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Andrew C. Benniston (Info) Newcastle University, UK arethachem 2019‑05‑30
Christopher M. Brown (Info) UBC, MIT, Newcastle University, UK cmbrown 2018‑01‑27
Yvonne S. L. Choo (Info) Newcastle University, UK, Xiamen University Malaysia polymers, membranes, organic chemistry, fluorophores arethachem 2019‑05‑30
William Clegg (Info) Newcastle University X-ray Crystallography STang 2013‑07‑17
Owen R Davies (Info) Newcastle University, UK Biochemidstry, Structure, Meiosis cr3004 2018‑05‑16
James Dunce (Info) Newcastle University, UK cr3004 2018‑05‑16
Orla Dunne (Info) Newcastle University, UK cr3004 2018‑09‑14
Daniel Frankel (Info) Newcastle University, UK cyberplasm 2017‑08‑13
David A. Fulton (Info) UCLA Molecular Nanotechnology pq 2015‑11‑07
John Alan Goodwin (Info) Coastal Carolina University Inorganic Chemistry jgoodwin 2017‑02‑24
Anthony Harriman (Info) CyaPa 2018‑09‑11
Jonathan M.G. Higgins (Info) Harvard Medical School - Brigham and Women's Hospital, Newcastle University, UK, Oxford Cell division GSG2 2017‑08‑03
Lee J. Higham (Info) Newcastle University, UK cmbrown 2018‑01‑27
Clare Mahon (Info) Durham University sydchem 2019‑02‑02
Gurusaran Manickam (Info) Newcastle University, UK cr3004 2018‑05‑16
Andrew R Pike (Info) Newcastle University, UK DNA chemistry AndrewRPike 2019‑04‑23
Chandni Ravindan (Info) Wesleyan cr3004 2018‑05‑16
Lucy Salmon (Info) Newcastle University, UK cr3004 2018‑05‑16
Jean Pierre Sauvage (Info) Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg Chemical topology, Molecular machines, Electron transfer jacs 2012‑11‑19
A. Geoffrey Sykes (Info) Newcastle University Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms jandh 2013‑01‑19
Simon J. Teat (Info) LBNL small molecule crystallography, diffraction, framework materials, in-situ experiments bssymr 2016‑10‑24
Eimer Mary Tuite (Info) Newcastle University, UK Physical Chemistry & Bioinspired Molecular Engineering EimerTuite 2018‑06‑28
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