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1996-1998 Biostatistics NIEHS/NIH, Durham, NC, United States 

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2016 Sellitto C, Li L, Vaghefi E, Donaldson PJ, Lin RZ, White TW. The Phosphoinosotide 3-Kinase Catalytic Subunit p110α is Required for Normal Lens Growth. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science. 57: 3145-3151. PMID 27304846 DOI: 10.1167/iovs.16-19607  0.56
2015 Li Y, Krahn JM, Flake GP, Umbach DM, Li L. Toward predicting metastatic progression of melanoma based on gene expression data. Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research. 28: 453-63. PMID 25847062 DOI: 10.1111/Pcmr.12374  1
2014 Choi YJ, Lai WS, Fedic R, Stumpo DJ, Huang W, Li L, Perera L, Brewer BY, Wilson GM, Mason JM, Blackshear PJ. The Drosophila Tis11 protein and its effects on mRNA expression in flies. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 289: 35042-60. PMID 25342740 DOI: 10.1074/Jbc.M114.593491  1
2014 Niu L, Huang W, Umbach DM, Li L. IUTA: a tool for effectively detecting differential isoform usage from RNA-Seq data. Bmc Genomics. 15: 862. PMID 25283306 DOI: 10.1186/1471-2164-15-862  1
2014 Hewitt SC, Li L, Grimm SA, Winuthayanon W, Hamilton KJ, Pockette B, Rubel CA, Pedersen LC, Fargo D, Lanz RB, DeMayo FJ, Schütz G, Korach KS. Novel DNA motif binding activity observed in vivo with an estrogen receptor α mutant mouse. Molecular Endocrinology (Baltimore, Md.). 28: 899-911. PMID 24713037 DOI: 10.1210/Me.2014-1051  1
2014 Li Y, Umbach DM, Li L. T-KDE: a method for genome-wide identification of constitutive protein binding sites from multiple ChIP-seq data sets. Bmc Genomics. 15: 27. PMID 24428924 DOI: 10.1186/1471-2164-15-27  1
2014 Li Y, Hamilton KJ, Lai AY, Burns KA, Li L, Wade PA, Korach KS. Diethylstilbestrol (DES)-stimulated hormonal toxicity is mediated by ERα alteration of target gene methylation patterns and epigenetic modifiers (DNMT3A, MBD2, and HDAC2) in the mouse seminal vesicle. Environmental Health Perspectives. 122: 262-8. PMID 24316720 DOI: 10.1289/Ehp.1307351  1
2013 Sellitto C, Li L, Gao J, Robinson ML, Lin RZ, Mathias RT, White TW. AKT activation promotes PTEN hamartoma tumor syndrome-associated cataract development. The Journal of Clinical Investigation. 123: 5401-9. PMID 24270425 DOI: 10.1172/Jci70437  0.56
2013 Gao J, Wang H, Sun X, Varadaraj K, Li L, White TW, Mathias RT. The effects of age on lens transport. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science. 54: 7174-87. PMID 24065810 DOI: 10.1167/Iovs.13-12593  0.56
2013 Li Y, Huang W, Niu L, Umbach DM, Covo S, Li L. Characterization of constitutive CTCF/cohesin loci: a possible role in establishing topological domains in mammalian genomes. Bmc Genomics. 14: 553. PMID 23945083 DOI: 10.1186/1471-2164-14-553  1
2013 Madenspacher JH, Azzam KM, Gowdy KM, Malcolm KC, Nick JA, Dixon D, Aloor JJ, Draper DW, Guardiola JJ, Shatz M, Menendez D, Lowe J, Lu J, Bushel P, Li L, et al. p53 Integrates host defense and cell fate during bacterial pneumonia. The Journal of Experimental Medicine. 210: 891-904. PMID 23630228 DOI: 10.1084/Jem.20121674  1
2013 Mhaske PV, Levit NA, Li L, Wang HZ, Lee JR, Shuja Z, Brink PR, White TW. The human Cx26-D50A and Cx26-A88V mutations causing keratitis-ichthyosis-deafness syndrome display increased hemichannel activity. American Journal of Physiology. Cell Physiology. 304: C1150-8. PMID 23447037 DOI: 10.1152/Ajpcell.00374.2012  0.56
2012 Huang W, Li L, Myers JR, Marth GT. ART: a next-generation sequencing read simulator. Bioinformatics (Oxford, England). 28: 593-4. PMID 22199392 DOI: 10.1093/Bioinformatics/Btr708  1
