Xiaolan Wei, Ph.D. - Publications

2005 University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, United States 
inorganic chemistry, energy-storage and materials science

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2016 Si L, Chen J, Huang X, Gong H, Luo J, Hou Q, Zhou T, Lu T, Zhu J, Shangguan Y, Chen E, Gong C, Zhao Q, Jing Y, Zhao Y, ... ... Wei X, et al. OsSPL13 controls grain size in cultivated rice. Nature Genetics. PMID 26950093 DOI: 10.1038/ng.3518  1
2016 Zhang L, Chen Z, Zuo W, Zhu X, Li Y, Liu X, Wei X. Omacetaxine mepesuccinate induces apoptosis and cell cycle arrest, promotes cell differentiation, and reduces telomerase activity in diffuse large B‑cell lymphoma cells. Molecular Medicine Reports. PMID 26935769 DOI: 10.3892/mmr.2016.4899  1
2016 Ren B, Wei X, Zou G, He J, Xu G, Xu F, Huang Y, Zhu H, Li Y, Ma G, Yu P. Cancer testis antigen SPAG9 is a promising marker for the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. Oncology Reports. PMID 26934841 DOI: 10.3892/or.2016.4645  1
2016 Li X, Yuan Z, Wei X, Li H, Zhao G, Miao J, Wu D, Liu B, Cao S, An D, Ma W, Zhang H, Wang W, Wang Q, Gu H. Application potential of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell (BMSCs) based tissue-engineering for spinal cord defect repair in rat fetuses with spina bifida aperta. Journal of Materials Science. Materials in Medicine. 27: 77. PMID 26894267 DOI: 10.1007/s10856-016-5684-7  0.32
2016 Xu XM, Zhang G, Wang F, Wei XZ, Li M. Bone Graft Options for Spine Fusion in Adolescent Patients with Idiopathic Scoliosis. Chinese Medical Journal. 129: 105-107. PMID 26712443 DOI: 10.4103/0366-6999.172605  0.4
2016 Bu S, Yuan F, Wei X, Yin Q, Li Y, Mi R, Yang H, Li H, Ge S, Liu Y, Song Y. L-asparaginase-based regimen as a first-line treatment for newly diagnosed nasal type extranodal natural killer cell/T-cell lymphoma Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine. 11: 2437-2445. DOI: 10.3892/etm.2016.3249  1
2016 Ren A, Su B, Ye S, Wei X, Fang Z, Wang Q, Zhang J, Xu W, Yue W, Yin L, Liu Z, Li X, Ding B. A pharmacokinetic study of isatin in beagles' bodies Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine. 11: 2225-2228. DOI: 10.3892/etm.2016.3232  0.32
2016 Li Y, Qin J, Wei X, Li C, Wang J, Jiang M, Liang X, Xia T, Zhang Z. The risk factors of child lead poisoning in China: A meta-analysis International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 13. DOI: 10.3390/ijerph13030296  1
2016 Jia K, Li Y, Liang S, Wei X, Mu X, Yao Y. Fractional vegetation cover estimation based on soil and vegetation lines in a corn-dominated area Geocarto International. 1-10. DOI: 10.1080/10106049.2016.1161075  1
2016 Zhang J, Qin Z, Deng D, Liao J, Wei X, Zhang N. A novel method for the online measurement of impurities in uranium by coupling microfluidics with ICP-MS Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry. 31: 934-939. DOI: 10.1039/c5ja00491h  0.32
2016 Luo GL, Li YL, Tang WJ, Wei X. Wind curtailment of China's wind power operation: Evolution, causes and solutions Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. 53: 1190-1201. DOI: 10.1016/j.rser.2015.09.075  0.36
2016 Jia K, Liang S, Gu X, Baret F, Wei X, Wang X, Yao Y, Yang L, Li Y. Fractional vegetation cover estimation algorithm for Chinese GF-1 wide field view data Remote Sensing of Environment. 177: 184-191. DOI: 10.1016/j.rse.2016.02.019  1
