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Biophysics Wroclaw Medical University, Wroclaw, Poland, Wrocław, Województwo dolnośląskie, Poland 

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2023 Wyroślak M, Dobrzański G, Mozrzymas JW. Bidirectional plasticity of GABAergic tonic inhibition in hippocampal somatostatin- and parvalbumin-containing interneurons. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience. 17: 1193383. PMID 37448697 DOI: 10.3389/fncel.2023.1193383  0.406
2023 Brzdąk P, Lebida K, Wyroślak M, Mozrzymas JW. GABAergic synapses onto SST and PV interneurons in the CA1 hippocampal region show cell-specific and integrin-dependent plasticity. Scientific Reports. 13: 5079. PMID 36977728 DOI: 10.1038/s41598-023-31882-4  0.317
2023 Kłopotowski K, Michałowski MA, Gos M, Mosiądz D, Czyżewska MM, Mozrzymas JW. Mutation of valine 53 at the interface between extracellular and transmembrane domains of the β principal subunit affects the GABA receptor gating. European Journal of Pharmacology. 947: 175664. PMID 36934960 DOI: 10.1016/j.ejphar.2023.175664  0.419
2022 Kaczor PT, Michałowski MA, Mozrzymas JW. α Proline 277 Residues Regulate GABAR Gating through M2-M3 Loop Interaction in the Interface Region. Acs Chemical Neuroscience. 13: 3044-3056. PMID 36219829 DOI: 10.1021/acschemneuro.2c00401  0.394
2022 Brodzki M, Mozrzymas JW. GABA receptor proline 273 at the interdomain interface of the β subunit regulates entry into desensitization and opening/closing transitions. Life Sciences. 308: 120943. PMID 36096246 DOI: 10.1016/j.lfs.2022.120943  0.806
2021 Kłopotowski K, Czyżewska MM, Mozrzymas JW. Glycine substitution of α1F64 residue at the loop D of GABA receptor impairs gating - Implications for importance of binding site-channel gate linker rigidity. Biochemical Pharmacology. 192: 114668. PMID 34216603 DOI: 10.1016/j.bcp.2021.114668  0.43
2021 Michałowski MA, Czyżewska MM, Iżykowska I, Mozrzymas JW. The β subunit E155 residue as a proton sensor at the binding site on GABA type A receptors. European Journal of Pharmacology. 906: 174293. PMID 34214584 DOI: 10.1016/j.ejphar.2021.174293  0.422
2021 Michałowski MA, Czyżewska MM, Iżykowska I, Mozrzymas JW. The β subunit E155 residue as a proton sensor at the binding site on GABA type A receptors. European Journal of Pharmacology. 906: 174293. PMID 34214584 DOI: 10.1016/j.ejphar.2021.174293  0.422
2021 Terejko K, Michałowski MA, Iżykowska I, Dominik A, Brzóstowicz A, Mozrzymas JW. Mutations at the M2 and M3 Transmembrane Helices of the GABARs α and β Subunits Affect Primarily Late Gating Transitions Including Opening/Closing and Desensitization. Acs Chemical Neuroscience. PMID 34101432 DOI: 10.1021/acschemneuro.1c00151  0.343
2021 Wyroślak M, Lebida K, Mozrzymas JW. Induction of Inhibitory Synaptic Plasticity Enhances Tonic Current by Increasing the Content of α5-Subunit Containing GABA Receptors in Hippocampal Pyramidal Neurons. Neuroscience. 467: 39-46. PMID 34033868 DOI: 10.1016/j.neuroscience.2021.05.020  0.416
2021 Kaczor PT, Wolska AD, Mozrzymas JW. α Subunit Histidine 55 at the Interface between Extracellular and Transmembrane Domains Affects Preactivation and Desensitization of the GABA Receptor. Acs Chemical Neuroscience. 12: 562-572. PMID 33471498 DOI: 10.1021/acschemneuro.0c00781  0.396
