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Alan Armstrong (Info) Imperial College London, Nottingham, Bath, Columbia Synthetic organic chemistry, Catalysis STang 2013‑07‑17
Corinne Arrouvel (Info) University of Bath, Universidade Federal de São Carlos, SP, Brazil modeling, theory, electronic structure kripke 2017‑11‑26
Benjamin Atkinson Nicholas Atkinson (Info) University of Bath Organic Chemistry scrumdidly 2013‑07‑18
Alejandro Bara-Estaun (Info) University of Bath Homogeneous catalysis jano2895 2019‑08‑29
Daniel B. G. Berry (Info) University of Bath Reaction Monitoring, Homogeneous Catalysis, Spectroscopy DBGBerry 2019‑08‑29
Chris R. Bowen (Info) University of Bath piezoelectrics, anodisation msscrb 2013‑10‑02
Dan Brett (Info) UCL (London) Electrochemistry, fuel cells, batteries, supercapacitors, electrolysers DanBrett 2019‑09‑01
Rachael Broomfield-Tagg (Info) University of Bath Chemistry, reaction monitoring, NMR, catalysis Rachaelbt 2019‑08‑29
Antoine Buchard (Info) University of Tokyo, École Polytechnique, Imperial College London, University of Bath Catalysis, Polymer Science antoinebuchard 2012‑03‑13
Andrew D Burrows (Info) University of Bath (United Kingdom) Bobbie 2020‑10‑04
David R. Carbery (Info) University of Bath organic chemistry DaveCarbery 2013‑12‑14
C. Richard A. Catlow (Info) UCL Computational Chemistry aronwalsh 2014‑02‑28
Christopher J. Chuck (Info) University of Bath fkerton 2015‑07‑01
Paul A. Clarke (Info) University of York, Nottingham, University of Exeter, Florida State Natural product synthesis STang 2013‑07‑17
Nathan Coles (Info) University of Bath (United Kingdom) RuthLWebster 2020‑10‑01
David Cooke (Info) University of Huddersfield Computational Solid State Chemistry chsscp 2015‑10‑23
Duncan Q. M. Craig (Info) University of London, University of Bath, Queen's University Belfast, University of East Anglia, UCL Experimental Medicine, Global Health, Nanotechnology, Personalised Medicine, Materials kcmei 2019‑08‑30
Alexander J. Cresswell (Info) University of Bath Organic synthesis, catalysis, C-H bond functionalisation acresswell 2016‑09‑11
Sandra Dann (Info) Loughborough University materials chemistry, Mossbauer emma_kendrick 2016‑08‑05
Matthew G Davidson (Info) University of Bath sustainable chemistry, catalysis chsmgd 2018‑04‑10
Paul Davies (Info) University of Bath neurodegeneration cyberprion 2009‑11‑26
Robert Dawson (Info) University of Sheffield (United Kingdom) Porous polymers Bobbie 2020‑10‑04
Paul De Bank (Info) University of Bath Tissue engineering salex 2011‑01‑06
Trevor Douglas (Info) Montana State, Indiana University, University of Bath, Cornell Materials tdouglas 2014‑03‑27
James Dowden (Info) Nottingham, University of Bath, Edinburgh Natural product synthesis, Biochemistry STang 2013‑07‑18
Karen J. Edler (Info) University of Bath connectingresearchers 2020‑12‑10
Salvador Eslava Fernandez (Info) University of Bath catalysis, zeolites kripke 2020‑03‑29
Maialen Espinal-Viguri (Info) University of Bath (United Kingdom) RuthLWebster 2020‑10‑01
Stephen Flower (Info) University of Bath Rulrich2 2019‑03‑17
Sarah Fontaine (Info) University of Bath prion cyberprion 2009‑11‑26
Kimberley Gallagher (Info) University of Bath (United Kingdom) RuthLWebster 2020‑10‑01
Timothy C. Gallagher (Info) University of Bristol, University of Bath, Indiana University Synthetic Chemistry; Heterocyclic and Carbohydrate Chemistry STang 2013‑07‑22
Nicholas Gathergood (Info) Dublin City University, Tallinn University of Technology Organic Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Synthesis, Catalyis, Medicinal Chemistry xmac1x 2019‑08‑16
Malcolm L.H. Green (Info) Cambridge, Oxford organometallic chemistry of the transition metals jandh 2011‑12‑11
Andrew M. R. Hall (Info) University of Bath NMR, Reaction Monitoring, Kinetics, Catalysis AMRHall 2019‑09‑02
M S. Hill (Info) University of Bath Organometallic chemistry msh27 2013‑04‑27
