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Li Deng (Info) Brandeis Alkaloid organocatalysis tarselli 2015‑09‑06
Wenjie Dou (Info) Westlake University, China eran.rabani 2022‑07‑20
Hao Fan (Info) Colorado State, Brandeis, Westlake University, UIUC Bacteria stress response alex872728 2023‑12‑02
Yinfeng Guo (Info) Westlake University Fruitfly 2023‑10‑18
Yanting Jin (Info) Westlake University Battery; NMR yantingjin 2024‑06‑09
Husileng Lee (Info) Westlake University water splitting; AEMWE huslen1992 2022‑03‑25
Xiao Li (Info) Westlake University chemistry education, physical organic chemistry Xiao_li 2023‑11‑05
Kejiang Liang (Info) Westlake University Porphyrin Based Molecular-strain Macrocycle KejiangLiang 2023‑04‑22
Yimin Liang (Info) Westlake University, China 19881216 2023‑04‑19
Zhichang Liu (Info) Northwestern, Westlake University Molecular-Strain Engineering, Supramolecular Chemistry, Organic Chemistry ll0103 2016‑03‑11
Hai-Hua Lu (Info) Westlake University, Nanjing Tech University Organic Synthesis haihua 2022‑05‑16
Jiaxiang Lu (Info) Westlake University organic chemistry 1026723578 2021‑11‑02
Peilong Lu (Info) Westlake University Structural Biology, Protein Design, Computational Biology, Transmembrane protein ustclucifer 2017‑12‑07
Zhen Peng (Info) Westlake University Molecular strain engineering and supramolecular self - assembly pengzhen123 2023‑04‑23
Eran Rabani (Info) UC Berkeley Theoretical Chemistry eran.rabani 2022‑07‑20
Licheng Sun (Info) KTH Royal Institute of Technology Artificial Photosynthesis Peonor 2013‑11‑14
Zheng-Bin Tang (Info) Westlake University tzb 2023‑04‑22
Liang Tao (Info) Westlake University alex872728 2023‑12‑02
Hong-fei Wang (Info) Institute of Chemistry, CAS, PNNL, Fudan university, Westlake University surfaces and interfaces, spectroscopy and dynamics, nonlinear spectroscopy, laser spectroscopy hongfei 2012‑01‑31
Pan Wang (Info) Westlake University, China Organic Functional Materials PanWang2019 2023‑05‑04
Zhaobin Wang (Info) Westlake University Organic Chemistry wonderingnju 2020‑09‑15
Jin Yin (Info) Westlake University Smiling 2023‑04‑23
Biaobiao Zhang (Info) Westlake University Biaobiao1987 2023‑02‑08
Qian Zhang (Info) Westlake University Supermolecular chemistry milagro 2023‑04‑22
Xin Zhang (Info) The Pennsylvania State University-Eberly College of Science, Westlake University Chemistry of biological aggregates kfzhangxin 2012‑09‑04
Yue Zhang (Info) Westlake University Nanomedicine yuezhang 2023‑12‑11
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