2011 Mese G, Sellitto C, Li L, Wang HZ, Valiunas V, Richard G, Brink PR, White TW. The Cx26-G45E mutation displays increased hemichannel activity in a mouse model of the lethal form of keratitis-ichthyosis-deafness syndrome. Molecular Biology of the Cell. 22: 4776-86. PMID 22031297 DOI: 10.1091/Mbc.E11-09-0778  0.56
2011 Huang W, Umbach DM, Vincent Jordan N, Abell AN, Johnson GL, Li L. Efficiently identifying genome-wide changes with next-generation sequencing data. Nucleic Acids Research. 39: e130. PMID 21803788 DOI: 10.1093/Nar/Gkr592  1
2011 Xu M, Weinberg CR, Umbach DM, Li L. coMOTIF: a mixture framework for identifying transcription factor and a coregulator motif in ChIP-seq data. Bioinformatics (Oxford, England). 27: 2625-32. PMID 21775309 DOI: 10.1093/Bioinformatics/Btr397  1
2011 Abell AN, Jordan NV, Huang W, Prat A, Midland AA, Johnson NL, Granger DA, Mieczkowski PA, Perou CM, Gomez SM, Li L, Johnson GL. MAP3K4/CBP-regulated H2B acetylation controls epithelial-mesenchymal transition in trophoblast stem cells. Cell Stem Cell. 8: 525-37. PMID 21549327 DOI: 10.1016/J.Stem.2011.03.008  1
2011 Mercier E, Droit A, Li L, Robertson G, Zhang X, Gottardo R. An integrated pipeline for the genome-wide analysis of transcription factor binding sites from ChIP-Seq. Plos One. 6: e16432. PMID 21358819 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0016432  1
2010 Lai AY, Fatemi M, Dhasarathy A, Malone C, Sobol SE, Geigerman C, Jaye DL, Mav D, Shah R, Li L, Wade PA. DNA methylation prevents CTCF-mediated silencing of the oncogene BCL6 in B cell lymphomas. The Journal of Experimental Medicine. 207: 1939-50. PMID 20733034 DOI: 10.1084/Jem.20100204  1
2010 Hoffman BG, Robertson G, Zavaglia B, Beach M, Cullum R, Lee S, Soukhatcheva G, Li L, Wederell ED, Thiessen N, Bilenky M, Cezard T, Tam A, Kamoh B, Birol I, et al. Locus co-occupancy, nucleosome positioning, and H3K4me1 regulate the functionality of FOXA2-, HNF4A-, and PDX1-bound loci in islets and liver. Genome Research. 20: 1037-51. PMID 20551221 DOI: 10.1101/Gr.104356.109  1
2009 DeRosa AM, Meşe G, Li L, Sellitto C, Brink PR, Gong X, White TW. The cataract causing Cx50-S50P mutant inhibits Cx43 and intercellular communication in the lens epithelium. Experimental Cell Research. 315: 1063-75. PMID 19331825 DOI: 10.1016/J.Yexcr.2009.01.017  0.56
2009 Wang H, Gao J, Sun X, Martinez-Wittinghan FJ, Li L, Varadaraj K, Farrell M, Reddy VN, White TW, Mathias RT. The effects of GPX-1 knockout on membrane transport and intracellular homeostasis in the lens. The Journal of Membrane Biology. 227: 25-37. PMID 19067024 DOI: 10.1007/S00232-008-9141-5  0.56
2008 Card DA, Hebbar PB, Li L, Trotter KW, Komatsu Y, Mishina Y, Archer TK. Oct4/Sox2-regulated miR-302 targets cyclin D1 in human embryonic stem cells. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 28: 6426-38. PMID 18710938 DOI: 10.1128/Mcb.00359-08  1
2008 Gilchrist DA, Nechaev S, Lee C, Ghosh SK, Collins JB, Li L, Gilmour DS, Adelman K. NELF-mediated stalling of Pol II can enhance gene expression by blocking promoter-proximal nucleosome assembly. Genes & Development. 22: 1921-33. PMID 18628398 DOI: 10.1101/gad.1643208  1
2007 Lee CR, Bottone FG, Krahn JM, Li L, Mohrenweiser HW, Cook ME, Petrovich RM, Bell DA, Eling TE, Zeldin DC. Identification and functional characterization of polymorphisms in human cyclooxygenase-1 (PTGS1). Pharmacogenetics and Genomics. 17: 145-60. PMID 17301694 DOI: 10.1097/01.Fpc.0000236340.87540.E3  1
2006 Zhang D, Stumpo DJ, Graves JP, DeGraff LM, Grissom SF, Collins JB, Li L, Zeldin DC, Blackshear PJ. Identification of potential target genes for RFX4_v3, a transcription factor critical for brain development. Journal of Neurochemistry. 98: 860-75. PMID 16893423 DOI: 10.1111/J.1471-4159.2006.03930.X  1
