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New York University, New York, NY, United States 
Molecular Biology, Biochemistry

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2018 Tripathy R, Leca I, van Dijk T, Weiss J, van Bon BW, Sergaki MC, Gstrein T, Breuss M, Tian G, Bahi-Buisson N, Paciorkowski AR, Pagnamenta AT, Wenninger-Weinzierl A, Martinez-Reza MF, Landler L, ... ... Cowan NJ, et al. Mutations in MAST1 Cause Mega-Corpus-Callosum Syndrome with Cerebellar Hypoplasia and Cortical Malformations. Neuron. PMID 30449657 DOI: 10.1016/j.neuron.2018.10.044  0.44
2017 Luscan R, Mechaussier S, Paul A, Tian G, Gérard X, Defoort-Dellhemmes S, Loundon N, Audo I, Bonnin S, LeGargasson JF, Dumont J, Goudin N, Garfa-Traoré M, Bras M, Pouliet A, ... ... Cowan NJ, et al. Mutations in TUBB4B Cause a Distinctive Sensorineural Disease. American Journal of Human Genetics. 101: 1006-1012. PMID 29198720 DOI: 10.1016/j.ajhg.2017.10.010  0.44
2016 Edvardson S, Tian G, Cullen H, Vanyai H, Ngo L, Bhat S, Aran A, Daana M, Da'amseh N, Abu-Libdeh B, Cowan NJ, Heng JI, Elpeleg O. Infantile neurodegenerative disorder associated with mutations in TBCD, an essential gene in the tubulin heterodimer assembly pathway. Human Molecular Genetics. 25: 4635-4648. PMID 28158450 DOI: 10.1093/hmg/ddw292  0.44
2016 Breuss MW, Nguyen T, Srivatsan A, Leca I, Tian G, Fritz T, Hansen AH, Musaev D, McEvoy-Venneri J, James KN, Rosti RO, Scott E, Tan U, Kolodner RD, Cowan NJ, et al. Uner Tan Syndrome Caused by a Homozygous TUBB2B Mutation Affecting Microtubule Stability. Human Molecular Genetics. PMID 28013290 DOI: 10.1093/hmg/ddw383  0.44
2016 Tian G, Cristancho AG, Dubbs HA, Liu GT, Cowan NJ, Goldberg EM. A patient with lissencephaly, developmental delay, and infantile spasms, due to de novo heterozygous mutation of KIF2A. Molecular Genetics & Genomic Medicine. 4: 599-603. PMID 27896282 DOI: 10.1002/mgg3.236  0.44
2016 Edvardson S, Tian G, Cullen H, Vanyai H, Ngo L, Bhat S, Aran A, Daana M, Da'amseh N, Abu-Libdeh B, Cowan NJ, Heng J, Elpeleg O. Infantile Neurodegenerative Disorder Associated with Mutations in TBCD, an Essential Gene in the Tubulin Heterodimer Assembly Pathway. Human Molecular Genetics. PMID 27571896 DOI: 10.1093/hmg/ddw292  0.44
2016 Feng R, Yan Z, Li B, Yu M, Sang Q, Tian G, Xu Y, Chen B, Qu R, Sun Z, Sun X, Jin L, He L, Kuang Y, Cowan NJ, et al. Mutations in TUBB8 cause a multiplicity of phenotypes in human oocytes and early embryos. Journal of Medical Genetics. PMID 27273344 DOI: 10.1136/jmedgenet-2016-103891  0.44
2016 Feng R, Sang Q, Kuang Y, Sun X, Yan Z, Zhang S, Shi J, Tian G, Luchniak A, Fukuda Y, Li B, Yu M, Chen J, Xu Y, Guo L, ... ... Cowan NJ, et al. Mutations in TUBB8 and Human Oocyte Meiotic Arrest. The New England Journal of Medicine. 374: 223-232. PMID 26789871 DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa1510791  0.44
2015 Isrie M, Breuss M, Tian G, Hansen AH, Cristofoli F, Morandell J, Kupchinsky ZA, Sifrim A, Rodriguez-Rodriguez CM, Dapena EP, Doonanco K, Leonard N, Tinsa F, Moortgat S, Ulucan H, ... ... Cowan NJ, et al. Mutations in Either TUBB or MAPRE2 Cause Circumferential Skin Creases Kunze Type. American Journal of Human Genetics. 97: 790-800. PMID 26637975 DOI: 10.1016/j.ajhg.2015.10.014  0.44