2020 Terejko K, Michałowski MA, Dominik A, Andrzejczak A, Mozrzymas JW. Interaction between GABA receptor α and β subunits at the N-terminal peripheral regions is crucial for receptor binding and gating. Biochemical Pharmacology. 183: 114338. PMID 33189674 DOI: 10.1016/j.bcp.2020.114338  0.402
2020 Wiera G, Lebida K, Lech AM, Brzdąk P, Van Hove I, De Groef L, Moons L, Petrini EM, Barberis A, Mozrzymas JW. Long-term plasticity of inhibitory synapses in the hippocampus and spatial learning depends on matrix metalloproteinase 3. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences : Cmls. PMID 32959071 DOI: 10.1007/s00018-020-03640-6  0.571
2020 Brodzki M, Michałowski MA, Gos M, Mozrzymas JW. Mutations of αF45 residue of GABA receptor loop G reveal its involvement in agonist binding and channel opening/closing transitions. Biochemical Pharmacology. 177: 113917. PMID 32194055 DOI: 10.1016/j.bcp.2020.113917  0.808
2020 Jatczak-Śliwa M, Kisiel M, Czyzewska MM, Brodzki M, Mozrzymas JW. GABA Receptor βE155 Residue Located at the Agonist-Binding Site Is Involved in the Receptor Gating. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience. 14: 2. PMID 32116555 DOI: 10.3389/fncel.2020.00002  0.827
2019 Terejko K, Kaczor PT, Michałowski MA, Dąbrowska A, Mozrzymas JW. The C loop at the orthosteric binding site is critically involved in GABA receptor gating. Neuropharmacology. 166: 107903. PMID 31972511 DOI: 10.1016/j.neuropharm.2019.107903  0.39
2019 Brodzki M, Michalowski MA, Mozrzymas JW. Loop G of the Gabaar Orthosteric Binding Site Is Involved Both in Binding and Gating Processes Biophysical Journal. 116: 391a. DOI: 10.1016/j.bpj.2018.11.2118  0.755
2018 Kisiel M, Jatczak-Śliwa M, Mozrzymas JW. Protons modulate gating of recombinant αβγ GABA receptor by affecting desensitization and opening transitions. Neuropharmacology. PMID 30326242 DOI: 10.1016/j.neuropharm.2018.10.016  0.415
2018 Jatczak-Śliwa M, Terejko K, Brodzki M, Michałowski MA, Czyzewska MM, Nowicka JM, Andrzejczak A, Srinivasan R, Mozrzymas JW. Distinct Modulation of Spontaneous and GABA-Evoked Gating by Flurazepam Shapes Cross-Talk Between Agonist-Free and Liganded GABA Receptor Activity. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience. 12: 237. PMID 30210295 DOI: 10.3389/fncel.2018.00237  0.829
2018 Michałowski MA, Kraszewski S, Mozrzymas JW. Binding site opening by loop C shift and chloride ion-pore interaction in the GABA receptor model. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics : Pccp. 19: 13664-13678. PMID 28429004 DOI: 10.1039/c7cp00582b  0.324
2017 Kisiel M, Jatczak M, Brodzki M, Mozrzymas JW. Spontaneous activity, singly bound states and the impact of alpha1Phe64 mutation on GABAAR gating in the novel kinetic model based on the single-channel recordings. Neuropharmacology. PMID 29162430 DOI: 10.1016/j.neuropharm.2017.11.030  0.828
2016 Majewski Ł, Maciąg F, Boguszewski PM, Wasilewska I, Wiera G, Wójtowicz T, Mozrzymas J, Kuznicki J. Overexpression of STIM1 in neurons in mouse brain improves contextual learning and impairs long-term depression. Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta. PMID 27913207 DOI: 10.1016/J.Bbamcr.2016.11.025  0.345
2016 Brodzki M, Rutkowski R, Jatczak M, Kisiel M, Czyzewska MM, Mozrzymas JW. Comparison of kinetic and pharmacological profiles of recombinant α1γ2L and α1β2γ2L GABAA receptors - A clue to the role of intersubunit interactions. European Journal of Pharmacology. 784: 81-89. PMID 27179992 DOI: 10.1016/j.ejphar.2016.05.015  0.809
