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Stanley Adam Buczynski (Info) UCSD photopharmacology, caged compounds, prodrugs, solubility buczs 2023‑09‑26
Eric Jon Bylaska (Info) PNNL Electronic Structure Development, Quantum Chemistry, Geochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, High Performance Computing bylaska 2019‑12‑13
Linfeng Chen (Info) UCSD, Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry lic162 2020‑10‑04
Tengteng Chen (Info) UCSD, Chemistry chentengteng 2022‑08‑30
Christopher Colin Cummins (Info) MIT synthetic chemistry jandh 2011‑12‑11
Fleur M. Ferguson (Info) UCSD Chemical Biology FleurF 2016‑07‑12
Darón I Freedberg (Info) CBER/FDA Glycan conformation and structure DaronFreedberg 2022‑08‑27
Jeffrey Johnston (Info) UCSD, Chemistry Thiemens 2021‑08‑14
Emily Latif (Info) elatif 2022‑03‑10
Morgan H Martinez (Info) UCSD, Chemistry Cosmochemistry - Oxygen isotopes Morgan.martinez 2019‑08‑20
Nathan A Romero (Info) UCSD rjm 2021‑02‑18
Rylan A Rowsey (Info) rrowsey 2022‑03‑10
Alina M. Schimpf (Info) UCSD inorganic chemistry, nanomaterials, doping, plasmonics,spectroscopy orygen 2018‑02‑05
Robina Shaheen (Info) UCSD, Chemistry Thiemens 2021‑08‑14
Jay S. Siegel (Info) UCSD, Universität Zürich, Tianjin University Stereochemistry, Physical Organic Chemistry, Molecular Design and Synthesis jandh 2011‑11‑18
Julia Stauber (Info) UCSD, Chemistry gmusil 2022‑11‑30
John H. Weare (Info) UCSD Computational and Theoretical chemistry jandh 2011‑09‑05
Brian Zid (Info) UCSD Gene Expression Control During Stress; mRNA Localization to Membrane-Less Compartments david 2016‑01‑12
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