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2018 Atchley SC, James SC, Harlow H, Leslie C, Jiang J, Carrelli G, Bindon W, Beal J. Geologic and resource assessment of the Upper Devonian Grosmont and upper Ireton Formations, central Grosmont shelf complex, Alberta, Canada Aapg Bulletin. 102: 731-759. DOI: 10.1306/0711171612816514  0.404
2018 Leslie CE, Peppe DJ, Williamson TE, Heizler M, Jackson M, Atchley SC, Nordt L, Standhardt B. Revised age constraints for Late Cretaceous to early Paleocene terrestrial strata from the Dawson Creek section, Big Bend National Park, west Texas Gsa Bulletin. 130: 1143-1163. DOI: 10.1130/B31785.1  0.344
2017 Jin C, Dworkin S, Atchley S, Nordt L. Eogenetic diagenesis of Chinle sandstones, Petrified Forest National Park (Arizona, USA): A record of Late Triassic climate change Sedimentology. 65: 1277-1300. DOI: 10.1111/Sed.12421  0.552
2016 Davis AJ, Peppe DJ, Atchley SC, Williamson TE, Flynn AG. Climate and landscape reconstruction of the Arroyo Chijuillita Member of the Nacimiento Formation, San Juan Basin, New Mexico: Providing environmental context to early Paleocene mammal evolution Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. 463: 27-44. DOI: 10.1016/J.Palaeo.2016.09.011  0.531
2015 Nordt L, Atchley S, Dworkin S. Collapse of the Late Triassic megamonsoon in western equatorial Pangea, present-day American Southwest Geological Society of America Bulletin. 127: 1798-1815. DOI: 10.1130/B31186.1  0.49
2014 Atchley SC, Nordt LC, Dworkin SI, Ramezani J, Parker WG, Ash SR, Bowring SA. A Linkage Among Pangean Tectonism, Cyclic Alluviation, Climate Change, and Biologic Turnover In the Late Triassic: The Record From The Chinle Formation, Southwestern United States Journal of Sedimentary Research. 83: 1147-1161. DOI: 10.2110/Jsr.2013.89  0.515
2013 Trendell AM, Nordt LC, Atchley SC, Leblanc SL, Dworkin SI. Determining floodplain plant distributions and populations using paleopedology and fossil root traces: Upper triassic sonsela member of the chinle formation at Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona Palaios. 28: 471-490. DOI: 10.2110/Palo.2012.P12-065R  0.685
2013 Trendell AM, Atchley SC, Nordt LC. Facies analysis of a probable large-fluvial-fan depositional system: The upper triassic chinle formation at petrified forest National Park, Arizona, U.S.A Journal of Sedimentary Research. 83: 873-895. DOI: 10.2110/Jsr.2013.55  0.732
2012 Trendell AM, Atchley SC, Nordt LC. Depositional and diagenetic controls on reservoir attributes within a fluvial outcrop analog: Upper Triassic Sonsela member of the Chinle Formation, Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona Aapg Bulletin. 96: 679-707. DOI: 10.1306/08101111025  0.725
2012 Nordt LC, Hallmark CT, Driese SG, Dworkin SI, Atchley SC. Biogeochemical characterization of a lithified paleosol: Implications for the interpretation of ancient Critical Zones Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta. 87: 267-282. DOI: 10.1016/J.Gca.2012.03.019  0.374
2011 Ramezani J, Hoke GD, Fastovsky DE, Bowring SA, Therrien F, Dworkin SI, Atchley SC, Nordt LC. High-precision U-Pb zircon geochronology of the late triassic chinle formation, Petrififed Forest National Park (Arizona, USA): Temporal constraints on the early evolution of dinosaurs Bulletin of the Geological Society of America. 123: 2142-2159. DOI: 10.1130/B30433.1  0.562
2011 Nordt LC, Dworkin SI, Atchley SC. Ecosystem response to soil biogeochemical behavior during the Late Cretaceous and early Paleocene within the western interior of North America Geological Society of America Bulletin. 123: 1745-1762. DOI: 10.1130/B30365.1  0.35
2010 Atchley SC, Ball NH, Hunt LE. Reservoir characterization and facies prediction within the Late Cretaceous Doe Creek Member, Valhalla field, west-central Alberta, Canada Aapg Bulletin. 94: 1-25. DOI: 10.1306/07020909062  0.482