2015 Kaczor P, Rakus D, Mozrzymas JW. Neuron-astrocyte interaction enhance GABAergic synaptic transmission in a manner dependent on key metabolic enzymes. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience. 9: 120. PMID 25914620 DOI: 10.3389/fncel.2015.00120  0.315
2015 Wiera G, Szczot M, Wojtowicz T, Lebida K, Koza P, Mozrzymas JW. Impact of matrix metalloproteinase-9 overexpression on synaptic excitatory transmission and its plasticity in rat CA3-CA1 hippocampal pathway. Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology : An Official Journal of the Polish Physiological Society. 66: 309-15. PMID 25903961  0.758
2014 Szczot M, Kisiel M, Czyzewska MM, Mozrzymas JW. α1F64 Residue at GABA(A) receptor binding site is involved in gating by influencing the receptor flipping transitions. The Journal of Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the Society For Neuroscience. 34: 3193-209. PMID 24573278 DOI: 10.1523/Jneurosci.2533-13.2014  0.822
2013 Czyzewska MM, Mozrzymas JW. Monoterpene α-thujone exerts a differential inhibitory action on GABA(A) receptors implicated in phasic and tonic GABAergic inhibition. European Journal of Pharmacology. 702: 38-43. PMID 23376563 DOI: 10.1016/j.ejphar.2013.01.032  0.471
2012 Wyrembek P, Negri R, Kaczor P, Czyżewska M, Appendino G, Mozrzymas JW. Falcarindiol allosterically modulates GABAergic currents in cultured rat hippocampal neurons. Journal of Natural Products. 75: 610-6. PMID 22432736 DOI: 10.1021/np2008522  0.455
2012 Szczot M, Czyzewska MM, Appendino G, Mozrzymas JW. Modulation of GABAergic synaptic currents and current responses by α-thujone and dihydroumbellulone. Journal of Natural Products. 75: 622-9. PMID 22364543 DOI: 10.1021/Np200863Q  0.81
2011 Michaluk P, Wawrzyniak M, Alot P, Szczot M, Wyrembek P, Mercik K, Medvedev N, Wilczek E, De Roo M, Zuschratter W, Muller D, Wilczynski GM, Mozrzymas JW, Stewart MG, Kaczmarek L, et al. Influence of matrix metalloproteinase MMP-9 on dendritic spine morphology. Journal of Cell Science. 124: 3369-80. PMID 21896646 DOI: 10.1242/Dev.074690  0.759
2011 Barberis A, Petrini EM, Mozrzymas JW. Impact of synaptic neurotransmitter concentration time course on the kinetics and pharmacological modulation of inhibitory synaptic currents. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience. 5: 6. PMID 21734864 DOI: 10.3389/fncel.2011.00006  0.588
2010 Wyrembek P, Szczuraszek K, Majewska MD, Mozrzymas JW. Intermingled modulatory and neurotoxic effects of thimerosal and mercuric ions on electrophysiological responses to GABA and NMDA in hippocampal neurons. Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology : An Official Journal of the Polish Physiological Society. 61: 753-8. PMID 21224507  0.4
2010 Szczot M, Wojtowicz T, Mozrzymas JW. GABAergic and glutamatergic currents in hippocampal slices and neuronal cultures show profound differences: a clue to a potent homeostatic modulation. Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology : An Official Journal of the Polish Physiological Society. 61: 501-6. PMID 20814079  0.792
2010 Wyrembek P, Lebida K, Mercik K, Szczuraszek K, Szczot M, Pollastro F, Appendino G, Mozrzymas JW. Block and allosteric modulation of GABAergic currents by oenanthotoxin in rat cultured hippocampal neurons. British Journal of Pharmacology. 160: 1302-15. PMID 20590622 DOI: 10.1111/J.1476-5381.2010.00644.X  0.84
