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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Ramsey Steiner (Info) University of Georgia tharrop 2019‑06‑21
Marc Lluís Vives (Info) Brown (Neurotree) ptmartins 2019‑06‑21
David Thomas Martel (Info) University of Michigan (Neurotree) Neural Engineering wzrddctr 2019‑06‑21
Stephen Lawrence Morgan (Info) Johns Hopkins (SocTree) Durden 2019‑06‑21
Jeremy M. Trott (Info) UCLA (Neurotree) behavioral neuroscience, fear learning, extinction, substance use jmtrott 2019‑06‑21
Mengchao Shi (Info) amitchoudharylab 2019‑06‑22
Kurt Cox (Info) amitchoudharylab 2019‑06‑22
Miseon Lee (Info) amitchoudharylab 2019‑06‑22
Onur Erbilgin (Info) UC Berkeley (Microtree) connectingresearchers 2019‑06‑23
Marcus Thomas McEllistrem (Info) University of Kentucky (Physics Tree) Nuclear Physics mtmcellistremstudent 2019‑06‑23
Luigi Carbone (Info) CNR Institute of Nanotechnology, Lecce synthesis and assembly of colloidal nanocrystals luigi.carbone 2019‑06‑24
Oliver Selbach (Info) Heinrich-Heine University Duesseldorf (Neurotree) synaptic plasticity, long-term potentiation, memory, neuromorphic computing, artificial intelligence, chronobiology, circadian rhythms, hypocretin/orexin, histamine, sleep physiology, embryology, organoids 987654321 2019‑06‑24
James D. Wright (Info) University of South Carolina (Oceanography Tree) tappa 2019‑06‑24
Pieremanuele Canepa (Info) National Univeristy of Singapore pcanepa2 2019‑06‑24
Jennifer A. Moore (Info) Grand Valley State University (Neurotree) altobejo 2019‑06‑24
Katja Wiech (Info) Oxford (Neurotree) winzlin 2019‑06‑24
Dong Guan (Info) Chinese University of Hong Kong zenitharthas 2019‑06‑24
Joseph A Macor (Info) Universal Display Corporation, Ewing, NJ Organic and Inorganic Synthesis, Organometallic Chemistry, Phosphorescent Metal Complexes jmacor 2019‑06‑23
Yuji Mishina (Info) University of Michigan (DevTree) rrbehringer 2019‑06‑16
Cheng-Chiu Huang (Info) Baylor (DevTree) Saki2010 2019‑06‑16
Shuo-Ting Yen (Info) Baylor (DevTree) Saki2010 2019‑06‑16
Malcolm Moses (Info) University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (DevTree) Saki2010 2019‑06‑16
Atanu Bera (Info) IIT Roorkee Vigyaanik 2019‑06‑16
M. Suhail Zubairy (Info) Texas A & M (Physics Tree) quantum optics, laser physics jandh 2019‑06‑16
Vanja Krneta-Stankic (Info) McGovern Medical School - UT (DevTree) rkmle 2019‑06‑17
Samuel Coles (Info) Oxford susanperkin 2019‑06‑18
Arnaud Monnard (Info) Department of Biology, University of Washington, USA (FlyTree) CCabernard 2019‑06‑18
Anna Tsankova (Info) University of Basel (FlyTree) CCabernard 2019‑06‑18
Chantal Roubinet (Info) University of Basel (FlyTree) CCabernard 2019‑06‑18
Eugene Chun (Info) Scripps Research Institute angela8476 2019‑06‑19
Kathy Portier (Info) Utrecht (Neurotree) klevy 2019‑06‑19
Kristen Hokenson (Info) Boston University (Neurotree) srussek 2019‑06‑19
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