2016 Wei Y, Wei X, Guo S, Huang Y, Zhu G, Zhang J. The effects of Br dopant on the photo-catalytic properties of Bi2WO6 Materials Science and Engineering B: Solid-State Materials For Advanced Technology. 206: 79-84. DOI: 10.1016/j.mseb.2015.12.004  0.32
2016 Xu M, Chen J, Lu H, Xu J, Yu C, Wei X. Effects of residual stress and grain boundary character on creep cracking in 2.25Cr-1.6W steel Materials Science and Engineering A. 659: 188-197. DOI: 10.1016/j.msea.2016.02.025  0.4
2016 Li L, Shen J, Pan Y, Zhou X, Huang H, Chang W, He Q, Wei X. Enhancing luminescence of Lu2MoO6:Eu3+ phosphors by doping with Li+ ions for near ultraviolet based solid state lighting Materials Research Bulletin. 78: 26-30. DOI: 10.1016/j.materresbull.2016.02.006  0.4
2016 Xiao J, Xu Q, Jiang W, Zhang J, Wei X. Direct promotion effect of Fe on no reduction by activated carbon loaded with Fe species Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics. 95: 216-230. DOI: 10.1016/j.jct.2015.12.003  0.32
2016 Zhou N, Wu X, Wei X, Zhou L, Wan Y, Hu D. A molecular dynamics study of nucleation of dislocation in growth of silicon from melt Journal of Crystal Growth. 443: 15-19. DOI: 10.1016/j.jcrysgro.2016.03.017  0.32
2016 Wei X, Zhu Q, Guo C, Li J, Li F, Liu N, Xie Q, Zhang J, Zhang Y, Li Q. Application of a high-resolution benchtop quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spectrometry for the pharmacokinetics and tissue distribution of Danhong injection in guinea pig International Journal of Mass Spectrometry. 397: 32-41. DOI: 10.1016/j.ijms.2015.12.009  0.32
2016 Zhao MX, Wei XY, Qu M, Li ZK, Liu J, Li Y, Kong J, Zhao W, Zong ZM. Hydrocracking of benzyloxybenzene as a lignite-related model compound over a novel solid acid Fuel Processing Technology. 146: 110-115. DOI: 10.1016/j.fuproc.2016.02.019  1
2016 Zhang Z, Liu Y, Ren L, Zhang H, Huang Z, Qi X, Wei X, Zhong J. Three-dimensional-networked Ni-Co-Se nanosheet/nanowire arrays on carbon cloth: A flexible electrode for efficient hydrogen evolution Electrochimica Acta. 200: 142-151. DOI: 10.1016/j.electacta.2016.03.186  0.32
2016 Shen B, Li Y, Yi D, Zhai W, Wei X, Zheng W. Microcellular graphene foam for improved broadband electromagnetic interference shielding Carbon. 102: 154-160. DOI: 10.1016/j.carbon.2016.02.040  1
2016 Li Y, Shen B, Pei X, Zhang Y, Yi D, Zhai W, Zhang L, Wei X, Zheng W. Ultrathin carbon foams for effective electromagnetic interference shielding Carbon. 100: 375-385. DOI: 10.1016/j.carbon.2016.01.030  1
2016 Zhang WH, He PP, Wu S, Xu J, Li Y, Zhang G, Wei XY. Graphene oxide grafted hydroxyl-functionalized ionic liquid: A highly efficient catalyst for cycloaddition of CO2 with epoxides Applied Catalysis a: General. 509: 111-117. DOI: 10.1016/j.apcata.2015.10.038  0.4
2016 Guo C, Huang P, Wei X. Study on influence of epoxy resin for UV curing system Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering. 369: 1011-1018. DOI: 10.1007/978-981-10-0072-0_124  0.32
2016 Li Y, Wei X, Huang P, Zhang H. Effect of prepolymer on the performance of UV-LED ink-jet ink Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering. 369: 991-1000. DOI: 10.1007/978-981-10-0072-0_122  0.32
2016 Huang P, Li Y, Yang L, Wei X, Zhang R, Cao D, Wu H. Preparation and research of UV gravure ink Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering. 369: 963-975. DOI: 10.1007/978-981-10-0072-0_119  0.32
2016 Zhang W, Feng X, Zhu Y, Wei X. Study on the stability and color property of fluorescent ink-jet ink Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering. 369: 919-925. DOI: 10.1007/978-981-10-0072-0_113  0.32
