry, Soil chemistry Vigyaanik 2016‑11‑02
Surendra Nath Dhar (Info) College of Engineering, Guindy Organic chemistry Vigyaanik 2017‑08‑22
Devis DI Tommaso (Info) Queen Mary University College London Computational Chemistry, Crystal nucleation, Theoretical catalysis, Electrolyte solutions, Amorphous materials ditommas 2019‑05‑14
Frank Dickens (Info) Middlesex Hospital Medical School Experimental Biochemistry jandh 2018‑11‑25
Wayne Dickson (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑01‑11
Silvia Diez-Gonzalez (Info) Imperial College djn86 2013‑09‑13
Malcolm Dixon (Info) Cambridge biochemistry jandh 2011‑09‑03
Matthew S. Dodd (Info) UCL Geochemistry Regalado-Fernandez 2017‑11‑29
Daniela Dolciami (Info) Institute of Cancer Research, London, UK Medicinal Chemistry DanielaDolciami 2019‑11‑12
Cyril Domb (Info) Bar-Ilan Statistical mechanics dstyer 2010‑10‑27
Frederick G. Donnan (Info) UCL physical chemistry jandh 2009‑07‑09
Luiza dos Reis Cruz (Info) UT Austin organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry luizarcruz 2019‑01‑24
Martin T Dove (Info) Cambridge, Queen Mary University of London, Sichuan University alg 2016‑04‑18
Niall Mac Dowell (Info) Imperial College bernalde 2019‑11‑06
Julian Downward (Info) Institute of Cancer Research, London, UK Cancer biology jandh 2020‑04‑13
Fiona M. Doyle (Info) UC Berkeley Geochemistry pq 2016‑03‑12
Simon Drake (Info) Imperial College London kripke 2019‑12‑09
John W. Draper (Info) photochemistry rqtopper 2014‑03‑20
Cecile Dreiss (Info) Imperial College London pluckham 2019‑08‑07
Will Drewe (Info) UCL SNeidle 2019‑08‑03
Kurt L. Drickamer (Info) Imperial College Molecular function of sugar-binding receptors in cellular recognition events chiacchi 2013‑04‑05
Jack Cecil Drummond (Info) UCL nutrition jandh 2013‑07‑18
Pinky Dua (Info) Imeprial College London amit 2016‑02‑10
Vivek Dua (Info) Imperial College London amit 2016‑02‑10
Jacques-Émile Dubois (Info) Universität des Saarlandes, Université de Paris VII Physical organic chemistry, Cheminformatics Vigyaanik 2018‑06‑12
Harold Ward Dudley (Info) National Institute for Medical Research jandh 2020‑06‑16
Thomas M. Dunn (Info) University of Michigan Physical Chemistry jandh 2013‑02‑07
James R Durrant (Info) Imperial College London pkennepohl 2020‑05‑27
Colin Eaborn (Info) University of Sussex organosilicon chemistry jandh 2013‑07‑10
Jeffrey Edelman (Info) Imperial College London jandh 2020‑05‑15
Gavin L. Edwards (Info) The University of New South Wales medicinal chemistry gavin1960 2013‑06‑05
Raphael Egbu (Info) University of East Anglia, UCL kcmei 2019‑08‑28
Russell G. Egdell (Info) Oxford, Imperial College Inorganic Chemistry jandh 2015‑07‑31
Jan C.T. Eijkel (Info) University of Twente microfluidics, lab on chip, nanoscience amzamz 2015‑04‑02
John S. Elce (Info) Queen's University, Canada Biochemistry, Pharmacology pq 2016‑05‑29
Philipp Ellinger (Info) Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine, London Pharmacology, toxicology, nutrition jandh 2015‑06‑24
Harold J. T. Ellingham (Info) Imperial College jandh 2013‑03‑09
Daniel Elliott (Info) SUNY Stony Brook Natural product total synthesis pq 2015‑11‑14
John Arthur Elvidge (Info) Imperial College Organic chemistry jandh 2014‑11‑08
Peter H. Elworthy (Info) University of Glasgow kcmei 2018‑06‑17
Harry J. Emeléus (Info) Cambridge inorganic chemistry jandh 2011‑06‑19
Donald M. Engelman (Info) Yale Structural biology TrumanYoung 2012‑04‑07
John Errington (Info) University of Newcastle upon Tyne kontiki 2018‑08‑09
Arvin Eskandari (Info) King's College finn 2017‑04‑20
Dimitrios Evangelopoulos (Info) UCL luizpedrocarvalho 2020‑04‑30
David A. Evans (Info) Eli Lilly, Spirogen, Cambridge computational chemistry daevans 2015‑09‑08
