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Year Citation  Score
2020 Sun J, Fang J, Xiao X, Cai L, Zhao X, Zeng J, Wan Q. Total synthesis of tricolorin A via interrupted Pummerer reaction-mediated glycosylation and one-pot relay glycosylation. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry. PMID 32297605 DOI: 10.1039/D0Ob00513D  0.384
2020 Xiao X, Zeng J, Fang J, Sun J, Li T, Song Z, Cai L, Wan Q. One-pot Relay Glycosylation. Journal of the American Chemical Society. PMID 32150398 DOI: 10.1021/Jacs.0C00447  0.309
2020 Zhao X, Zeng J, Meng L, Wan Q. Application of Interrupted Pummerer Reaction Mediated (IPRm) Glycosylation in Natural Product Synthesis. Chemical Record (New York, N.Y.). PMID 32103624 DOI: 10.1002/Tcr.201900097  0.373
2019 Meng L, Wu P, Fang J, Xiao Y, Xiao X, Tu G, Ma X, Teng S, Zeng J, Wan Q. Glycosylation Enabled by Successive Rhodium(II) and Brønsted Acid Catalysis. Journal of the American Chemical Society. PMID 31314513 DOI: 10.1021/Jacs.9B04619  0.314
2019 Fang J, Zeng J, Sun J, Zhang S, Xiao X, Lu Z, Meng L, Wan Q. Total Syntheses of Resin Glycosides Murucoidins IV and V. Organic Letters. PMID 31247754 DOI: 10.1021/Acs.Orglett.9B02004  0.329
2018 Zeng J, Liu Y, Chen W, Zhao X, Meng L, Wan Q. Glycosyl Sulfoxides in Glycosylation Reactions. Topics in Current Chemistry (Cham). 376: 27. PMID 29896683 DOI: 10.1007/S41061-018-0205-4  0.325
2018 Gong J, Wan Q, Kang Q. Asymmetric [3 + 2] Cycloaddition Employing N, N'-Cyclic Azomethine Imines Catalyzed by Chiral-at-Metal Rhodium Complex. Organic Letters. PMID 29763332 DOI: 10.1021/Acs.Orglett.8B01264  0.318
2017 Zeng J, Sun G, Yao W, Zhu Y, Wang R, Cai L, Liu K, Zhang Q, Liu XW, Wan Q. 3-Aminodeoxypyranoses in Glycosylation: Diversity-Oriented Synthesis and Assembly in Oligosaccharides. Angewandte Chemie (International Ed. in English). PMID 28318087 DOI: 10.1002/Anie.201700178  0.398
2017 Xu Y, Zhang Q, Xiao Y, Wu P, Chen W, Song Z, Xiao X, Meng L, Zeng J, Wan Q. Practical synthesis of latent disarmed S-2-(2-propylthio)benzyl glycosides for interrupted Pummerer reaction mediated glycosylation Tetrahedron Letters. 58: 2381-2384. DOI: 10.1016/J.Tetlet.2017.05.014  0.341
2016 O'Cearbhaill RE, Ragupathi G, Zhu J, Wan Q, Mironov S, Yang G, Spassova MK, Iasonos A, Kravetz S, Ouerfelli O, Spriggs DR, Danishefsky SJ, Sabbatini PJ. A Phase I Study of Unimolecular Pentavalent (Globo-H-GM2-sTn-TF-Tn) Immunization of Patients with Epithelial Ovarian, Fallopian Tube, or Peritoneal Cancer in First Remission. Cancers. 8. PMID 27110823 DOI: 10.3390/Cancers8040046  0.563
2016 Sun W, Shi L, Ye Z, Mu Y, Liu C, Zhao J, Chen L, Li Q, Yang T, Yan L, Wan Q, Wu S, Liu Y, Wang G, Luo Z, et al. Association between the change in body mass index from early adulthood to midlife and subsequent type 2 diabetes mellitus. Obesity (Silver Spring, Md.). PMID 26833544 DOI: 10.1002/oby.21336  0.352
2016 Zhu L, Wan Q, Shen X, Meng Z, Zhang F, Weng Y, Sippel J, Gao Y, Zhang Y, Yue J. Prediction and predictability of high-impact Western Pacific landfalling Tropical Cyclone Vicente (2012) through convection-permitting ensemble assimilation of doppler radar velocity Monthly Weather Review. 144: 21-43. DOI: 10.1175/Mwr-D-14-00403.1  0.369
2015 Shu P, Xiao X, Zhao Y, Xu Y, Yao W, Tao J, Wang H, Yao G, Lu Z, Zeng J, Wan Q. Interrupted Pummerer Reaction in Latent-Active Glycosylation: Glycosyl Donors with Recyclable and Regenerative Leaving Group. Angewandte Chemie (International Ed. in English). PMID 26448185 DOI: 10.1002/Anie.201507861  0.351
2015 Ma J, Zeng J, Wan Q. Postligation-desulfurization: a general approach for chemical protein synthesis. Topics in Current Chemistry. 363: 57-101. PMID 25663556 DOI: 10.1007/128_2014_594  0.388
2015 Shu P, Zeng J, Tao J, Zhao Y, Yao G, Wan Q. Selective S-deacetylation inspired by native chemical ligation: practical syntheses of glycosyl thiols and drug mercapto-analogues Green Chemistry. 17: 2545-2551. DOI: 10.1039/C5Gc00084J  0.354