2016 Liu Y, Huang P, Wei X, Liu W. Study on performance of yellow water-based ink for flexographic printing Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering. 369: 891-902. DOI: 10.1007/978-981-10-0072-0_110  0.32
2016 Xu Y, Zhou T, Wei X, Huang B. The influence of temperature control microcapsule drying agent applies to water-based gravure ink on the printability Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering. 369: 853-859. DOI: 10.1007/978-981-10-0072-0_105  0.32
2016 Wang SN, Sui XN, Wang ZJ, Qi BK, Jiang LZ, Li Y, Wang R, Wei X. Improvement in thermal stability of soybean oil by blending with camellia oil during deep fat frying European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology. 118: 524-531. DOI: 10.1002/ejlt.201500085  1
2015 An D, Wei X, Li H, Gu H, Huang T, Zhao G, Liu B, Wang W, Chen L, Ma W, Zhang H, Cao S, Yuan Z. Identification of PCSK9 as a novel serum biomarker for the prenatal diagnosis of neural tube defects using iTRAQ quantitative proteomics. Scientific Reports. 5: 17559. PMID 26691006 DOI: 10.1038/srep17559  0.32
2015 Sun X, Li M, Sun Y, Cai H, Li R, Wei X, Lan X, Huang Y, Lei C, Chen H. The developmental transcriptome landscape of bovine skeletal muscle defined by Ribo-Zero ribonucleic acid sequencing. Journal of Animal Science. 93: 5648-5658. PMID 26641174 DOI: 10.2527/jas.2015-9562  0.4
2015 Jiao Q, Wei L, Chen C, Li P, Wang X, Li Y, Guo L, Zhang C, Wei X. Cartilage oligomeric matrix protein and hyaluronic acid are sensitive serum biomarkers for early cartilage lesions in the knee joint. Biomarkers : Biochemical Indicators of Exposure, Response, and Susceptibility to Chemicals. 1-6. PMID 26634947 DOI: 10.3109/1354750X.2015.1118547  1
2015 Xu X, Wei X, Wang F, Liu J, Chen H, Xiong Y, Li M. Validation of a Simplified Chinese Version of the Pain Catastrophizing Scale and an Exploration of the Factors Predicting Catastrophizing in Pain Clinic Patients. Pain Physician. 18: E1059-E1072. PMID 26606019  0.4
2015 Wei X, Tang C, Wang X, Zhou L, Wei Q, Yan M, Sheng J, Hu P, Wang B, Mai L. Copper Silicate Hydrate Hollow Spheres Constructed by Nanotubes Encapsulated in Reduced Graphene Oxide as Long-Life Lithium-Ion Battery Anode. Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces. PMID 26605998 DOI: 10.1021/acsami.5b07863  0.32
2015 Mu S, Liu B, Ouyang L, Zhan M, Chen S, Wu J, Chen J, Wei X, Wang W, Zhang J, Lei W. Characteristic Changes of Astrocyte and Microglia in Rat Striatum Induced by 3-NP and MCAO. Neurochemical Research. PMID 26586406 DOI: 10.1007/s11064-015-1739-2  0.32
2015 Zhang G, Edmundson M, Telezhkin V, Gu Y, Wei X, Kemp PJ, Song B. The Role of Kv1.2 Channel in Electrotaxis Cell Migration. Journal of Cellular Physiology. PMID 26580832 DOI: 10.1002/jcp.25259  0.4
2015 Tang B, Wu W, Zhang Q, Sun Y, Cui Y, Wu F, Wei X, Qi G, Liang X, Tang F, Li Y, Fan W. Inhibition of tribbles protein-1 attenuates radioresistance in human glioma cells. Scientific Reports. 5: 15961. PMID 26521947 DOI: 10.1038/srep15961  1
2015 Zhang C, Qu S, Wei X, Feng Y, Zhu H, Deng J, Wang K, Liu K, Liu M, Zhang H, Xiao X. HSP25 down-regulation enhanced p53 acetylation by dissociation of SIRT1 from p53 in doxorubicin-induced H9c2 cell apoptosis. Cell Stress & Chaperones. PMID 26515559 DOI: 10.1007/s12192-015-0655-3  0.32
2015 Long J, Pang W, Sun L, Lao K, Weng X, Ye X, Wu S, Song C, Wei X, Yan S. Diagnosis of a Family with the Novel -α(21.9) Thalassemia Deletion. Hemoglobin. 39: 419-22. PMID 26479841 DOI: 10.3109/03630269.2015.1077142  0.4
