Frank Würthner - Publications

Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, Würzburg, Bayern, Germany 
Dyes and organic semiconductors; Supramolecular chemistry; Photochemistry; (Bio-)molecular recognition; Self-assembly & supramolecular polymerization, gelation and organic nanostructure formation; Materials for organic electronics, photonics, photovoltaic

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2018 Wolff CM, Frischmann PD, Schulze M, Bohn BJ, Wein R, Livadas P, Carlson MT, Jäckel F, Feldmann J, Würthner F, Stolarczyk JK. All-in-one: combining nanoparticulate and molecular co-catalysts for visible-lightdriven full water splitting Nature Energy. 3: 862−869.  1
2016 Schulze M, Kunz V, Frischmann PD, Würthner F. A Supramolecular ruthenium macrocycle with high catalytic activity for water oxidation that mechanistically mimics photosystem II Nature Chemistry. 8: 576−583.  1
2016 Seifert S, Shoyama K, Schmidt D, Würthner F. An Electron-Poor C64 Nanographene by Palladium-Catalyzed Cascade C-C Bond Formation: One-Pot Synthesis and Single-Crystal Structure Analysis Angewandte Chemie International Edition. 55: 6390−6395.  0.08
2015 He T, Stolte M, Burschka C, Hansen NH, Musiol T, Kälblein D, Pflaum J, Tao X, Brill J, Würthner F. Single crystal field-effect transistors of new Cl2NDI polymorph processed by sublimation in air Nature Communications. 6: 5954.  1
2015 Ogi S, Stepanenko V, Sugiyasu K, Takeuchi M, Würthner F. Mechanism of Self-Assembly Process and Seeded Supramolecular Polymerization of Perylene Bisimide Organogelator Journal of the American Chemical Society. 137: 3300−3307.  1
2014 Zhang X, Görl D, Stepanenko V, Würthner F. Hierarchical Growth of Fluorescent Dye Aggregates in Water by Fusion of Segmented Nanostructures Angewandte Chemie International Edition. 53: 1270−1274.  1
2013 He T, Stolte M, Würthner F. Air-Stable n-Channel Organic Single Crystal Field-Effect Transistors Based on Microribbons of Core-Chlorinated Naphthalene Diimide Advanced Materials. 25: 6951–6955.  1
2011 Bürckstümmer H, Tulyakova EV, Deppisch M, Lenze MR, Kronenberg NM, Gsänger M, Stolte M, Meerholz K, Würthner F. Efficient Solution-Processed Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells by Antiparallel Supramolecular Arrangement of Dipolar Donor-Acceptor Dyes Angewandte Chemie International Edition. 50: 11628–11632. DOI: 10.1002/Anie.201105133  1
2010 Gsänger M, Oh JH, Könemann M, Höffken HW, Krause A-M, Bao Z, Würthner F. A Crystal-Engineered Hydrogen-Bonded Octachloroperylene Diimide with a Twisted Core: An n-Channel Organic Semiconductor Angewandte Chemie Internationel Edition. 49: 740–743.  1
2009 Schmidt R, Oh JH, Sun Y-S, Deppisch M, Krause A-M, Radacki K, Braunschweig H, Könemann M, Erk P, Bao Z, Würthner F. High-Performance Air-Stable n-Channel Organic Thin Film Transistors Based on Halogenated Perylene Bisimide Semiconductors Journal of the American Chemical Society. 131: 6215–6228.  1
2009 Zhang X, Rehm S, Safont-Sempere MM, Würthner F. Vesicular perylene dye nanocapsules as supramolecular fluorescent pH sensor systems Nature Chemistry. 1: 623–629.  1
2008 Ghosh S, Li XQ, Stepanenko V, Würthner F. Control of H- and J-Type π-Stacking by Peripheral Alkyl Chains and Self-sorting Phenomena in Perylene Bisimide Homo- and Heteroaggregates Chemistry - a European Journal. 14: 11343–11357.  1
2007 Kaiser TE, Wang H, Stepanenko V, Würthner F. Supramolecular construction of fluorescent J-aggregates based on hydrogen-bonded perylene dyes Angewandte Chemie International Edition. 46: 5541−5544.  1
2007 Zhang X, Chen Z, Würthner F. Morphology Control of Fluorescent Nanoaggregates by Co-Self-Assembly of Wedgeand Dumbbell-Shaped Amphiphilic Perylene Bisimides Journal of the American Chemical Society. 129: 4886–4887.  1
2007 Chen Z, Stepanenko V, Dehm V, Prins P, Siebbeles LDA, Seibt J, Marquetand P, Engel V, Würthner F. Photoluminescence and Conductivity of Self-Assembled π-π-Stacks of Perylene Bisimide Dyes Chemistry - a European Journal. 13: 436–449.  1
2006 Bhosale S, Sisson AL, Talukdar P, Fürstenberg A, Banerji N, Vauthey E, Bollot G, Mareda J, Röger C, Würthner F, Sakai N, Matile S. Photoproduction of Proton Gradients with pi-Stacked Fluorophore Scaffolds in Lipid Bilayers Science. 313: 84−86.  0.08
2004 Würthner F, Chen Z, Hoeben FJM, Osswald P, You C-C, Jonkheijm P, van Herrikhuyzen J, Schenning APJH, van der Schoot PPAM, Meijer EW, Beckers EHA, Meskers SCJ, Janssen RAJ. Supramolecular p-n-Heterojunctions by Co-Self-Organization of Oligo(p-phenylene Vinylene) and Perylene Bisimide Dyes Journal of the American Chemical Society. 126: 10611–10618.  1
2002 Würthner F, Yao S, Debaerdemaeker T, Wortmann R. Dimerization of Merocyanine Dyes. Structural and Energetic Characterization of Dipolar Dye Aggregates and Implications for Nonlinear Optical Materials Journal of the American Chemical Society. 124: 9431–9447. DOI: 10.1021/Ja020168F  0.2
2001 Würthner F, Thalacker C, Diele S, Tschierske C. Fluorescent J-type Aggregates and Thermotropic Columnar Mesophases of Perylene Bisimide Dyes Chemistry - a European Journal. 7: 2245–2253. DOI: 10.1002/1521-3765(20010518)7:10<2245::Aid-Chem2245>3.0.Co;2-W  1
1999 Würthner F, Thalacker C, Sautter A. Hierarchical Organization of Functional Perylene Chromophores to Mesoscopic Superstructures by Hydrogen Bonding and π-π Interactions Advanced Materials. 11: 754–758. DOI: 10.1002/(Sici)1521-4095(199906)11:9<754::Aid-Adma754>3.0.Co;2-5  1
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