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Shaowei Chen (Info) UC Santa Cruz electrochemistry, nanomaterials giantsealion 2013‑08‑10
Zhijian Chen (Info) Tianjin University ChemistW 2019‑08‑05
James M. Cook (Info) UW-Milwaukee Alkaloid total synthesis tarselli 2015‑09‑06
Xin Ding (Info) Tianjin University of Science&Technology WenjiangLiu1 2021‑04‑12
Anjie Dong (Info) Tianjin University ShutaoGuo 2020‑07‑13
Yunfei Du (Info) Tianjin University Hypervalent Chemistry, Heterocyclic Chemistry 2017‑01‑31
Yixuan Gao (Info) Tianjin University xiaonanma 2019‑12‑05
Jinlong Gong (Info) Tianjin University uahlei 2014‑08‑30
Shutao Guo (Info) Nankai University ShutaoGuo 2019‑12‑27
Wenping Hu (Info) Chinese Academic Science feiji73 2017‑12‑02
Fei Jiao (Info) Chinese Academic Science, Jilin University, China, Linköpings Universitet, Tianjin University organic thermoelectrics, supercapacitors, field-effect transistors feiji73 2017‑12‑02
Ang Li (Info) Tianjin University Chemical engineering and techenology, Chemistry, Catalysis, Materials liang2100 2017‑11‑26
Bo Li (Info) Tianjin University Chemical Theories and Computations, Computational Catalysis, Enzymes, Organic Materials, Data-Driven Chemistry libo 2020‑11‑20
Quan Li (Info) SIOC,CAS, Tianjin University of Science&Technology organic chemistry aldehyde 2019‑08‑15
Rongjin Li (Info) Tianjin University Organic electronics Rongjin 2018‑04‑27
Haipeng Liu (Info) Tianjin University of Science&Technology WenjiangLiu1 2021‑04‑12
Jiang Liu (Info) CNRS / Sorbonne Université Cyclodextrin Chemistry WenjiangLiu1 2020‑06‑03
JING-JING LIU (Info) alujiji 2019‑03‑19
Fanli Lu (Info) Tianjin University 2019‑05‑03
Kui Lu (Info) UCLA tarselli 2015‑07‑24
Tong-Bu Lu (Info) Tianjin University of Technology tristan.du 2019‑07‑26
Pingsheng Ma (Info) Tianjin University of China alujiji 2019‑03‑19
Xiaonan Ma (Info) University of Wurzburg, Kiel University, Free University of Berlin, Institute of chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tianjin University connectingresearchers 2019‑08‑30
Mark Anthony Olson (Info) Tianjin University Supramolecular chemistry, Soft Matter, Pharmaceutical Material Science molson 2016‑02‑16
Guojun Pan (Info) Tianjin University of Science&Technology WenjiangLiu1 2021‑04‑12
Xi-Long Qiu (Info) Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jilin University, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine yywfrank 2017‑07‑30
Lixia Ren (Info) Tianjin University, University of South Carolina mitrasg 2015‑09‑13
Rong Shen (Info) Tianjin University xiaonanma 2019‑12‑05
Jay S. Siegel (Info) UCSD, Universität Zürich, Tianjin University Stereochemistry, Physical Organic Chemistry, Molecular Design and Synthesis jandh 2011‑11‑18
Rajavel Srinivasan (Info) National University of Singapore YAOSQ 2016‑07‑11
Andrew C.-H. Sue (Info) Tianjin University Supramolecular Chemistry, Materials Chemistry andrewsue205 2017‑08‑24
Peizhe Sun (Info) Tianjin University Environmental Science Sunwings 2018‑09‑01
Cherie Shuo Tan (Info) Tianjin University Protein channel; single-molecule; DNA CherieTan 2019‑06‑19
Zhiyong Tang (Info) National Center for Nanoscience and Technology AlexLong 2016‑09‑30
Khadim Ullah (Info) Tianjin University chmraja 2016‑07‑15
Sébastien Vidal (Info) UCLA, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 jandh 2017‑09‑03
Shuai Wang (Info) PhD candidate in Tianjin University Zeolite Synthesis, Heterogeneous Catalysis, Single Atom Materials 1018207088 2019‑06‑29
Shuai Wang (Info) CNRS, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Université de Lyon, France SebastienVidal 2019‑03‑26
Zhi Wang (Info) Tianjin University 2019‑03‑14
wei wu (Info) Tianjin University Stretchable carbon current collector wuwei 2018‑10‑17
Qiao Yan (Info) Penn, ANU, Tianjin University, ANU Bio-organic and Medicinal Chemistry,Bio-molecular Chemistry and Chemical Biology qiaoyan211 2018‑10‑09
Zhihong Yan (Info) Tianjin University of Science&Technology WenjiangLiu1 2021‑04‑12
Peng Yu (Info) Tianjin University of Science&Technology WenjiangLiu1 2021‑04‑12
Hao-Li Zhang (Info) Lanzhou University Material Chemistry, Organic semiconductor, Nano-devices, Optoelectronics haolizhang1972 2019‑10‑02
Hua Zhang (Info) City University of Hong Kong Nanoscience and technology ustcxqw 2018‑08‑21
Nan Zhang (Info) Penn Organic Chemistry zndecember 2018‑09‑08
Sheng Zhang (Info) Tianjin University, UNC Chapel Hill, The University of Manchester heterogenous catalysis, electrochemical energy, 2D materials shengzhangtju 2019‑06‑07
Xiaodong Zhang (Info) Tianjin University, Stanford 2019‑05‑09
Zhicheng Zhang (Info) Tianjin University Functional nanomaterials; Metal-based catalysts; Nanocatalysis; Electrocatalysis zzc7751 2019‑05‑09
Boran Zhao (Info) Case Western polymer science, porous media, transport in porous media, surface science 2019‑03‑14
Kang Zhao (Info) Tianjin University Organic Synthetic Methods KZ 2017‑01‑31
meiting Zhao (Info) Tianjin University MOF; COF; nanomateris MeitingZhao 2020‑05‑10
Kai-Ge Zhou (Info) Tianjin University haolizhang1972 2019‑10‑02
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