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2015 Steadman JA, Spry PG. Metamorphosed proterozoic Zn-Pb-Ag mineralization in the Foster River area, Northern Saskatchewan, Canada Economic Geology. 110: 1193-1214. DOI: 10.2113/econgeo.110.5.1193  0.52
2015 O'Brien JJ, Spry PG, Teale GS, Jackson SE, Rogers D. Major and trace element chemistry of gahnite as an exploration guide to Broken Hill-type Pb-Zn-Ag mineralization in the Broken Hill domain, New South Wales, Australia Economic Geology. 110: 1027-1057. DOI: 10.2113/econgeo.110.4.1027  0.52
2015 Bindi L, Stanley CJ, Spry PG. New structural data reveal benleonardite to be a member of the pearceite-polybasite group Mineralogical Magazine. 79: 1213-1221. DOI: 10.1180/minmag.2015.079.5.15  0.52
2015 Bristol SK, Spry PG, Voudouris PC, Melfos V, Mathur RD, Fornadel AP, Sakellaris GA. Geochemical and geochronological constraints on the formation of shear-zone hosted Cu-Au-Bi-Te mineralization in the Stanos area, Chalkidiki, northern Greece Ore Geology Reviews. 66: 266-282. DOI: 10.1016/j.oregeorev.2014.11.001  0.52
2015 O'Brien JJ, Spry PG, Teale GS, Jackson SE, Koenig AE. Gahnite composition as a means to fingerprint metamorphosed massive sulfide and non-sulfide zinc deposits Journal of Geochemical Exploration. 159: 48-61. DOI: 10.1016/j.gexplo.2015.08.005  0.52
2015 Bindi L, Stanley CJ, Spry PG. Cervelleite, Ag<inf>4</inf>TeS: solution and description of the crystal structure Mineralogy and Petrology. 109: 413-419. DOI: 10.1007/s00710-015-0384-4  0.52
2014 Bindi L, Bonazzi P, Zoppi M, Spry PG. Chemical variability in wakabayashilite: A real feature or an analytical artifact? Mineralogical Magazine. 78: 693-702. DOI: 10.1180/minmag.2014.078.3.16  0.52
2014 Fornadel AP, Spry PG, Jackson SE, Mathur RD, Chapman JB, Girard I. Methods for the determination of stable Te isotopes of minerals in the system Au-Ag-Te by MC-ICP-MS Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry. 29: 623-637. DOI: 10.1039/c3ja50237f  0.52
2014 O'Brien JJ, Spry PG, Nettleton D, Xu R, Teale GS. Using Random Forests to distinguish gahnite compositions as an exploration guide to Broken Hill-type Pb-Zn-Ag deposits in the Broken Hill domain, Australia Journal of Geochemical Exploration. 149: 74-86. DOI: 10.1016/j.gexplo.2014.11.010  0.52
2014 Spry PG, Mathur RD, Bonsall TA, Voudouris PC, Melfos V. Re-Os isotope evidence for mixed source components in carbonate-replacement Pb-Zn-Ag deposits in the Lavrion district, Attica, Greece Mineralogy and Petrology. 108: 503-513. DOI: 10.1007/s00710-013-0314-2  0.52
2013 Voudouris PC, Melfos V, Spry PG, Kartal T, Schleicher H, Moritz R, Ortelli M. The Pagoni Rachi/Kirki Cu-Mo±Re±Au deposit, northern Greece: Mineralogical and fluid inclusion constraints on the evolution of a telescoped porphyry-epithermal system Canadian Mineralogist. 51: 253-284. DOI: 10.3749/canmin.51.2.253  0.52
2013 Voudouris PC, Spry PG, MaVRogonatos C, Sakellaris GA, Bristol SK, Melfos V, Fornadel AP. Bismuthinite derivatives, lillianite homologues, and bismuth sulfotellurides as indicators of gold mineralization in the stanos shear-zone related deposit, Chalkidiki, Northern Greece Canadian Mineralogist. 51: 119-142. DOI: 10.3749/canmin.51.1.119  0.52
