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Andrey P. Antonchick (Info) Max-Planck-Institut für Molekulare Physiologie, Technische Universität Dortmund Organic Synthesis, Chemical Biology Vigyaanik 2017‑02‑22
Markus Antonietti (Info) Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces Colloid Chemistry jandh 2014‑10‑16
Wolfgang P. Baumeister (Info) Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry Cryo-Electron Tomography, Electron Microscopical Structure Research, Protein and Cell Structure, Protein Degradation jandh 2014‑04‑13
Tobias Baumgart (Info) Penn physical chemistry of amphiphile membranes jandh 2012‑07‑12
Avinoam Ben-Shaul (Info) Hebrew University Theoretical Physical Chemistry jandh 2019‑07‑09
Kevin B. Clark (Info) NASA Ames Research Center, Felidae Conservation Fund, Penn, IEEE Nanotechnology and Biometrics Councils, Cures Within Reach, Peace Innovation Institute (Stanford University and The Hague), SETI Institute, NSF Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Coordination Ecosystem: Services and Support (ACCESS), Berkeley Lab, Frontier Development Lab, Max Planck Alumni Association, National Ecological Observatory Network Learning and Memory, Perception, Decision Making, Neuroprosthetics, Drug Design and Repurposing, Neurodegenerative Diseases and Traumatic Brain Injury, Neuromodulation, Synaptic Plasticity, Cellular Response Regulation, Quantum Biochemistry kbclarkphd 2015‑10‑21
Oliver Einsle (Info) University of Freiburg jkowalska 2019‑05‑14
Jörg Enderlein (Info) Universität Göttingen connectingresearchers 2020‑01‑28
Peter Fromherz (Info) Max-Planck-Institute for Biochemistry membrane biophysics, neuron-silicon-coupling, voltage-sensitive dyes aprinz 2007‑01‑18
Peter Fulde (Info) Max-Planck Institute Theoretical Chemistry jppiquem 2013‑05‑23
Gopakumar Gopinadhanpillai (Info) Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research Computational Chemistry gopakumar 2011‑09‑06
Xueliang Huang (Info) Max-Planck Institute for Coal Research maulide 2017‑08‑21
Robert Huber (Info) Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie, Martinsried Biochemistry, structural chemistry jandh 2011‑07‑14
Igor Jurberg (Info) Max-Planck Institute for Coal Research maulide 2017‑08‑21
Rhett Kempe (Info) MIT, Universität Bayreuth Inorganic Chemistry, Catalyst Design saravana_thauman 2020‑07‑08
Yeong-Eun Kim (Info) Max-Planck Institute, Mulheim Aaa7476 2020‑11‑03
Rüdiger Kniep (Info) Max-Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids Niewa 2023‑10‑12
Karl L. Kompa (Info) Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik jandh 2012‑10‑10
Yunho Lee (Info) Korea Advanced Inst. of Science and Technology (KAIST), Seoul National University Inorganic chemistry Aaa7476 2016‑09‑28
Gary R. Lewin (Info) Max-Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin Sensory transduction, molecular mechanisms, ion channels grlewin 2008‑12‑03
Walter Messer (Info) Max-Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics Cspeck1 2020‑07‑31
Hartmut Michel (Info) Max-Planck-Institut für Biophysik, Frankfurt-on-the-Main Biochemistry, structural chemistry jandh 2011‑07‑14
Rishikesh Narayan (Info) IIT Goa connectingresearchers 2019‑12‑28
Rainer Niewa (Info) University of Stuttgart solid state chemistry Niewa 2023‑10‑12
Albrecht Rabenau (Info) Max-Planck Institute for Solid State Research Niewa 2023‑10‑12
Peter Reinhardt (Info) Université Pierre et Marie Curie Theoretical Chemistry jppiquem 2013‑05‑23
Enrico Ronca (Info) Caltech, Max-Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) Theoretical Chemistry/Physics eronca 2016‑07‑08
Uwe Rosenthal (Info) LIKAT Rostock TBeweries 2019‑05‑17
Hyun Kyu Song (Info) National Cancer Center, Korea University Protein degradation, ubiquitylation, autophagy, structural biology hksong 2012‑07‑21
Christian Speck (Info) CSHL, Imperial College kaczorow 2017‑09‑05
Andreas Stracke (Info) Florida State Geochemistry pq 2016‑02‑12
Walter Thiel (Info) Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung tarselli 2015‑08‑16
Maria-Magdalena Titirici (Info) Imperial College London, Queen Mary University London Carbon materials, Battery, Electrochemistry 2020‑04‑06
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