2006 Huang W, Umbach DM, Ohler U, Li L. Optimized mixed Markov models for motif identification. Bmc Bioinformatics. 7: 279. PMID 16749929 DOI: 10.1186/1471-2105-7-279  1
2006 Liu D, Peddada SD, Li L, Weinberg CR. Phase analysis of circadian-related genes in two tissues. Bmc Bioinformatics. 7: 87. PMID 16504088 DOI: 10.1186/1471-2105-7-87  1
2006 Huang W, Umbach DM, Li L. Accurate anchoring alignment of divergent sequences. Bioinformatics (Oxford, England). 22: 29-34. PMID 16301203 DOI: 10.1093/Bioinformatics/Bti772  1
2006 Pedersen LG, Bartolotti L, Li L. Deuterium and its role in the machinery of evolution. Journal of Theoretical Biology. 238: 914-8. PMID 16098990 DOI: 10.1016/J.Jtbi.2005.07.002  1
2004 Liu D, Umbach DM, Peddada SD, Li L, Crockett PW, Weinberg CR. A random-periods model for expression of cell-cycle genes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 101: 7240-5. PMID 15123814 DOI: 10.1073/Pnas.0402285101  1
2004 Li L, Umbach DM, Terry P, Taylor JA. Application of the GA/KNN method to SELDI proteomics data. Bioinformatics (Oxford, England). 20: 1638-40. PMID 14962943 DOI: 10.1093/Bioinformatics/Bth098  1
2003 Cable PL, Wilson CA, Calzone FJ, Rauscher FJ, Scully R, Livingston DM, Li L, Blackwell CB, Futreal PA, Afshari CA. Novel consensus DNA-binding sequence for BRCA1 protein complexes Molecular Carcinogenesis. 38: 85-96. PMID 14502648 DOI: 10.1002/Mc.10148  1
2003 Peddada SD, Lobenhofer EK, Li L, Afshari CA, Weinberg CR, Umbach DM. Gene selection and clustering for time-course and dose-response microarray experiments using order-restricted inference. Bioinformatics (Oxford, England). 19: 834-41. PMID 12724293 DOI: 10.1093/Bioinformatics/Btg093  1
2003 Kakuta Y, Li L, Pedersen LC, Pedersen LG, Negishi M. Heparan sulphate N-sulphotransferase activity: reaction mechanism and substrate recognition. Biochemical Society Transactions. 31: 331-4. PMID 12653630 DOI: 10.1042/Bst0310331  0.56
2002 King LM, Ma J, Srettabunjong S, Graves J, Bradbury JA, Li L, Spiecker M, Liao JK, Mohrenweiser H, Zeldin DC. Cloning of CYP2J2 gene and identification of functional polymorphisms. Molecular Pharmacology. 61: 840-52. PMID 11901223 DOI: 10.1124/Mol.61.4.840  1
2001 Li L, Darden TA, Weinberg CR, Levine AJ, Pedersen LG. Gene assessment and sample classification for gene expression data using a genetic algorithm/k-nearest neighbor method. Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening. 4: 727-39. PMID 11894805 DOI: 10.2174/1386207013330733  1
2001 Li L, Weinberg CR, Darden TA, Pedersen LG. Gene selection for sample classification based on gene expression data: study of sensitivity to choice of parameters of the GA/KNN method. Bioinformatics (Oxford, England). 17: 1131-42. PMID 11751221 DOI: 10.1093/Bioinformatics/17.12.1131  1
2000 Bevan DR, Li L, Pedersen LG, Darden TA. Molecular dynamics simulations of the d(CCAACGTTGG)(2) decamer: influence of the crystal environment. Biophysical Journal. 78: 668-82. PMID 10653780 DOI: 10.1016/S0006-3495(00)76625-2  1
2000 Li L, Pedersen LG, Beard WA, Bebenek K, Wilson SH, Kunkel TA, Darden TA. A Molecular Dynamics Model of HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase Complexed with DNA: Comparison with Experimental Structures Journal of Molecular Modeling. 6: 575-586. DOI: 10.1007/S0089400060575  1
1999 Darden T, Perera L, Li L, Lee P. New tricks for modelers from the crystallography toolkit: The particle mesh Ewald algorithm and its use in nucleic acid simulations Structure. 7: R55-R60. PMID 10368306 DOI: 10.1016/S0969-2126(99)80033-1  1