2015 Elvitigala DAS, Wan Q, Kim HC, Lee J. Identification of a C-reactive protein like homologue from black rockfish (Sebastes schlegelii) evidencing its potent anti-microbial properties at molecular level Developmental and Comparative Immunology. 53: 169-178. DOI: 10.1016/j.dci.2015.07.007  0.332
2014 Wang H, Tao J, Cai X, Chen W, Zhao Y, Xu Y, Yao W, Zeng J, Wan Q. Stereoselective synthesis of α-linked 2-deoxy glycosides enabled by visible-light-mediated reductive deiodination. Chemistry (Weinheim An Der Bergstrasse, Germany). 20: 17319-23. PMID 25377922 DOI: 10.1002/Chem.201405516  0.343
2013 Li S, Yang K, Liu H, Xia Y, Zhu R, Luo J, Wan Q. Inherently chiral biscalixarene cone–cone conformers consisting of calix[4]arene and calix[5]arene subunits Tetrahedron Letters. 54: 5901-5906. DOI: 10.1016/J.Tetlet.2013.08.091  0.322
2010 Chen J, Wang P, Zhu J, Wan Q, Danishefsky SJ. A program for ligation at threonine sites: application to the controlled total synthesis of glycopeptides. Tetrahedron. 66: 2277-2283. PMID 20798898 DOI: 10.1016/J.Tet.2010.01.067  0.616
2010 Yuan Y, Chen J, Wan Q, Wilson RM, Danishefsky SJ. Toward fully synthetic, homogeneous glycoproteins: advances in chemical ligation. Biopolymers. 94: 373-84. PMID 20593459 DOI: 10.1002/Bip.21374  0.492
2009 Zhu J, Wan Q, Yang G, Ouerfelli O, Danishefsky SJ. Synthesis of Human Cancer Associated Globo-H (MBr1) Glycosylamino Acid: Some Mechanistic and Conformational Reinvestigations. Heterocycles. 79: 441-449. PMID 21423783 DOI: 10.3987/Com-08-S(D)82  0.605
2009 Yuan Y, Chen J, Wan Q, Tan Z, Chen G, Kan C, Danishefsky SJ. Toward homogeneous erythropoietin: fine tuning of the C-terminal acyl donor in the chemical synthesis of the Cys29-Gly77 glycopeptide domain. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 131: 5432-7. PMID 20560636 DOI: 10.1021/Ja808705V  0.693
2009 Zhu J, Wan Q, Danishefsky SJ. Synthesis of Biotinylated Tumor-Associated Carbohydrate Antigens for Immunological Studies. Tetrahedron Letters. 50: 712-714. PMID 20157341 DOI: 10.1016/J.Tetlet.2008.11.113  0.578
2009 Nagorny P, Kim WH, Wan Q, Lee D, Danishefsky SJ. On the emerging role of chemistry in the fashioning of biologics: synthesis of a bidomainal fucosyl GM1-based vaccine for the treatment of small cell lung cancer. The Journal of Organic Chemistry. 74: 5157-62. PMID 19555091 DOI: 10.1021/Jo900918M  0.676
2009 Zhu J, Wan Q, Lee D, Yang G, Spassova MK, Ouerfelli O, Ragupathi G, Damani P, Livingston PO, Danishefsky SJ. From synthesis to biologics: preclinical data on a chemistry derived anticancer vaccine. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 131: 9298-303. PMID 19518111 DOI: 10.1021/Ja901415S  0.588
2009 Kan C, Trzupek JD, Wu B, Wan Q, Chen G, Tan Z, Yuan Y, Danishefsky SJ. Toward homogeneous erythropoietin: chemical synthesis of the Ala1-Gly28 glycopeptide domain by "alanine" ligation. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 131: 5438-43. PMID 19334679 DOI: 10.1021/Ja808707W  0.691
2009 Zhu J, Wan Q, Ragupathi G, George CM, Livingston PO, Danishefsky SJ. Biologics through chemistry: total synthesis of a proposed dual-acting vaccine targeting ovarian cancer by orchestration of oligosaccharide and polypeptide domains. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 131: 4151-8. PMID 19253940 DOI: 10.1021/Ja810147J  0.61
2008 Wan Q, Chen J, Yuan Y, Danishefsky SJ. Oxo-ester mediated native chemical ligation: concept and applications. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 130: 15814-6. PMID 18855357 DOI: 10.1021/Ja804993Y  0.541
2008 Chen J, Wan Q, Yuan Y, Zhu J, Danishefsky SJ. Native chemical ligation at valine: a contribution to peptide and glycopeptide synthesis. Angewandte Chemie (International Ed. in English). 47: 8521-4. PMID 18833563 DOI: 10.1002/Anie.200803523  0.632
