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Craig A. Bingman (Info) UW Madison Biochemistry, X-ray diffraction, Macromolecular Structure cbingman 2012‑05‑25 Sim(0.88)
Stephen K. Burley (Info) Rutgers (Physics Tree) General Biophysics, Molecular Biology pq 2016‑05‑23 Sim(0.87)
Robert M. Stroud (Info) UCSF membrane protein characterizations and crystal structures jandh 2012‑03‑09 Sim(0.87)
Sandra B. Gabelli (Info) Johns Hopkins Medical School PI3K, Nudix, Sodium Voltage Gated Channels, FPPS, structural biology pq 2016‑03‑15 Sim(0.86)
James H. Naismith (Info) St Andrews University, Scotland Structural biology naja 2016‑03‑02 Sim(0.86)
John Tanner (Info) University of Missouri-Columbia (Neurotree) proman 2017‑10‑09 Sim(0.86)
Wilhelmus G.J. Hol (Info) University of Washington protein crystallography for structure-based design of drugs for tropical diseases jandh 2011‑08‑05 Sim(0.86)
Fritz K. Winkler (Info) ETH Zürich Structural biology jandh 2012‑12‑01 Sim(0.86)
Quan Hao (Info) Cornell (Physics Tree) General Biophysics pq 2016‑05‑29 Sim(0.86)
Emil F. Pai (Info) University of Toronto Microbiology Biology, Biochemistry pq 2016‑03‑12 Sim(0.86)
Matthew S. Kimber (Info) University of Toronto Genetics pq 2016‑03‑15 Sim(0.86)
Yeong Il Kim (Info) Pukyong National University Materials chemistry tmallouk 2013‑06‑22 Sim(0.86)
P. Andrew (Andy) Karplus (Info) Oregon State, Cornell Protein crystallography pq 2016‑05‑10 Sim(0.86)
Edward N. Baker (Info) Massey University (New Zealand) rlkingston 2016‑10‑18 Sim(0.85)
A Berghuis (Info) McMaster University Biochemistry pq 2016‑03‑12 Sim(0.85)
Karen N. Allen (Info) Boston University protein crystallography, enzymology, structural homology secohen 2017‑02‑02 Sim(0.85)
Ylva Lindqvist (Info) SLU [Sweden] (Crystallography Tree) FilipeMaia 2016‑02‑03 Sim(0.85)
Dinesh Christendat (Info) University of Toronto Biochemistry pq 2016‑05‑02 Sim(0.85)
Marcia E. Newcomer (Info) Louisiana State structural biology jandh 2013‑11‑09 Sim(0.85)
Michael N.G. James (Info) University of Alberta protein crystallography jandh 2013‑05‑12 Sim(0.85)
Scott Lesley (Info) UC Berkeley kristenw 2016‑07‑13 Sim(0.85)
Natalie Strynadka (Info) UBC structure-based design of novel, therapeutically useful antibiotics and inhibitors of antibiotic-resistance mechanisms Armadillo 2011‑12‑15 Sim(0.84)
Dagmar Ringe (Info) Brandeis relationship of protein three-dimensional structure to chemical function jandh 2014‑02‑03 Sim(0.84)
Rikkert K. Wierenga (Info) University of Oulu Structural Enzymology jandh 2013‑07‑08 Sim(0.84)
Jon D. Robertus (Info) UT Austin Biochemistry: Structural Biology, Protein Engineering, And Drug Design jandh 2012‑06‑26 Sim(0.84)
Tom Alber (Info) UC Berkeley (Cell Biology Tree) Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology pq 2016‑02‑09 Sim(0.84)
Zachary A. Wood (Info) University of Georgia Structural Enzymology zacwood 2013‑10‑10 Sim(0.84)
L Mario Amzel (Info) Johns Hopkins General Biophysics, Biochemistry pq 2016‑03‑12 Sim(0.84)
Lesa J. Beamer (Info) University of Missouri - Columbia Biochemistry pq 2016‑03‑22 Sim(0.84)
Hermann Schindelin (Info) SUNY Stony Brook Biochemistry pq 2016‑02‑29 Sim(0.84)
Harkewal Singh (Info) University of Missouri - Columbia (Neurotree) X-ray crystallography, Structural Biology, Enzymology proman 2017‑10‑09 Sim(0.84)
Gregory A. Petsko (Info) Weill Cornell Medical College Protein Crystallography jandh 2012‑03‑07 Sim(0.84)
Do Jin Kim (Info) NIH Structural biology dojink 2012‑09‑03 Sim(0.83)
Peter Brick (Info) Imperial College crystallography jandh 2015‑01‑19 Sim(0.83)
Thomas C. Alber (Info) UC Berkeley host-pathogen interactions, motions in proteins jandh 2012‑06‑25 Sim(0.83)
Ezra Peisach (Info) Brandeis relationship of protein three-dimensional structure to chemical function pq 2015‑10‑06 Sim(0.83)
P. Lynne Howell (Info) University of Toronto Protein structure and function & protein-based drug design jandh 2018‑08‑14 Sim(0.83)
Sherry Lynn Mowbray (Info) Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences X-ray jandh 2018‑08‑14 Sim(0.83)
Andrew M. Gulick (Info) Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute wakedukechem 2013‑08‑08 Sim(0.83)
Debanu Das (Info) Rutgers, New Brunswick Biochemistry, General Biophysics, Molecular Biology pq 2016‑03‑23 Sim(0.83)
Qun Liu (Info) Cornell (Physics Tree) General Biophysics pq 2016‑05‑31 Sim(0.83)
Johann Deisenhofer (Info) UT Southwestern Biochemistry, structural chemistry jandh 2011‑07‑14 Sim(0.83)
Bauke W. Dijkstra (Info) RUG protein crystallography jandh 2011‑08‑14 Sim(0.83)
Christopher L. Rife (Info) Vanderbilt Biochemistry, Mechanistic Enzymology pq 2016‑01‑01 Sim(0.82)
James H. Geiger (Info) Michigan State Structural Biology Using X-Ray Crystallography jandh 2015‑08‑01 Sim(0.82)
Kurt L. Krause (Info) University of Otago Structural Biology klkrause 2014‑08‑02 Sim(0.82)
Chad A. Brautigam (Info) UT Southwestern Molecular Biophysics Rwalsh 2019‑01‑16 Sim(0.82)
Mark A. Saper (Info) University of Michigan Biochemistry pq 2016‑03‑12 Sim(0.82)
Thomas E. Edwards (Info) University of Washington chemistry and structural biology of nucleic acids pq 2015‑09‑28 Sim(0.82)
Thomas E. Edwards (Info) University of Washington chemistry and structural biology of nucleic acids pq 2015‑09‑28 Sim(0.82)
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