Fred J. Evans (Info) University of London jandh 2018‑01‑01
Martin J. Evans (Info) UCL testtest 2009‑02‑18
Robert Evans (Info) King's College kcmei 2018‑06‑19
Margaret E. Farago (Info) University College London pparsons 2020‑06‑09
Faysal Farah (Info) Imperial College London kcmei 2019‑07‑11
Nicholas Farandos (Info) Imperial College London Electrochemistry, Fuel cells AnnaHankin 2020‑04‑06
David H. Farb (Info) Boston University Molecular physiology of benzodiazepines and other ion channel modulators; GABA(A) receptor structure-function; NMDA receptor structure and function; neuroactive steroids teissere 2008‑05‑14
Ernest Harold Farmer (Info) Imperial College jandh 2013‑03‑05
Farid Muhammad Faruqu (Info) King's College kcmei 2018‑06‑18
D. John Faulkner (Info) Scripps Oceanography Marine Natural Products Chemistry jandh 2012‑06‑07
Marie-Eve Faure (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑07‑11
Rüdiger Faust (Info) UCL, University of Kassel connectingresearchers 2020‑07‑27
Brian Fender (Info) Oxford Solid State Chemistry kripke 2013‑03‑02
Wallace O. Fenn (Info) Rochester Muscle physiology CJM3 2009‑03‑10
Oliver Fenwick (Info) Queen Mary University London samori 2016‑04‑19
Jack Eric Fergusson (Info) University of Canterbury, New Zealand Inorganic chemistry STang 2013‑07‑18
Nathalie Fernando (Info) UCL regoutz 2019‑09‑23
Alan Roy Fersht (Info) Cambridge protein engineering, protein folding, and enzyme catalysis rleatherbarrow 2014‑01‑26
Helen H. Fielding (Info) UCL adamk 2018‑06‑01
Michael E. Fisher (Info) Cornell, University of Maryland Condensed matter physics ilafiete 2009‑05‑13
Bernard Fleet (Info) Imperial College London Vigyaanik 2020‑10‑31
Martin Fleischmann (Info) University of Southampton Electrochemistry jandh 2013‑03‑09
Alexander Fleming (Info) St. Mary's Hospital Medical School Bacteriology, Pharmacology, Immunology mzdavid 2010‑09‑11
Graham R. Fleming (Info) UC Berkeley Ultrafast Spectroscopy jandh 2011‑12‑06
Colin David Flint (Info) Birkbeck College jandh 2019‑11‑27
Alexander T. Florence (Info) UCL kcmei 2018‑06‑17
Jean-Claude Florent (Info) Institut Curie, Paris, France Roulland 2017‑01‑03
Howard Walter Florey (Info) Oxford Pharmacology, Pathology mzdavid 2010‑09‑11
Milica Folic (Info) Imperial College London amit 2016‑02‑10
Ben Forbes (Info) King's College kcmei 2020‑07‑21
Hugh S Forrest (Info) UT Austin jandh 2017‑11‑26
Martin Onslow Forster (Info) Royal College of Science jandh 2013‑11‑26
Ian D. Forsythe (Info) University of Leicester synaptic transmission, voltage-gated potassium channels, intrinsic plasticity, auditory processing fesposti1 2012‑04‑19
William Fortune (Info) UCL JoeyBroughton93 2020‑03‑03
John Stephen Fossey (Info) University of Birmingham johnfossey 2017‑10‑02
George Fownes (Info) UCL Vigyaanik 2019‑02‑16
Tony Fox (Info) Kings College London (KCL) soarescj 2021‑01‑30
Jens Frahm (Info) Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry Sven1975 2009‑12‑09
Rosalind E. Franklin (Info) King's College X-ray crystallography jandh 2011‑07‑13
Nick P. Franks (Info) Imperial College Biophysics, Anesthesia Mechanisms, Structural Biology gabaman 2008‑07‑29
Bertram O. Fraser-Reid (Info) University of Waterloo, University of Maryland, Duke, Natural Products and Glycotechnology Research Institute carbohydrates jandh 2014‑04‑28
Herbert Max Finlay Freundlich (Info) UMN colloid and interface science sauves 2011‑02‑06
Richard H. Friend (Info) Cambridge markwbwilson 2017‑04‑17
Anca Frinculescu (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑07‑11
Guillaume Frugier (Info) Molecular Dynamics josefkittler 2007‑12‑01
Ferdinand Fuchs (Info) King's College kcmei 2018‑06‑18
Matthew J Fuchter (Info) Imperial College London Jamedz 2017‑11‑21