2010 Urban-Ciecko J, Kossut M, Mozrzymas JW. Sensory learning differentially affects GABAergic tonic currents in excitatory neurons and fast spiking interneurons in layer 4 of mouse barrel cortex. Journal of Neurophysiology. 104: 746-54. PMID 20573973 DOI: 10.1152/jn.00988.2009  0.346
2010 Wójtowicz T, Mozrzymas JW. Estradiol and GABAergic transmission in the hippocampus. Vitamins and Hormones. 82: 279-300. PMID 20472144 DOI: 10.1016/S0083-6729(10)82015-1  0.362
2010 Mozrzymas JW. Pharmacological studies reveal novel aspects of the versatility of GABAA receptors. The Journal of Physiology. 588: 1381-2. PMID 20436038 DOI: 10.1113/jphysiol.2010.189910  0.322
2010 Wisniewska MB, Misztal K, Michowski W, Szczot M, Purta E, Lesniak W, Klejman ME, Dabrowski M, Filipkowski RK, Nagalski A, Mozrzymas JW, Kuznicki J. LEF1/beta-catenin complex regulates transcription of the Cav3.1 calcium channel gene (Cacna1g) in thalamic neurons of the adult brain. The Journal of Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the Society For Neuroscience. 30: 4957-69. PMID 20371816 DOI: 10.1523/Jneurosci.1425-09.2010  0.756
2009 Marchionni I, Kasap Z, Mozrzymas JW, Sieghart W, Cherubini E, Zacchi P. New insights on the role of gephyrin in regulating both phasic and tonic GABAergic inhibition in rat hippocampal neurons in culture. Neuroscience. 164: 552-62. PMID 19660531 DOI: 10.1016/j.neuroscience.2009.07.063  0.821
2008 Mozrzymas JW. Electrophysiological description of mechanisms determining synaptic transmission and its modulation. Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis. 68: 256-63. PMID 18511960  0.353
2008 Wójtowicz T, Wyrembek P, Lebida K, Piast M, Mozrzymas JW. Flurazepam effect on GABAergic currents depends on extracellular pH. British Journal of Pharmacology. 154: 234-45. PMID 18362897 DOI: 10.1038/bjp.2008.90  0.43
2007 Mozrzymas JW, Wójtowicz T, Piast M, Lebida K, Wyrembek P, Mercik K. GABA transient sets the susceptibility of mIPSCs to modulation by benzodiazepine receptor agonists in rat hippocampal neurons. The Journal of Physiology. 585: 29-46. PMID 17855751 DOI: 10.1113/jphysiol.2007.143602  0.489
2007 Mozrzymas JW, Barberis A, Vicini S. GABAergic currents in RT and VB thalamic nuclei follow kinetic pattern of alpha3- and alpha1-subunit-containing GABAA receptors. The European Journal of Neuroscience. 26: 657-65. PMID 17651426 DOI: 10.1111/J.1460-9568.2007.05693.X  0.656
2007 Barberis A, Mozrzymas JW, Ortinski PI, Vicini S. Desensitization and binding properties determine distinct alpha1beta2gamma2 and alpha3beta2gamma2 GABA(A) receptor-channel kinetic behavior. The European Journal of Neuroscience. 25: 2726-40. PMID 17561840 DOI: 10.1111/J.1460-9568.2007.05530.X  0.713
2007 Mercik K, Piast M, Mozrzymas JW. Benzodiazepine receptor agonists affect both binding and gating of recombinant alpha1beta2gamma2 gamma-aminobutyric acid-A receptors. Neuroreport. 18: 781-5. PMID 17471066 DOI: 10.1097/WNR.0b013e3280c1e2fb  0.407
2006 Mercik K, Pytel M, Cherubini E, Mozrzymas JW. Effect of extracellular pH on recombinant alpha1beta2gamma2 and alpha1beta2 GABAA receptors. Neuropharmacology. 51: 305-14. PMID 16725161 DOI: 10.1016/j.neuropharm.2006.03.023  0.67
2006 Pytel M, Mercik K, Mozrzymas JW. Interaction between cyclodextrin and neuronal membrane results in modulation of GABA(A) receptor conformational transitions. British Journal of Pharmacology. 148: 413-22. PMID 16702996 DOI: 10.1038/sj.bjp.0706747  0.444