2008 Atchley SC, Cleveland DM, West LW. A case for renewed development of a mature gas field: The Devonian Swan Hills Formation at Kaybob South field, Alberta, Canada Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology. 56: 165-190. DOI: 10.2113/Gscpgbull.56.2.165  0.705
2008 Cleveland DM, Nordt LC, Dworkin SI, Atchley SC. Pedogenic carbonate isotopes as evidence for extreme climatic events preceding the Triassic-Jurassic boundary: Implications for the biotic crisis? Bulletin of the Geological Society of America. 120: 1408-1415. DOI: 10.1130/B26332.1  0.732
2008 Cleveland DM, Nordt LC, Atchley SC. Paleosols, trace fossils, and precipitation estimates of the uppermost Triassic strata in northern New Mexico Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. 257: 421-444. DOI: 10.1016/J.Palaeo.2007.09.023  0.753
2007 Cleveland DM, Atchley SC, Nordt LC. Continental sequence stratigraphy of the Upper Triassic (Norian-Rhaetian) chinle strata, northern New Mexico, U.S.A.: Allocyclic and autocyclic origins of paleosol-bearing alluvial successions Journal of Sedimentary Research. 77: 909-924. DOI: 10.2110/Jsr.2007.082  0.763
2006 Atchley SC, West LW, Sluggett JR. Reserves growth in a mature oil field: The Devonian Leduc Formation at Innisfail field, south-central Alberta, Canada Aapg Bulletin. 90: 1153-1169. DOI: 10.1306/03030605193  0.367
2006 Prochnow SJ, Atchley SC, Boucher TE, Nordt LC, Hudec MR. The influence of salt withdrawal subsidence on palaeosol maturity and cyclic fluvial deposition in the Upper Triassic Chinle Formation: Castle Valley, Utah Sedimentology. 53: 1319-1345. DOI: 10.1111/J.1365-3091.2006.00821.X  0.78
2006 Prochnow SJ, Nordt LC, Atchley SC, Hudec MR. Multi-proxy paleosol evidence for middle and late Triassic climate trends in eastern Utah Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. 232: 53-72. DOI: 10.1016/J.Palaeo.2005.08.011  0.766
2005 Dworkin S, Nordt L, Atchley S. Determining terrestrial paleotemperatures using the oxygen isotopic composition of pedogenic carbonate Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 237: 56-68. DOI: 10.1016/J.Epsl.2005.06.054  0.349
2004 Atchley SC, Nordt LC, Dworkin SI. Eustatic Control on Alluvial Sequence Stratigraphy: A Possible Example from the Cretaceous-Tertiary Transition of the Tornillo Basin, Big Bend National Park, West Texas, U.S.A. Journal of Sedimentary Research. 74: 391-404. DOI: 10.1306/102203740391  0.5
2003 Nordt L, Atchley S, Dworkin S. Terrestrial Evidence for Two Greenhouse Events in the Latest Cretaceous Gsa Today. 13: 4. DOI: 10.1130/1052-5173(2003)013<4:Teftge>2.0.Co;2  0.308
2002 Nordt L, Atchley S, Dworkin S. Paleosol barometer indicates extreme fluctuations in atmospheric CO2 across the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary Geology. 30: 703. DOI: 10.1130/0091-7613(2002)030<0703:Pbiefi>2.0.Co;2  0.4
2001 Atchley SC, Zygo LM, Wallgren JR. Topographic Irregularities on the Base Zuni Supersequence Boundary and their Initial Cretaceous Sediment Fill, Central Texas Aapg Bulletin. 51: 1-8. DOI: 10.1306/8626Ce29-173B-11D7-8645000102C1865D  0.486
1999 Atchley SC, Kozar MG, Yose LA. A Predictive Model for Reservoir Distribution in the Permian (Leonardian) Clear Fork and Glorieta Formations, Robertson Field Area, West Texas Aapg Bulletin. 83: 1031-1056. DOI: 10.1306/E4Fd2E65-1732-11D7-8645000102C1865D  0.425
1999 Rains, David, Atchley SC. Abstract: Hydrocarbon Play Summary of the Central Basin Platform, Ozona Arch and Midland Basin, Permian Basin Region, West Texas Aapg Bulletin. DOI: 10.1306/00Aa9B9C-1730-11D7-8645000102C1865D  0.434
1985 Atchley SC, Hawthorne M, Jamieson WH. Origin of Sulfate Minerals in San Andres and Grayburg Formations, Crane and Upton Counties, Texas: ABSTRACT Aapg Bulletin. 69: 235-235. DOI: 10.1306/Ad461Cb9-16F7-11D7-8645000102C1865D  0.396
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