Zdenek Futera (Info) University of South Bohemia connectingresearchers 2019‑09‑25
Mai Gabr (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑01‑11
Ranko Gacesa (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
David Gadian (Info) UCL NMR spectroscopy and Imaging of the brain jlebelle 2007‑11‑16
C. Robin Ganellin (Info) Smith Kline and French, UCL histamines, Tagamet tarselli 2015‑07‑27
Ashok Kumar Ganguly (Info) Stevens Institute of Technology Medicinal chemistry Vigyaanik 2017‑02‑24
C John Garratt (Info) University of York biological chemistry jandh 2018‑04‑13
Peter J. Garratt (Info) UCL Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology jandh 2011‑11‑05
Simon J. Garrett (Info) CSUN, Michigan State surface and interfacial chemistry jandh 2015‑08‑01
Andrew Garton (Info) Imperial College London, University of Connecticut Swifthom 2017‑01‑17
Manapurathu Verghese George (Info) IIT Kanpur, CSIR-National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology, Kerala Photochemistry, laser chemistry Vigyaanik 2018‑06‑29
Maurice Hilary George (Info) Imperial College London, University of Birmingham Swifthom 2017‑01‑17
Malcolm Gerloch (Info) Cambridge Ligand field theory, transition metals marcusjones 2012‑03‑03
Guido Germano (Info) Università di Pisa, Universität Mainz, Max-Planck-Institut für Polymerforschung Mainz, Universität Bonn, Università di Pisa, UCSF, Scuola Normale Superiore Pisa, University of Bristol, Universität Bielefeld, Universität Marburg, Università del Piemonte Orientale Amedeo Avogadro, Scuola Normale Superiore Pisa, UCL Scientific Computing, Computational Finance, Statistical Physics, Complex Systems GuidoGermano 2017‑06‑22
William Gerrard (Info) Northern Polytechnic London SApps 2017‑06‑16
Sami Gesslbauer (Info) Imperial College London Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry, Polymerisation Catalysis SamiG 2021‑10‑18
Amir Al Ghatta (Info) Imperial College London kcmei 2019‑07‑11
Bhupendra Nath Ghosh (Info) University of Calcutta Physical chemistry, Biochemistry Vigyaanik 2016‑11‑18
Jnan Chandra Ghosh (Info) University of Dhaka, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, Calcutta University Physical chemistry Vigyaanik 2016‑10‑31
Clifton William Gibby (Info) Durham University surface chemistry jandh 2011‑11‑27
Susan E. Gibson (Info) Imperial College Acibobazix 2018‑02‑10
Vernon Gibson (Info) Oxford KevinBVincent 2017‑08‑22
Peter T. Gilham (Info) Purdue jandh 2012‑03‑06
G Brian Gill (Info) Nottingham STang 2013‑07‑22
Robert David Gillard (Info) University of Sheffield, University of Kent MichaelPrushan1 2016‑08‑10
Ronald J. Gillespie (Info) McMaster University Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR) model of molecular geometry jandh 2011‑11‑25
John Hall Gladstone (Info) Ludwigs-Universität Giessen, St. Thomas Hospital, London, Royal Institution chemiekusss 2018‑03‑05
David Glasser (Info) Imperial College London masuku 2019‑03‑21
Florian Glöcklhofer (Info) Technische Universität Wien (TU Wien), Imperial College London Organic Synthesis, Organic Electronics, Functional Materials, Macrocycles, Batteries florian.g 2021‑04‑08
Robert Godin (Info) UBC Okanagan pkennepohl 2020‑05‑27
Yale E. Goldman (Info) Penn Molecular mechanism of muscle contraction, mechanochemistry and structural biology jandh 2012‑06‑19
Richard A. Goldstein (Info) UCL protein folding, phylogeny, virus evolution, chemotaxis buchler 2014‑02‑09
Sara R Goldstein (Info) Penn organic synthesis srgoldstein 2017‑06‑02
Sandra Gomez (Info) University College London quantum dynamics, light induced processes, fluorescence, phosphorescence brlbrl2 2020‑02‑28
Charles Frederick Goodeve (Info) UCL jandh 2018‑05‑16
Julia M. Goodfellow (Info) Birkbeck College jandh 2018‑08‑14