2006 Pytel M, Mozrzymas JW. Membrane voltage differently affects mIPSCs and current responses recorded from somatic excised patches in rat hippocampal cultures. Neuroscience Letters. 393: 189-93. PMID 16289844 DOI: 10.1016/j.neulet.2005.09.082  0.42
2006 Pytel M, Mercik K, Mozrzymas JW. Membrane voltage modulates the GABA(A) receptor gating in cultured rat hippocampal neurons. Neuropharmacology. 50: 143-53. PMID 16203018 DOI: 10.1016/j.neuropharm.2005.08.001  0.432
2005 Asimiadou S, Bittigau P, Felderhoff-Mueser U, Manthey D, Sifringer M, Pesditschek S, Dzietko M, Kaindl AM, Pytel M, Studniarczyk D, Mozrzymas JW, Ikonomidou C. Protection with estradiol in developmental models of apoptotic neurodegeneration. Annals of Neurology. 58: 266-76. PMID 16049923 DOI: 10.1002/ana.20553  0.339
2005 Barberis A, Lu C, Vicini S, Mozrzymas JW. Developmental changes of GABA synaptic transient in cerebellar granule cells. Molecular Pharmacology. 67: 1221-8. PMID 15635041 DOI: 10.1124/Mol.104.006437  0.691
2004 Mozrzymas JW. Dynamism of GABA(A) receptor activation shapes the "personality" of inhibitory synapses. Neuropharmacology. 47: 945-60. PMID 15555630 DOI: 10.1016/j.neuropharm.2004.07.003  0.412
2004 Mozrzymas JW, Barberis A. Changes of GABA(A)receptor activation kinetics in hippocampal neurons cultured for different periods of time. Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters. 9: 61-7. PMID 15048151  0.653
2003 Mercik K, Pytel M, Mozrzymas JW. Recombinant alpha 1 beta 2 gamma 2 GABA(A) receptors expressed in HEK293 and in QT6 cells show different kinetics. Neuroscience Letters. 352: 195-8. PMID 14625018 DOI: 10.1016/j.neulet.2003.08.060  0.423
2003 Mozrzymas JW, Zarnowska ED, Pytel M, Mercik K, Zarmowska ED. Modulation of GABA(A) receptors by hydrogen ions reveals synaptic GABA transient and a crucial role of the desensitization process. The Journal of Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the Society For Neuroscience. 23: 7981-92. PMID 12954859  0.811
2003 Pytel M, Mercik K, Mozrzymas JW. Resolving the ionotropic receptor kinetics and modulation in the time scale of synaptic transmission. Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters. 8: 231-41. PMID 12655377  0.344
2003 Petrini EM, Zacchi P, Barberis A, Mozrzymas JW, Cherubini E. Declusterization of GABAA receptors affects the kinetic properties of GABAergic currents in cultured hippocampal neurons. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 278: 16271-9. PMID 12600990 DOI: 10.1074/jbc.M213081200  0.844
2003 Mozrzymas JW, Barberis A, Mercik K, Zarnowska ED. Binding sites, singly bound states, and conformation coupling shape GABA-evoked currents. Journal of Neurophysiology. 89: 871-83. PMID 12574465 DOI: 10.1152/jn.00951.2002  0.846
2002 Mercik K, Zarnowska ED, Mandat M, Mozrzymas JW. Saturation and self-inhibition of rat hippocampal GABA(A) receptors at high GABA concentrations. The European Journal of Neuroscience. 16: 2253-9. PMID 12492419 DOI: 10.1046/J.1460-9568.2002.02307.X  0.819
2002 Barberis A, Petrini EM, Cherubini E, Mozrzymas JW. Allosteric interaction of zinc with recombinant alpha(1)beta(2)gamma(2) and alpha(1)beta(2) GABA(A) receptors. Neuropharmacology. 43: 607-18. PMID 12367606 DOI: 10.1016/S0028-3908(02)00109-0  0.683
2002 Zarnowska ED, Mercik K, Mandat M, Mozrzymas JW. [Effect of changes in extracellular pH on GABAA receptors in neurons]. Postè©Py Higieny I Medycyny Doå›Wiadczalnej. 56: 293-305. PMID 12194242  0.77