1999 Li L, Darden TA, Bartolotti L, Kominos D, Pedersen LG. An atomic model for the pleated beta-sheet structure of Abeta amyloid protofilaments. Biophysical Journal. 76: 2871-8. PMID 10354415 DOI: 10.1016/S0006-3495(99)77442-4  1
1998 Beard WA, Bebenek K, Darden TA, Li L, Prasad R, Kunkel TA, Wilson SH. Vertical-scanning mutagenesis of a critical tryptophan in the minor groove binding track of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase. Molecular nature of polymerase-nucleic acid interactions. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 273: 30435-42. PMID 9804810 DOI: 10.1074/Jbc.273.46.30435  0.8
1997 Rigby AC, Baleja JD, Li L, Pedersen LG, Furie BC, Furie B. Role of gamma-carboxyglutamic acid in the calcium-induced structural transition of conantokin G, a conotoxin from the marine snail Conus geographus. Biochemistry. 36: 15677-84. PMID 9398296 DOI: 10.1021/Bi9718550  1
1997 Bebenek K, Beard WA, Darden TA, Li L, Prasad R, Luton BA, Gorenstein DG, Wilson SH, Kunkel TA. A minor groove binding track in reverse transcriptase. Nature Structural Biology. 4: 194-7. PMID 9164459 DOI: 10.1038/Nsb0397-194  1
1997 Li L, Darden TA, Freedman SJ, Furie BC, Furie B, Baleja JD, Smith H, Hiskey RG, Pedersen LG. Refinement of the NMR solution structure of the gamma-carboxyglutamic acid domain of coagulation factor IX using molecular dynamics simulation with initial Ca2+ positions determined by a genetic algorithm. Biochemistry. 36: 2132-8. PMID 9047312 DOI: 10.1021/Bi962250R  1
1996 Wolberg AS, Li L, Cheung WF, Hamaguchi N, Pedersen LG, Stafford DW. Characterization of gamma-carboxyglutamic acid residue 21 of human factor IX. Biochemistry. 35: 10321-7. PMID 8756687 DOI: 10.1021/Bi960502I  1
1992 Wang Y, Li L, Chupka WA. (2 + 1) resonance-enhanced multiphoton ionization studies of the CH D 2Π (ν=2) state Chemical Physics Letters. 192: 348-352. DOI: 10.1016/0009-2614(92)85480-X  0.56
1991 Wang Y, Li L, Chupka WA. Rotationally resolved photofragmentation spectroscopy of CH+ formed by resonance-enhanced multiphoton ionization Chemical Physics Letters. 185: 478-482. DOI: 10.1016/0009-2614(91)80246-T  0.56
1989 Miller RJ, Li L, Wang Y, Chupka WA, Colson SD. Multiphoton ionization studies of NO: Spontaneous decay channels in the (4pπ)K2π(v = 2) Rydberg state The Journal of Chemical Physics. 90: 754-761. DOI: 10.1063/1.456099  0.56
1989 Park H, Li L, Chupka WA. Observation and analysis of the 3dπ1Σg + rydberg state of O2 by (2+1) multiphoton ionization Chemical Physics Letters. 162: 317-320. DOI: 10.1016/0009-2614(89)87051-4  0.56
1988 Miller PJ, Li L, Chupka WA, Colson SD. Shape resonance and non-Franck-Condon behavior in the photoelectron spectra of O2 produced by (2+1) multiphoton ionization via 3sσ Rydberg states The Journal of Chemical Physics. 89: 3921-3922. DOI: 10.1063/1.454868  0.56
1988 Miller PJ, Li L, Chupka WA, Colson SD. Observation of strong Rydberg-valence mixing in the E3Σ u - state of O2 by 3+1 MPI photoelectron spectroscopy The Journal of Chemical Physics. 88: 2972-2975.  0.56
1987 Li L, Lipert RJ, Park H, Chupka WA, Colson SD. Dynamics and spectroscopic manifestations of two-photon bound-bound absorption through a repulsive intermediate state The Journal of Chemical Physics. 87: 6767-6769. DOI: 10.1063/1.453416  0.56
1984 Li L, Porter RN, Johnson PM. Pressure narrowing of ac Stark-broadened multiphoton spectra Physical Review Letters. 53: 1336-1339. DOI: 10.1103/Physrevlett.53.1336  0.56
Low-probability matches
2021 Li Y, Umbach DM, Krahn JM, Shats I, Li X, Li L. Predicting tumor response to drugs based on gene-expression biomarkers of sensitivity learned from cancer cell lines. Bmc Genomics. 22: 272. PMID 33858332 DOI: 10.1186/s12864-021-07581-7  0.24
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