2015 Sun X, Xu B, Li Y, Du J, Dong L, Gao X, Li G, Wei X, Song Y. [Primary breast diffuse large B-cell lymphoma-report of 21 cases from China with literatures review]. Zhonghua Xue Ye Xue Za Zhi = Zhonghua Xueyexue Zazhi. 36: 853-7. PMID 26477765 DOI: 10.3760/cma.j.issn.0253-2727.2015.10.010  1
2015 Qiao W, Li J, Li Y, Qian D, Chen L, Wei X, Jin J, Wang Y. Acarbose, the α-glucosidase inhibitor, attenuates the blood pressure and splanchnic blood flow responses to meal in elderly patients with postprandial hypotension concomitant with abnormal glucose metabolism. Blood Pressure Monitoring. PMID 26474001 DOI: 10.1097/MBP.0000000000000160  1
2015 Ren W, Xin SK, Han LY, Zuo R, Li Y, Gong MX, Wei XL, Zhou YY, He J, Wang HJ, Si N, Zhao HY, Yang J, Bian BL. Comparative metabolism of four limonoids in human liver microsomes using ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with high-resolution LTQ-Orbitrap mass spectrometry. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry : Rcm. 29: 2045-56. PMID 26443405 DOI: 10.1002/rcm.7365  1
2015 Yao Y, Yu L, Su X, Wang Y, Li W, Wu Y, Cheng X, Zhang H, Wei X, Chen H, Zhang R, Gou L, Cheng X, Xie Y, Zhang B, et al. Synthesis, characterization and targeting chemotherapy for ovarian cancer of trastuzumab-SN-38 conjugates. Journal of Controlled Release : Official Journal of the Controlled Release Society. PMID 26439663 DOI: 10.1016/j.jconrel.2015.09.058  0.4
2015 Xia T, Zheng XF, Qian BH, Fang H, Wang JJ, Zhang LL, Pang YF, Zhang J, Wei XQ, Xia ZF, Zhao DB. Plasma Interleukin-37 Is Elevated in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis: Its Correlation with Disease Activity and Th1/Th2/Th17-Related Cytokines. Disease Markers. 2015: 795043. PMID 26435567 DOI: 10.1155/2015/795043  0.32
2015 Wei X, Wolfe FA, Li Y. Mine Drainage and Oil Sand Water. Water Environment Research : a Research Publication of the Water Environment Federation. 87: 1373-91. PMID 26420092 DOI: 10.2175/106143015X14338845155903  1
2015 Li Y, Wei X, Zhang S, Zhou L, Zhang J. A Meta-Analysis of Palonosetron for the Prevention of Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting in Adults. Journal of Perianesthesia Nursing : Official Journal of the American Society of Perianesthesia Nurses / American Society of Perianesthesia Nurses. 30: 398-405. PMID 26408514 DOI: 10.1016/j.jopan.2015.05.116  1
2015 Li Y, Zhang L, Li B, Wei X, Yan G, Geng X, Jin Z, Xu Y, Wang H, Liu X, Lin R, Wang Q. The application study of wavelet packet transformation in the de-noising of dynamic EEG data. Bio-Medical Materials and Engineering. 26: S1067-S1075. PMID 26405863 DOI: 10.3233/BME-151403  1
2015 Li Y, Wei X, Chen H, Pan Y, Ji Y. Near-infrared downconversion through host sensitized energy transfer in Yb3+-doped Na2YMg2(VO4)3 Physica B: Condensed Matter. 478: 95-98. DOI: 10.1016/j.physb.2015.09.011  0.4
2015 Li Y, Wei X, Chen H, Pang G, Pan Y, Gong L, Zhu L, Zhu G, Ji Y. A new self-activated vanadate phosphor of Na2YMg2(VO4)3 and luminescence properties in Eu3+ doped Na2YMg2(VO4)3 Journal of Luminescence. 168: 124-129. DOI: 10.1016/j.jlumin.2015.08.002  0.4
2010 Guron M, Wei X, Carroll PJ, Sneddon LG. Ruthenium-catalyzed metathesis reactions of ortho- and meta-dialkenyl-carboranes: efficient ring-closing and acyclic diene polymerization reactions. Inorganic Chemistry. 49: 6139-47. PMID 20521802 DOI: 10.1021/ic100801y  0.76
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