2013 Voudouris P, Melfos V, Spry PG, Bindi L, Moritz R, Ortelli M, Kartal T. Extremely re-rich molybdenite from porphyry Cu-Mo-Au prospects in northeastern Greece: Mode of occurrence, causes of enrichment, and implications for gold exploration Minerals. 3: 165-191. DOI: 10.3390/min3020165  0.52
2013 Bindi L, Spry PG, Bonazzi P, Makovicky E, Balić-Žunić T. Quadratite, AgCdAsS3: Chemical composition, crystal structure, and OD character American Mineralogist. 98: 242-247. DOI: 10.2138/am.2013.4254  0.52
2013 Bindi L, Voudouris P, Spry PG. Structural role of tellurium in the minerals of the pearceitepolybasite group Mineralogical Magazine. 77: 419-428. DOI: 10.1180/minmag.2013.077.4.02  0.52
2013 Alfieris D, Voudouris P, Spry PG. Shallow submarine epithermal Pb-Zn-Cu-Au-Ag-Te mineralization on western Milos Island, Aegean Volcanic Arc, Greece: Mineralogical, geological and geochemical constraints Ore Geology Reviews. 53: 159-180. DOI: 10.1016/j.oregeorev.2013.01.007  0.52
2013 Heimann A, Spry PG, Teale GS, Leyh WR, Conor CHH, Mora G, O'Brien JJ. Geochemistry and genesis of low-grade metasediment-hosted Zn-Pb-Ag mineralization, southern Proterozoic Curnamona Province, Australia Journal of Geochemical Exploration. 128: 97-116. DOI: 10.1016/j.gexplo.2013.02.007  0.52
2013 Grundler PV, Brugger J, Etschmann BE, Helm L, Liu W, Spry PG, Tian Y, Testemale D, Pring A. Speciation of aqueous tellurium(IV) in hydrothermal solutions and vapors, and the role of oxidized tellurium species in Te transport and gold deposition Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta. 120: 298-325. DOI: 10.1016/j.gca.2013.06.009  0.52
2013 Corriveau L, Spry PG. Metamorphosed Hydrothermal Ore Deposits Treatise On Geochemistry: Second Edition. 13: 175-194. DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-08-095975-7.01107-4  0.52
2012 Bindi L, Downs RT, Spry PG, Pinch WW, Menchetti S. A chemical and structural re-examination of fettelite samples from the type locality, Odenwald, southwest Germany Mineralogical Magazine. 76: 551-566. DOI: 10.1180/minmag.2012.076.3.07  0.52
2012 Fornadel AP, Voudouris PC, Spry PG, Melfos V. Mineralogical, stable isotope, and fluid inclusion studies of spatially related porphyry Cu and epithermal Au-Te mineralization, Fakos Peninsula, Limnos Island, Greece Mineralogy and Petrology. 105: 85-111. DOI: 10.1007/s00710-012-0196-8  0.52
2011 Bonsall TA, Spry PG, Voudouris PCH, Vasiliosmelfos TS, Seymour KS, Melfos V. The geochemistry of carbonate-replacement Pb-Zn-Ag mineralization in the Lavrion district, Attica, Greece: Fluid inclusion, stable isotope, and rare earth element studies Economic Geology. 106: 619-651. DOI: 10.2113/econgeo.106.4.619  0.52
2011 Fornadel AP, Spry PG, Melfos V, Vavelidis M, Voudouris PC. Is the Palea Kavala Bi-Te-Pb-Sb±Au district, northeastern Greece, an intrusion-related system? Ore Geology Reviews. 39: 119-133. DOI: 10.1016/j.oregeorev.2011.01.002  0.52
2011 Voudouris PC, Melfos V, Spry PG, Moritz R, Papavassiliou C, Falalakis G. Mineralogy and geochemical environment of formation of the Perama Hill high-sulfidation epithermal Au-Ag-Te-Se deposit, Petrota Graben, NE Greece Mineralogy and Petrology. 103: 79-100. DOI: 10.1007/s00710-011-0160-z  0.52
2011 Voudouris PC, Spry PG, Sakellaris GA, Mavrogonatos C. A cervelleite-like mineral and other Ag-Cu-Te-S minerals [Ag2CuTeS and (Ag,Cu)2TeS] in gold-bearing veins in metamorphic rocks of the Cycladic Blueschist Unit, Kallianou, Evia Island, Greece Mineralogy and Petrology. 101: 169-183. DOI: 10.1007/s00710-011-0144-z  0.52