2001 Zarnowska ED, Mozrzymas JW. Chlorpromazine prolongs the deactivation of N-methyl-D-aspartate-induced currents in cultured rat hippocampal neurons. Neuroscience Letters. 315: 1-4. PMID 11711200 DOI: 10.1016/S0304-3940(01)02245-5  0.76
2001 Zarnowska ED, Mozrzymas JW. Differential effects of chlorpromazine on ionotropic glutamate receptors in cultured rat hippocampal neurons. Neuroscience Letters. 305: 53-6. PMID 11356306 DOI: 10.1016/S0304-3940(01)01809-2  0.776
2000 Barberis A, Cherubini E, Mozrzymas JW. Zinc inhibits miniature GABAergic currents by allosteric modulation of GABAA receptor gating. The Journal of Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the Society For Neuroscience. 20: 8618-27. PMID 11102466 DOI: 10.1523/Jneurosci.20-23-08618.2000  0.78
2000 Mozrzymas JW. [Electrophysiological description of synaptic transmission and its modulation by pharmacologic factors]. Postè©Py Higieny I Medycyny Doå›Wiadczalnej. 54: 403-16. PMID 10941274  0.359
1999 Mozrzymas JW, Barberis A, Cherubini E. Facilitation of miniature GABAergic currents by chlorpromazine in cultured rat hippocampal cells. Neuroreport. 10: 2251-4. PMID 10439443 DOI: 10.1097/00001756-199908020-00005  0.681
1999 Mozrzymas JW, Barberis A, Michalak K, Cherubini E. Chlorpromazine inhibits miniature GABAergic currents by reducing the binding and by increasing the unbinding rate of GABAA receptors. The Journal of Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the Society For Neuroscience. 19: 2474-88. PMID 10087062 DOI: 10.1523/Jneurosci.19-07-02474.1999  0.772
1998 Mozrzymas JW, Cherubini E. Changes in intracellular calcium concentration affect desensitization of GABAA receptors in acutely dissociated P2-P6 rat hippocampal neurons. Journal of Neurophysiology. 79: 1321-8. PMID 9497413 DOI: 10.1152/Jn.1998.79.3.1321  0.592
1997 Martina M, Mozrzymas JW, Vittur F. Membrane stretch activates a potassium channel in pig articular chondrocytes. Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta. 1329: 205-10. PMID 9371412 DOI: 10.1016/S0005-2736(97)00154-5  0.508
1997 Mozrzymas JW, Martina M, Ruzzier F. A large-conductance voltage-dependent potassium channel in cultured pig articular chondrocytes. Pflã¼Gers Archiv : European Journal of Physiology. 433: 413-27. PMID 9000419 DOI: 10.1007/S004240050295  0.74
1996 Martina M, Mozrzymas JW, Strata F, Cherubini E. Zinc modulation of bicuculline-sensitive and -insensitive GABA receptors in the developing rat hippocampus. The European Journal of Neuroscience. 8: 2168-76. PMID 8921308 DOI: 10.1111/J.1460-9568.1996.Tb00738.X  0.744
1996 Martina M, Mozrzymas JW, Boddeke HW, Cherubini E. The calcineurin inhibitor cyclosporin A-cyclophilin A complex reduces desensitization of GABAA-mediated responses in acutely dissociated rat hippocampal neurons. Neuroscience Letters. 215: 95-8. PMID 8888004 DOI: 10.1016/0304-3940(96)12957-8  0.715
1995 Lorenzon P, Mozrzymas JW, Eusebi F, Ruzzier F. Forskolin reduces the activity of the rat muscle embryonic type acetylcholine receptor channel. Brain Research. 703: 100-4. PMID 8719621 DOI: 10.1016/0006-8993(95)01087-4  0.691
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1992 Mozrzymas JW, Martina M, Starc J, Ruzzier F. Biophysical properties of potassium channels in pig articular chondrocytes Acta Pharmaceutica. 42: 345-346.  0.719
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