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Joseph F. Bunnett (Info) UNC Chapel Hill, Brown, UC Santa Cruz organic reactions jandh 2011‑10‑31
Hyojin Cha (Info) Sogang University, Johns Hopkins , Organic Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry HyojinCha 2021‑06‑17
Jin Young Chai (Info) Sogang University Organic chemistry jychai 2021‑06‑17
Dae Yoon Chi (Info) Sogang University Organic dychi001 2021‑05‑29
Chong Shik Chin (Info) Sogang University kmok 2021‑08‑25
Hyeon-Yeol Cho (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick kbnano 2016‑07‑15
Jeong-woo Choi (Info) Sogang University sd30445 2017‑05‑04
Heung Sik Hahm (Info) UVA ShengDing 2016‑06‑28
Kamran Sayed Haider (Info) Sogang University 123456AS 2017‑11‑07
Zeeshan Haider (Info) Sogang University Photochemistry zeeshan 2017‑11‑07
Nak Cheon Jeong (Info) DGIST inorganic chemistry, porous materials and supramolecular assemblies ncjeong 2017‑07‑04
Kyubong Jo (Info) UW Madison Molecular and computational genomics pq 2015‑11‑17
Hyuntae Jung (Info) UW Madison Polymer Simulation hjung52 2017‑09‑14
Jahyo Kang (Info) Sogang University, Sogang University, Purdue, Harvard, Sogang University Organic Synthesis leejh545 2016‑01‑28
Young Soo Kang (Info) University of Houston, TX The synthesis and application of nanostructured materials for IT and Energy Related Fields red9842 2017‑03‑02
Chang Woo Kim (Info) Sogang University, UT Austin, Pukyong National University Energy Conversion Materials red9842 2017‑03‑02
Choongik Kim (Info) Sogang University jandh 2015‑09‑16
Doseok Kim (Info) Sogang University aht 2017‑06‑10
Hyun Soo Lee (Info) Sogang University hslee 2016‑06‑15
Hyun Soo S. Lee (Info) Sogang University Protein engineering, chemical biology hslee 2016‑06‑15
Jun Hee Lee (Info) Institute for Basic Science, Dongguk University, Sogang University, UC Berkeley, Columbia, Dongguk University organic synthesis, catalysis, organometallic chemistry leejh545 2015‑01‑29
Kwang Soon Lee (Info) KAIST, Sogang University dl9 2020‑05‑10
Semin Lee (Info) Indiana University- Bloomington, UIUC, Louisiana State, Sogang University Supramolecular Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry leesem 2015‑12‑06
Won Koo Lee (Info) Sogang University hahm12 2018‑10‑10
Bongjin Moon (Info) UMN Organic Chemistry pq 2015‑11‑17
Kang Min Ok (Info) University of Houston, Oxford, Chung-Ang University, Sogang University Inorganic Materials Chemistry kmok 2013‑08‑18
Amol Pawar (Info) Sogang University 123456AS 2017‑11‑07
Chongsuh Pyun (Info) Brown syoon01 2021‑11‑10
Young-Seok Shon (Info) California State University Long Beach Nanocatalysis, organic chemistry, materials chemistry, nanoscience, nanoparticles, biotechnology yshon69 2019‑04‑19
Bong June J. Sung (Info) Sogang University Physical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Polymer Physics, Materials Physics, Biophysics bjsung 2015‑03‑16
Jonathan V. Sweedler (Info) UIUC analytical neurochemistry tylerz 2011‑09‑12
Adam H Turner (Info) Queen's University Belfast, Sogang University, Ateneo de Manila University Ionic Liquids, Neutron Diffraction, Inorganic Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Extractions, Materials aht 2017‑06‑10
Wangyun Won (Info) Sogang University, UW Madison, Changwon National University, Kyung Hee University Energy Process Systems Engineering dl9 2020‑05‑10
Kyung Byung Yoon (Info) Sogang University ncjeong 2017‑07‑07
Nung Min Yoon (Info) Purdue, Sogan University Organic Synthesis leejh545 2016‑01‑28
Sangwoong Yoon (Info) DSTP Semiconductor Process Materials syoon01 2016‑11‑28
Zheng Jin You (Info) Sogang University 123456AS 2017‑11‑07
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