2011 Heimann A, Spry PG, Teale GS, Conor CHH, Pearson NJ. The composition of garnet in garnet-rich rocks in the southern Proterozoic Curnamona Province, Australia: An indicator of the premetamorphic physicochemical conditions of formation Mineralogy and Petrology. 101: 49-74. DOI: 10.1007/s00710-010-0130-x  0.52
2010 Bindi L, Pratesi G, Spry PG. Crystallographic and chemical constraints on the nature of the proustite-pyrargyrite solid-solution series American Mineralogist. 95: 1725-1729. DOI: 10.2138/am.2010.3563  0.52
2009 Voudouris PC, Melfos V, Spry PG, Bindi L, Kartal T, Arikas K, Moritz R, Ortelli M. Rhenium-rich molybdenite and rheniite in the Pagoni Rachi Mo-Cu-Te-Ag-Au prospect, northern Greece: Implications for the re geochemistry of porphyry-style Cu-Mo and Mo mineralization Canadian Mineralogist. 47: 1013-1036. DOI: 10.3749/canmin.47.5.1013  0.52
2009 Heimann A, Spry PG, Teale GS, Conor CHH, Leyh WR. Geochemistry of garnet-rich rocks in the southern curnamona province, Australia, and their genetic relationship to Broken Hill-type Pb-Zn-Ag mineralization Economic Geology. 104: 687-712. DOI: 10.2113/gsecongeo.104.5.687  0.52
2009 St. Seymour K, Tombros S, Mastrakas N, Zouzias D, Spry PG, Dénès G, Kranidiotis P. Scheelite skarn mineralization associated with the Tinos pluton, Cyclades Neues Jahrbuch Fur Mineralogie, Abhandlungen. 186: 37-50. DOI: 10.1127/0077-7757/2009/0135  0.52
2009 Cook NJ, Ciobanu CL, Spry PG, Voudouris P. Understanding gold-(silver)-telluride-(selenide) mineral deposits Episodes. 32: 249-263.  0.52
2008 Bindi L, Bonazzi P, Spry PG. Effects of sulfur-for-selenium substitution on the structure of laphamite, As2(Se,S)3 Canadian Mineralogist. 46: 269-274. DOI: 10.3749/canmin.46.1.269  0.52
2008 Spry PG, Plimer IR, Teale GS. Did the giant Broken Hill (Australia) Zn-Pb-Ag deposit melt? Ore Geology Reviews. 34: 223-241. DOI: 10.1016/j.oregeorev.2007.11.001  0.52
2008 Tombros SF, St. Seymour K, Williams-Jones AE, Spry PG. Later stages of evolution of an epithermal system: Au-Ag mineralizations at Apigania Bay, Tinos Island, Cyclades, Hellas, Greece Mineralogy and Petrology. 94: 175-194. DOI: 10.1007/s00710-008-0019-0  0.52
2008 Voudouris P, Melfos V, Spry PG, Bonsall TA, Tarkian M, Solomos C. Carbonate-replacement Pb-Zn-Ag±Au mineralization in the Kamariza area, Lavrion, Greece: Mineralogy and thermochemical conditions of formation Mineralogy and Petrology. 94: 85-106. DOI: 10.1007/s00710-008-0007-4  0.52
2008 Voudouris P, Melfos V, Spry PG, Bonsall T, Tarkian M, Economou-Eliopoulos M. Mineralogical and fluid inclusion constraints on the evolution of the Plaka intrusion-related ore system, Lavrion, Greece Mineralogy and Petrology. 93: 79-110. DOI: 10.1007/s00710-007-0218-0  0.52
2007 Bindi L, Evain M, Spry PG, Menchetti S. The pearceite-polybasite group of minerals: Crystal chemistry and new nomenclature rules American Mineralogist. 92: 918-925. DOI: 10.2138/am.2007.2440  0.52
2007 Tombros S, St. Seymour K, Williams-Jones AE, Spry PG. The genesis of epithermal Au-Ag-Te mineralization, Panormos Bay, Tinos Island, Cyclades, Greece Economic Geology. 102: 1269-1294. DOI: 10.2113/gsecongeo.102.7.1269  0.52