Ulrich Hintermair (Info) University of Bath catalysis UHintermair 2014‑03‑05
Nicola Howarth (Info) University of Bath, England bvlp 2019‑09‑23
Laurence Hurst (Info) Bath Genetics, Genomics jvchamary 2013‑02‑27
Saiful Islam (Info) UCL, University of Surrey, University of Bath lithium ion batteries, materials, modeling kripke 2015‑08‑29
Tony D James (Info) University of Bath boronic acids, fluorescent sensors, chirality, imaging chemosesnors 2019‑01‑23
Rhodri Jenkins (Info) University of Bath, England andysutton 2019‑03‑22
Andrew Lee Johnson (Info) University of Bath Organometallic, CVD, ALD chsalj 2014‑08‑23
Francesca Maria Kerton (Info) University of York, UK, MUN Inorganic chemistry, Green chemistry, Catalysis, Organometallics, Polymers fkerton 2015‑06‑30
Andrew King (Info) University of Bath (United Kingdom) RuthLWebster 2020‑10‑01
Dmitry Lukyanov (Info) University of Bath of571 2019‑08‑09
Morwenna S. M. (Info) University of Bath DaveCarbery 2018‑04‑28
Stephen Mann (Info) Bristol University tdouglas 2014‑03‑27
Marie Migaud (Info) University of Bath, England bvlp 2019‑09‑23
Tsuyoshi Minami (Info) Univerity of Tokyo chemosesnors 2019‑02‑10
Benjamin J. Morgan (Info) University of Bath Computational Chemistry bmorgan 2015‑08‑28
Alexander T Murray (Info) University of Kent DaveCarbery 2018‑04‑28
David Peter Newton (Info) University of Bath (United Kingdom) Mathematical Finance dpnewton 2018‑07‑08
G. Dan Pantos (Info) University of Bath Supramolecular, Materials Chemistry pantos 2013‑04‑09
Stephen C. Parker (Info) University of Bath Computational Chemistry aronwalsh 2014‑02‑28
Sofia I. Pascu (Info) University of Bath kontiki 2016‑05‑26
Semali Perera (Info) University of Bath of571 2019‑10‑29
Barry V. L. Potter (Info) University of Bath, Oxford, MPI for Experimental Medicine, University of Leicester, Sterix Ltd. medicinal chemistry, drug discovery, pharmacology kcmei 2019‑08‑31
Cei Provis-Evans (Info) UBC RuthLWebster 2020‑10‑01
Shawn Rood (Info) Argonne National Laboratory, University of Bath ceria catalysts, automobile engineering, clean energy kripke 2020‑03‑29
Sheila Samsatli (Info) University of Bath, England DanBrett 2019‑09‑01
Adam C Sedgwick (Info) UT Austin, University of Bath (United Kingdom) chemosesnors 2019‑04‑03
Frank S. Stone (Info) University of Bath Surface Science and Catalysis STang 2013‑07‑24
Xiaolong Sun (Info) Xi'an Jiaotong University chemosesnors 2019‑02‑05
Kana M. Sureshan (Info) Dr. Reddy's Institute of Life Sciences, Hyderabad, IISER Thiruvananthapuram Supramolecular Chemistry, Methodology Development & Natural Product Synthesis, Chemical Biology Vigyaanik 2019‑05‑25
Andrew D. Sutton (Info) LANL Chemistry, Organometallic, Catalysis, Biomass andysutton 2014‑03‑11
Rebecca J. Ulrich (Info) UIUC chemical biology, microbiology Rulrich2 2019‑03‑17
Gerd K Wagner (Info) University of Freiburg, Universität Tübingen, University of Bath, University of East Anglia, King's College, Queen's University Belfast chemical biology, medicinal chemistry kcmei 2018‑06‑18
Xiaoyan Wang (Info) University of Bath Parkinson's disease cyberprion 2009‑11‑26
Graeme William Watson (Info) Trinity College Dublin Computational Chemistry aronwalsh 2014‑02‑28
Ruth Webster (Info) UBC tarselli 2015‑07‑12
Mark T. Weller (Info) University of Bath Inorganic chemistry STang 2013‑07‑18
Richard J. Whitby (Info) University of Southampton (UK) xmac1x 2019‑08‑16
Alex Whiteside (Info) University of Bath kripke 2017‑11‑26
Ian H. Williams (Info) University of Bath pbw20 2018‑01‑05
Jonathan M. J. Williams (Info) University of Bath Catalysis scrumdidly 2013‑09‑06
Philippe Barrie Wilson (Info) University of Bath (United Kingdom), De Montfort University Computational Chemistry, Molecular Modelling, Structural Biology, Theoretical Chemistry pbw20 2018‑01‑05
Lawrence L.W. Woo (Info) University of Bath, England bvlp 2019‑09‑23
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