2013 Tian G, Cowan NJ. Tubulin-specific chaperones: components of a molecular machine that assembles the α/β heterodimer. Methods in Cell Biology. 115: 155-71. PMID 23973072 DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-12-407757-7.00011-6  0.44
2013 Poirier K, Lebrun N, Broix L, Tian G, Saillour Y, Boscheron C, Parrini E, Valence S, Pierre BS, Oger M, Lacombe D, Geneviève D, Fontana E, Darra F, Cances C, ... ... Cowan NJ, et al. Mutations in TUBG1, DYNC1H1, KIF5C and KIF2A cause malformations of cortical development and microcephaly. Nature Genetics. 45: 639-47. PMID 23603762 DOI: 10.1038/ng.2613  0.44
2012 Breuss M, Heng JI, Poirier K, Tian G, Jaglin XH, Qu Z, Braun A, Gstrein T, Ngo L, Haas M, Bahi-Buisson N, Moutard ML, Passemard S, Verloes A, Gressens P, ... ... Cowan NJ, et al. Mutations in the β-tubulin gene TUBB5 cause microcephaly with structural brain abnormalities. Cell Reports. 2: 1554-62. PMID 23246003 DOI: 10.1016/j.celrep.2012.11.017  0.44
2011 Mita P, Savas JN, Djouder N, Yates JR, Ha S, Ruoff R, Schafler ED, Nwachukwu JC, Tanese N, Cowan NJ, Zavadil J, Garabedian MJ, Logan SK. Regulation of androgen receptor-mediated transcription by RPB5 binding protein URI/RMP. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 31: 3639-52. PMID 21730289 DOI: 10.1128/MCB.05429-11  0.44
2010 Tian G, Thomas S, Cowan NJ. Effect of TBCD and its regulatory interactor Arl2 on tubulin and microtubule integrity. Cytoskeleton (Hoboken, N.J.). 67: 706-14. PMID 20740604 DOI: 10.1002/cm.20480  0.44
2010 Tian G, Jaglin XH, Keays DA, Francis F, Chelly J, Cowan NJ. Disease-associated mutations in TUBA1A result in a spectrum of defects in the tubulin folding and heterodimer assembly pathway. Human Molecular Genetics. 19: 3599-613. PMID 20603323 DOI: 10.1093/hmg/ddq276  0.44
2010 Braun A, Breuss M, Salzer MC, Flint J, Cowan NJ, Keays DA. Tuba8 is expressed at low levels in the developing mouse and human brain. American Journal of Human Genetics. 86: 819-22; author reply. PMID 20466094 DOI: 10.1016/j.ajhg.2010.03.019  0.44
2009 Jaglin XH, Poirier K, Saillour Y, Buhler E, Tian G, Bahi-Buisson N, Fallet-Bianco C, Phan-Dinh-Tuy F, Kong XP, Bomont P, Castelnau-Ptakhine L, Odent S, Loget P, Kossorotoff M, Snoeck I, ... ... Cowan NJ, et al. Mutations in the beta-tubulin gene TUBB2B result in asymmetrical polymicrogyria. Nature Genetics. 41: 746-52. PMID 19465910 DOI: 10.1038/ng.380  0.44
2008 Tian G, Kong XP, Jaglin XH, Chelly J, Keays D, Cowan NJ. A pachygyria-causing alpha-tubulin mutation results in inefficient cycling with CCT and a deficient interaction with TBCB. Molecular Biology of the Cell. 19: 1152-61. PMID 18199681 DOI: 10.1091/mbc.E07-09-0861  0.44
2007 Keays DA, Tian G, Poirier K, Huang GJ, Siebold C, Cleak J, Oliver PL, Fray M, Harvey RJ, Molnár Z, Piñon MC, Dear N, Valdar W, Brown SD, Davies KE, ... ... Cowan NJ, et al. Mutations in alpha-tubulin cause abnormal neuronal migration in mice and lissencephaly in humans. Cell. 128: 45-57. PMID 17218254 DOI: 10.1016/j.cell.2006.12.017  0.44