2007 Spry PG, Heimann A, Messerly JD, Houk RS. Discrimination of metamorphic and metasomatic processes at the Broken Hill Pb-Zn-Ag deposit, Australia: Earth element signatures of garnet-rich rocks Economic Geology. 102: 471-494. DOI: 10.2113/gsecongeo.102.3.471  0.52
2007 Bindi L, Evain M, Spry PG, Tait KT, Menchetti S. Structural role of copper in the minerals of the pearceite-polybasite group: The case of the new minerals cupropearceite and cupropolybasite Mineralogical Magazine. 71: 641-650. DOI: 10.1180/minmag.2007.071.6.641  0.52
2007 Pals DW, Spry PG. Reply to the comment by D. L. Forsythe Mineralogy and Petrology. 90: 155-156. DOI: 10.1007/s00710-006-0170-4  0.52
2006 Scherbarth NL, Spry PG. Mineralogical, petrological, stable isotope, and fluid inclusion characteristics of the Tuvatu gold-silver telluride deposit, Fiji: Comparisons with the Emperor deposit Economic Geology. 101: 135-158. DOI: 10.2113/gsecongeo.101.1.135  0.52
2006 Heimann A, Spry PG, Teale GS, Jacobson CE. Coronas, symplectitic textures, and reactions involving aluminous minerals in gedrite - Cordierite - Garnet gneiss from Evergreen, Front Range, Colorado Canadian Mineralogist. 44: 1025-1044. DOI: 10.2113/gscanmin.44.5.1025  0.52
2006 Bindi L, Spry PG, Pratesi G. Lenaite from the Gies gold-silver telluride deposit, Judith Mountains, Montana, USA: Occurrence, composition, and crystal structure Canadian Mineralogist. 44: 207-212. DOI: 10.2113/gscanmin.44.1.207  0.52
2006 Ciobanu CL, Cook NJ, Spry PG. Preface - Special issue: Telluride and selenide minerals in gold deposits - How and why? Mineralogy and Petrology. 87: 163-169. DOI: 10.1007/s00710-006-0133-9  0.52
2006 Spry PG, Scherbarth NL. The gold-vanadium-tellurium association at the Tuvatu gold-silver prospect, Fiji: Conditions of ore deposition Mineralogy and Petrology. 87: 171-186. DOI: 10.1007/s00710-006-0128-6  0.52
2005 Tombros S, St. Seymour K, Spry PG, Williams-Jones A. Greenockite and zincian greenockite in epithermal polymetallic Ag-Au-Te mineralization, Tinos Island, Hellas: Description and conditions of formation Neues Jahrbuch Fur Mineralogie, Abhandlungen. 182: 1-9. DOI: 10.1127/0077-7757/2005/0024  0.52
2005 Lee H, Cody RD, Cody AM, Spry PG. The formation and role of ettringite in Iowa highway concrete deterioration Cement and Concrete Research. 35: 332-343. DOI: 10.1016/j.cemconres.2004.05.029  0.52
2005 Bindi L, Rossell MD, Van Tendeloo G, Spry PG, Cipriani C. Inferred phase relations in part of the system Au-Ag-Te: An integrated analytical study of gold ore from the Golden Mile, Kalgoorlie, Australia Mineralogy and Petrology. 83: 283-293. DOI: 10.1007/s00710-004-0065-1  0.52
2005 Heimann A, Spry PG, Teale GS. Zincian spinel associated with metamorphosed proterozoic base-metal sulfide occurences, Colorado: A re-evaluation of gahnite composition as a guide in exploration Canadian Mineralogist. 43: 601-622.  0.52
2004 Cody AM, Lee H, Cody RD, Spry PG. The effects of chemical environment on the nucleation, growth, and stability of ettringite [Ca3Al(OH)6]2(SO 4)3·26H2O Cement and Concrete Research. 34: 869-881. DOI: 10.1016/j.cemconres.2003.10.023  0.52
2004 Spry PG, Chryssoulis S, Ryan CG. Process mineralogy of gold: Gold from telluride-bearing ores Jom. 56: 60-62.  0.52
2004 Bindi L, Spry PG, Cipriani C. Empressite, AgTe, from the Empress-Josephine mine, Colorado, U.S.A.: Composition, physical properties, and determination of the crystal structure American Mineralogist. 89: 1043-1047.  0.52