David M. L. Goodgame (Info) Imperial College London Inorganic chemistry Vigyaanik 2018‑03‑15
Margaret Goodgame (Info) Imperial College London jandh 2019‑11‑27
Niina Goos (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑31
Manfred Gordon (Info) Imperial College London kripke 2019‑07‑11
Charles Graham (Info) UCL Analytical chemistry, agricultural chemistry Vigyaanik 2018‑04‑21
James Graham (Info) jandh 2012‑05‑19
Thomas Graham (Info) UCL STang 2013‑07‑22
Ricardo Grau-Crespo (Info) University of Reading Computational chemistry, computational materials science, molecular modelling rgraucrespo 2015‑10‑01
Charles Horace Gray (Info) King's College Hospital Medical School, University of London Biochemistry jandh 2020‑04‑13
Michael F. Greaney (Info) University of Manchester tmcr 2014‑02‑26
Arthur George Green (Info) Brooke, Simpson & Spiller Ltd., Clayton Aniline Co., The University of Leeds, Manchester College of Technology, British Dyestuffs Ltd. Dye chemistry Vigyaanik 2018‑05‑17
Malcolm L.H. Green (Info) Cambridge, Oxford organometallic chemistry of the transition metals jandh 2011‑12‑11
N. Michael Green (Info) National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill, London kcmei 2019‑08‑30
Paul Greengard (Info) Rockefeller, Geigy Research Labratories, Yale, Yale School of Medicine neurological and psychiatric disorders, neuro- and psychoactive drugs hayden 2005‑01‑26
Richard Greenwood (Info) Imperial College London pluckham 2018‑10‑11
Gregory Gregoriadis (Info) University of London kcmei 2018‑06‑17
Michael John Gregory (Info) West Ham College of Technology istanbul 2018‑08‑20
William P. Griffith (Info) Imperial College Coordination Chemistry STang 2013‑07‑22
Sue Grimmond (Info) University of Reading, King's College, Indiana University, UBC, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand suegrimmond 2021‑02‑12
Nigel D. F. Grindley (Info) Yale DNA Replication and Repair jandh 2013‑08‑08
Martin C. Grossel (Info) Oxford, Bedford College, University of London, University of Southampton, Christ Church, University of Oxford Organic, polymers, photochemistry, Alicyclic Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry, Organic Molecular Electronics STang 2014‑07‑25
Ignacio E. Grossmann (Info) Carnegie Mellon process systems engineering jandh 2013‑08‑10
Edward Armand Guggenheim (Info) Imperial College London, University of Reading Chemical thermodynamics Vigyaanik 2019‑03‑22
Biresh Chandra Guha (Info) University of Calcutta Biochemistry Vigyaanik 2016‑11‑11
Christelle Guillo (Info) UVA mroper 2019‑09‑10
Mekala Gunaratnam (Info) UCL SNeidle 2019‑08‑02
A. A. Leslie GUNATILAKA (Info) University of Arizona Natural Products Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry gunatilaka 2018‑07‑31
Yujie Guo (Info) King's College kcmei 2020‑07‑21
Carla Gustafsson (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑08‑30
Frank S. Guziec (Info) Tufts, New Mexico State, Southwestern University faluzzio 2018‑01‑16
Otto Hahn (Info) Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Chemistry Nuclear chemistry jandh 2011‑07‑07
C. Dennis Hall (Info) philgale 2013‑11‑22
David O. Hall (Info) King's College renewable and sustainable non-fossil based fuels jandh 2011‑08‑22
Michael A. Hall (Info) University College of Wales, Aberystwyth jandh 2020‑05‑15
Muriel Hall (Info) Bedford College University of London Physical organic dunoon883 2015‑03‑22
Jason P. Hallett (Info) Georgia Tech pq 2015‑09‑26
William Dobinson Halliburton (Info) King's College biochemistry jandh 2013‑07‑18
Shunping Han (Info) King's College kcmei 2019‑01‑11
Sheetal Handa (Info) King's College kjones 2016‑12‑20
Anna Hankin (Info) Imperial College London Electrochemistry AnnaHankin 2020‑04‑06
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