2006 Tian G, Huang MC, Parvari R, Diaz GA, Cowan NJ. Cryptic out-of-frame translational initiation of TBCE rescues tubulin formation in compound heterozygous HRD. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 103: 13491-6. PMID 16938882 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.0602798103  0.44
2006 Wang Y, Tian G, Cowan NJ, Cabral F. Mutations affecting beta-tubulin folding and degradation. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 281: 13628-35. PMID 16554299 DOI: 10.1074/jbc.M513730200  0.44
2005 Bartolini F, Tian G, Piehl M, Cassimeris L, Lewis SA, Cowan NJ. Identification of a novel tubulin-destabilizing protein related to the chaperone cofactor E. Journal of Cell Science. 118: 1197-207. PMID 15728251 DOI: 10.1242/jcs.01719  0.44
2004 Simons CT, Staes A, Rommelaere H, Ampe C, Lewis SA, Cowan NJ. Selective contribution of eukaryotic prefoldin subunits to actin and tubulin binding. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 279: 4196-203. PMID 14634002 DOI: 10.1074/jbc.M306053200  0.44
2003 Shern JF, Sharer JD, Pallas DC, Bartolini F, Cowan NJ, Reed MS, Pohl J, Kahn RA. Cytosolic Arl2 is complexed with cofactor D and protein phosphatase 2A. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 278: 40829-36. PMID 12912990 DOI: 10.1074/jbc.M308678200  0.44
2002 Martín-Benito J, Boskovic J, Gómez-Puertas P, Carrascosa JL, Simons CT, Lewis SA, Bartolini F, Cowan NJ, Valpuesta JM. Structure of eukaryotic prefoldin and of its complexes with unfolded actin and the cytosolic chaperonin CCT. The Embo Journal. 21: 6377-86. PMID 12456645 DOI: 10.1093/emboj/cdf640  0.44
2002 Grayson C, Bartolini F, Chapple JP, Willison KR, Bhamidipati A, Lewis SA, Luthert PJ, Hardcastle AJ, Cowan NJ, Cheetham ME. Localization in the human retina of the X-linked retinitis pigmentosa protein RP2, its homologue cofactor C and the RP2 interacting protein Arl3. Human Molecular Genetics. 11: 3065-74. PMID 12417528  0.44
2002 Lewis SA, Cowan NJ. Bad chaperone. Nature Medicine. 8: 1202-3. PMID 12411941 DOI: 10.1038/nm1102-1202  0.44
2002 Bartolini F, Bhamidipati A, Thomas S, Schwahn U, Lewis SA, Cowan NJ. Functional overlap between retinitis pigmentosa 2 protein and the tubulin-specific chaperone cofactor C. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 277: 14629-34. PMID 11847227 DOI: 10.1074/jbc.M200128200  0.44
2001 Cowan NJ, Lewis SA. Type II chaperonins, prefoldin, and the tubulin-specific chaperones. Advances in Protein Chemistry. 59: 73-104. PMID 11868281 DOI: 10.1016/S0065-3233(01)59003-8  0.44
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1996 Liedtke W, Edelmann W, Bieri PL, Chiu FC, Cowan NJ, Kucherlapati R, Raine CS. GFAP is necessary for the integrity of CNS white matter architecture and long-term maintenance of myelination. Neuron. 17: 607-15. PMID 8893019 DOI: 10.1016/S0896-6273(00)80194-4  0.44
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