2004 Tombros S, St. Seymour K, Spry PG. Description and conditions of formation of new unnamed Ag-Cu and Ag-Cu-Au sulfotellurides in epithermal polymetallic Ag-Au-Te mineralization, Tinos Island, Hellas Neues Jahrbuch Fur Mineralogie, Abhandlungen. 179: 295-310.  0.52
2003 Pals DW, Spry PG, Chryssoulis S. Invisible gold and tellurium in arsenic-rich pyrite from the emperor gold deposit, Fiji: Implications for gold distribution and deposition Economic Geology. 98: 479-493. DOI: 10.2113/gsecongeo.98.3.479  0.52
2003 Lee H, Cody RD, Cody AM, Spry PG. Reduction of concrete expansion by ettringite using crystallization inhibition techniques Environmental and Engineering Geoscience. 9: 313-326. DOI: 10.2113/9.4.313  0.52
2003 Pals DW, Spry PG. Telluride mineralogy of the low-sulfidation epithermal Emperor gold deposit, Vatukoula, Fiji Mineralogy and Petrology. 79: 285-307. DOI: 10.1007/s00710-003-0013-5  0.52
2003 Shackleton JM, Spry PG, Bateman R. Telluride mineralogy of the Golden Mile deposit, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia Canadian Mineralogist. 41: 1503-1524.  0.52
2002 Lee H, Cody RD, Cody AM, Spry PG. Observations on brucite formation and the role of brucite in Iowa highway concrete deterioration Environmental and Engineering Geoscience. 8: 137-145.  0.52
2000 Rosenberg JL, Spry PG, Jacobson CE, Vokes FM. The effects of sulfidation and oxidation during metamorphism on compositionally varied rocks adjacent to the Bleikvassli Zn-Pb-(Cu) deposit, Nordland, Norway Mineralium Deposita. 35: 714-726. DOI: 10.1007/s001260050274  0.52
2000 Spry PG, Thieben SE. The distribution and recovery of gold in the Golden Sunlight gold-silver telluride deposit, Montana, U.S.A Mineralogical Magazine. 64: 31-42.  0.52
1999 Cook NJ, Spry PG, Vokes FM. Mineralogy and textural relationships among sulphosalts and related minerals in the Bleikvassli Zn-Pb-(Cu) deposit, Nordland, Norway Mineralium Deposita. 34: 35-56.  0.52
1999 Rosenberg JL, Spry PG, Jacobson CE, Cook NJ, Vokes FM. Thermobarometry of the Bleikvassli Zn-Pb-(Cu) deposit, Nordland, Norway Mineralium Deposita. 34: 19-34.  0.52
1996 Spry PG, Paredes MM, Foster F, Truckle JS, Chadwick TH. Evidence for a genetic link between gold-silver telluride and porphyry molybdenum mineralization at the golden sunlight deposit, Whitehall, Montana: Fluid inclusion and stable isotope studies Economic Geology. 91: 507-526. DOI: 10.2113/gsecongeo.91.3.507  0.52
1996 Spry PG, Thieben SE. Two new occurrences of benleonardite, a rare silver - Tellurium sulphosalt, and a possible new occurrence of cervelleite Mineralogical Magazine. 60: 871-876.  0.52
1996 Cody RD, Cody AM, Spry PG, Gan GL. Experimental deterioration of highway concrete by chloride deicing salts Environmental and Engineering Geoscience. 2: 575-588.  0.52
1996 Gan GL, Spry PG, Cody RD, Cody AM. Rim formation on iowa highway concrete dolomite aggregate: The effects of dedolomitization reactions Environmental and Engineering Geoscience. 2: 59-72.  0.52
1994 Xiaomao Zhang, Spry PG. Petrological, mineralogical, fluid inclusion, and stable isotope studies of the Gies gold-silver telluride deposit, Judith Mountains, Montana Economic Geology. 89: 602-627. DOI: 10.2113/gsecongeo.89.3.602  0.52