2008 Wan Q, Lubineau A, Guillot R, Scherrmann MC. Synthesis of C-disaccharides via a hetero-Diels-Alder reaction and further stereocontrolled transformations Carbohydrate Research. 343: 1754-1765. PMID 18377881 DOI: 10.1016/J.Carres.2008.03.015  0.721
2007 Wan Q, Danishefsky SJ. Free-radical-based, specific desulfurization of cysteine: a powerful advance in the synthesis of polypeptides and glycopolypeptides. Angewandte Chemie (International Ed. in English). 46: 9248-52. PMID 18046687 DOI: 10.1002/Anie.200704195  0.462
2007 Chen G, Wan Q, Tan Z, Kan C, Hua Z, Ranganathan K, Danishefsky SJ. Development of efficient methods for accomplishing cysteine-free peptide and glycopeptide coupling. Angewandte Chemie (International Ed. in English). 46: 7383-7. PMID 17828726 DOI: 10.1002/Anie.200702865  0.651
2006 Chen J, Chen G, Wu B, Wan Q, Tan Z, Hua Z, Danishefsky SJ. Mature Homogeneous Erythropoietin-Level Building Blocks by Chemical Synthesis: The EPO 114-166 Glycopeptide Domain, Presenting the O-Linked Glycophorin. Tetrahedron Letters. 47: 8013-8016. PMID 17426819 DOI: 10.1016/J.Tetlet.2006.09.045  0.641
2006 Wan Q, Chen J, Chen G, Danishefsky SJ. A potentially valuable advance in the synthesis of carbohydrate-based anticancer vaccines through extended cycloaddition chemistry. The Journal of Organic Chemistry. 71: 8244-9. PMID 17025318 DOI: 10.1021/Jo061406I  0.594
2006 Chen G, Warren JD, Chen J, Wu B, Wan Q, Danishefsky SJ. Studies related to the relative thermodynamic stability of C-terminal peptidyl esters of O-hydroxy thiophenol: emergence of a doable strategy for non-cysteine ligation applicable to the chemical synthesis of glycopeptides. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 128: 7460-2. PMID 16756298 DOI: 10.1021/Ja061588Y  0.686
2006 Ragupathi G, Koide F, Livingston PO, Cho YS, Endo A, Wan Q, Spassova MK, Keding SJ, Allen J, Ouerfelli O, Wilson RM, Danishefsky SJ. Preparation and evaluation of unimolecular pentavalent and hexavalent antigenic constructs targeting prostate and breast cancer: a synthetic route to anticancer vaccine candidates. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 128: 2715-25. PMID 16492059 DOI: 10.1021/Ja057244+  0.5
2006 Wu B, Tan Z, Chen G, Chen J, Hua Z, Wan Q, Ranganathan K, Danishefsky SJ. Mature homogeneous erythropoietin building blocks by chemical synthesis: the EPO 22-37 glycopeptide domain presenting the full N-linked dodecasaccharide Tetrahedron Letters. 47: 8009-8011. DOI: 10.1016/J.Tetlet.2006.09.050  0.611
2006 Wu B, Hua Z, Warren JD, Ranganathan K, Wan Q, Chen G, Tan Z, Chen J, Endo A, Danishefsky SJ. Synthesis of the fucosylated biantennary N-glycan of erythropoietin Tetrahedron Letters. 47: 5577-5579. DOI: 10.1016/J.Tetlet.2006.05.086  0.703
2006 Chen J, Warren JD, Wu B, Chen G, Wan Q, Danishefsky SJ. A route to cyclic peptides and glycopeptides by native chemical ligation using in situ derived thioesters Tetrahedron Letters. 47: 1969-1972. DOI: 10.1016/J.Tetlet.2006.01.077  0.674
2005 Cho YS, Wan Q, Danishefsky SJ. Organic synthesis in pursuit of immunology: large-scale synthesis of peracetylated GM2 glycosylamino acid for preparation of a multiantigenic prostate cancer vaccine. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry. 13: 5259-66. PMID 16006132 DOI: 10.1016/J.Bmc.2005.06.018  0.5
2005 Wan Q, Young SC, Lambert TH, Danishefsky SJ. Olefin cross-metathesis: A powerful tool for constructing vaccines composed of multimeric antigens Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry. 24: 425-440. DOI: 10.1081/Car-200066992  0.665
2004 Wan Q, Lubineau A, Scherrmann MC. Synthesis of C-3 branched allyl and pentadienyl glucosamines via radical coupling of sugar-thionocarbonates Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry. 23: 83-93. DOI: 10.1081/Car-120030469  0.724
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