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Edward J. Valente (Info) University of Portland Structural Organic Chemistry 35ARDlot10 2013‑10‑01 Sim(0.81)
Isabella L. Karle (Info) Naval Research Laboratory jandh 2013‑11‑28 Sim(0.79)
Claude Didierjean (Info) Nancy 1 (Crystallography Tree) doc_fr 2017‑01‑26 Sim(0.79)
Andre Collet (Info) ENS Paris Chirality tarselli 2015‑07‑29 Sim(0.79)
Mark L. McLaughlin (Info) Louisiana State, University of South Florida Medicinal chemistry, oncology tunnellsu 2015‑11‑13 Sim(0.78)
George W. J. Fleet (Info) Oxford carbohydrate chemistry lion 2013‑04‑05 Sim(0.78)
Richard D. Gandour (Info) Virginia Tech Organic Chemistry pq 2016‑05‑02 Sim(0.78)
Frank R. Fronczek (Info) Louisiana State pch123 2016‑01‑12 Sim(0.77)
John Wilson Quail (Info) University of Saskatchewan jandh 2018‑08‑15 Sim(0.77)
Christopher J. Easton (Info) ANU Biochemical reactions & molecular recognition jandh 2012‑07‑06 Sim(0.76)
Easwara Subramanian (Info) University of madras (Crystallography Tree) manian1 2018‑06‑24 Sim(0.75)
Y. Sasada (Info) Osaka University tarselli 2015‑08‑30 Sim(0.75)
Paul Allan Bartlett (Info) UC Berkeley Bio-Organic and Synthetic Chemistry jandh 2011‑08‑31 Sim(0.75)
David A. Lightner (Info) University of Nevada, Reno organic synthesis and stereochemistry, neonatal jaundice Emerson 2014‑05‑20 Sim(0.75)
Murray Goodman (Info) UCSD peptides kajacobs 2009‑11‑01 Sim(0.75)
B. Mario Pinto (Info) Simon Fraser Polymer Chemistry, Organic Chemistry pq 2016‑05‑23 Sim(0.75)
Armin de Meijere (Info) Universität Göttingen, Universität Hamburg Organic chemistry jandh 2013‑03‑16 Sim(0.75)
Adolf Gogoll (Info) Uppsala organic chemistry, NMR mate 2013‑11‑20 Sim(0.75)
J L Flippen-Anderson (Info) US Naval Research Lab KeithWard 2018‑10‑13 Sim(0.75)
J. Zanos Gougoutas (Info) UMN chemical reactions and concomitant phase changes in molecular crystals; crystal and molecular structure of organic substances jandh 2011‑11‑15 Sim(0.75)
Dilip D. Dhavale (Info) University of Pune Synthetic carbohydrate chemistry, photochemical reactions Vigyaanik 2017‑02‑25 Sim(0.74)
Alan Roy Katritzky (Info) University of Florida Heterocyclic chemistry jandh 2011‑12‑16 Sim(0.74)
Mark A. Lipton (Info) Purdue organic synthesis, bioorganic chemistry and molecular modeling jandh 2013‑02‑18 Sim(0.74)
Michael B. Hursthouse (Info) University of Southampton (Crystallography Tree) Chemical Crystallography MBHSOTON 2015‑08‑10 Sim(0.74)
Clifford George (Info) US Naval Research Lab KeithWard 2018‑10‑13 Sim(0.74)
Kenneth Darrell Berlin (Info) Oklahoma State University Organic Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering pq 2016‑04‑18 Sim(0.74)
George Barany (Info) UMN Chemical Biology; Organic Chemistry jandh 2013‑01‑30 Sim(0.74)
Allen G. Oliver (Info) Notre Dame single-crystal X-ray structure determinations jandh 2013‑03‑04 Sim(0.74)
Piotr Kaszynski (Info) Vanderbilt (Physics Tree) Organic Chemistry, Molecular Physics pq 2016‑05‑18 Sim(0.74)
Jerome Karle (Info) US Naval Research Laboratory Physical chemistry, structural chemistry jandh 2011‑07‑13 Sim(0.73)
Simon J. Coles (Info) University of Southampton (Crystallography Tree) Systematics, Charge Density, Phase Transitions, Crystal Growth colessj 2015‑08‑10 Sim(0.73)
Michael James McGlinchey (Info) University College Dublin Z12Z53Z16 2013‑07‑26 Sim(0.73)
Robert Anthony Pascal Jr. (Info) Tulane Organic Chemistry heptapad 2014‑01‑25 Sim(0.73)
Derek A. Tocher (Info) UCL (Crystallography Tree) jwsteed 2015‑09‑02 Sim(0.73)
Alicia M. Beatty (Info) University of Missouri - Saint Louis Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering pq 2016‑03‑30 Sim(0.73)
Lucio Randaccio (Info) University of Trieste, Italy (StructuralBiologyTree) ghis 2018‑06‑10 Sim(0.73)
Wenhui Zhang (Info) Notre Dame Oligosaccharides pq 2015‑11‑18 Sim(0.73)
Hendrik Gerhardus Kruger (Info) University of KwaZulu-Natal Organic synthesis GertKruger 2015‑07‑04 Sim(0.73)
Margaret C. Etter (Info) UMN Organic Chemistry jandh 2012‑06‑04 Sim(0.73)
Joseph P. Michael (Info) University of the Witwatersrand Rui_Krause 2016‑05‑18 Sim(0.73)
Gary L. Grunewald (Info) The University of Kansas neurotransmitters and drugs affecting them in the central nervous system jandh 2013‑06‑08 Sim(0.72)
Joseph J. Barchi (Info) National Cancer Institute Chemical Biology jchem1 2014‑04‑28 Sim(0.72)
Manuela Tosin (Info) University of Warwick pvmurph 2017‑09‑14 Sim(0.72)
Anthony S. Serianni (Info) Notre Dame Oligosaccharides jandh 2013‑03‑02 Sim(0.72)
Oladapo Bakare (Info) Howard University Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry pq 2016‑03‑29 Sim(0.72)
Brian J. Frost (Info) Texas A & M, University of Nevada-Reno Green Chemistry, Biphasic catalysis tarselli 2015‑07‑22 Sim(0.72)
Mate Erdelyi (Info) University of Gothenburg NMR, physical organic chemistry, synthetic chemistry mate 2013‑11‑20 Sim(0.72)
Donald Craig (Info) Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, UK andrewmarsh 2015‑07‑29 Sim(0.72)
Hamish McNab (Info) Edinburgh patrickthomson 2013‑02‑14 Sim(0.72)
Hamish McNab (Info) Edinburgh patrickthomson 2013‑02‑14 Sim(0.72)
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