1994 Zhang X, Spry PG. FO2PH: A quickBASIC program to calculate mineral stabilities and sulphur isotope contours in log f02-pH space Mineralogy and Petrology. 50: 287-291. DOI: 10.1007/BF01164611  0.52
1994 Spry PG, Fuhrmann GD. Additional fluid inclusion data for the Illinois-Kentucky fluorspar district: evidence for the lack of a regional thermal gradient Economic Geology. 89: 288-306.  0.52
1994 Xiaomao Zhang, Spry PG. Calculated stability of aqueous tellurium species, calaverite, and hessite at elevated temperatures Economic Geology. 89: 1152-1166.  0.52
1994 Chesley JT, Halliday AN, Kyser TK, Spry PG. Direct dating of Mississippi Valley-type mineralization: use of Sm- Nd in fluorite Economic Geology. 89: 1192-1199.  0.52
1994 Spry PG, Merlino S, Su Wang, Xiaomao Zhang, Buseck PR. New occurrences and refined crystal chemistry of colusite, with comparisons to arsenosulvanite American Mineralogist. 79: 750-762.  0.52
1990 Bryndzia LT, Scott SD, Spry PG. Sphalerite and hexagonal pyrrhotite geobarometer: Correction in calibration and application Economic Geology. 85: 408-411. DOI: 10.2113/gsecongeo.85.2.408  0.52
1990 Spry PG, Koellner MS, Richardson CK, Jones HD. Thermochemical changes in the ore fluid during deposition at the Denton mine, cave-in-rock fluorspar district, Illinois Economic Geology. 85: 172-181. DOI: 10.2113/gsecongeo.85.1.172  0.52
1989 Kutz KB, Spry PG. The genetic relationship between Upper Mississippi Valley district lead-zinc mineralization and minor base metal mineralization in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois Economic Geology. 84: 2139-2154. DOI: 10.2113/gsecongeo.84.8.2139  0.52
1988 Bryndzia LT, Scott SD, Spry PG. Sphalerite and hexagonal pyrrhotite geobarometer: experimental calibration and application to the metamorphosed sulfide ores of Broken Hill, Australia Economic Geology. 83: 1193-1204. DOI: 10.2113/gsecongeo.83.6.1193  0.52
1988 Wonder JD, Spry PG, Windom KE. Geochemistry and origin of manganese-rich rocks related to iron- formation and sulfide deposits, western Georgia Economic Geology. 83: 1070-1081. DOI: 10.2113/gsecongeo.83.5.1070  0.52
1987 Spry PG. A fluid inclusion and sulfur isotope study of precious and base metal mineralization spatially associated with the patch and gold cup breccia pipes, central city, Colorado Economic Geology. 82: 1632-1639. DOI: 10.2113/gsecongeo.82.6.1632  0.52
1987 Spry PG. A sulphur isotope study of the Broken Hill deposit, New South Wales, Australia Mineralium Deposita. 22: 109-115. DOI: 10.1007/BF00204687  0.52
1987 Spry PG. The chemistry and origin of zincian spinel associated with the Aggeneys Cu-Pb-Zn-Ag deposits, Namaqualand, South Africa Mineralium Deposita. 22: 262-268. DOI: 10.1007/BF00204518  0.52
1986 Spry PG, Scott SD. The stability of zincian spinels in sulfide systems and their potential as exploration guides for metamorphosed massive sulfide deposits Economic Geology. 81: 1446-1463. DOI: 10.2113/gsecongeo.81.6.1446  0.52
1985 Seccombe PK, Spry PG, Both RA, Jones MT, Schiller JC. Base metal mineralization in the Kanmantoo Group, South Australia: a regional sulfur isotope study Economic Geology. 80: 1824-1841. DOI: 10.2113/gsecongeo.80.7.1824  0.52
1982 Spry PG. An unusual gahnite-forming reaction, Geco base-metal deposit, Manitouwadge, Ontario Canadian Mineralogist. 20: 549-553.  0.52
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