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Molecular & Cell Biology University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 
Eukaryote DNA replication and control of S phase

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Year Citation  Score
2021 Attali I, Botchan MR, Berger JM. Structural Mechanisms for Replicating DNA in Eukaryotes. Annual Review of Biochemistry. PMID 33784179 DOI: 10.1146/annurev-biochem-090120-125407  0.44
2019 Parker MW, Bell M, Mir M, Kao JA, Darzacq X, Botchan MR, Berger JM. A new class of disordered elements controls DNA replication through initiator self-assembly. Elife. 8. PMID 31560342 DOI: 10.7554/eLife.48562  0.44
2019 Eickhoff P, Kose HB, Martino F, Petojevic T, Abid Ali F, Locke J, Tamberg N, Nans A, Berger JM, Botchan MR, Yardimci H, Costa A. Molecular Basis for ATP-Hydrolysis-Driven DNA Translocation by the CMG Helicase of the Eukaryotic Replisome. Cell Reports. 28: 2673-2688.e8. PMID 31484077 DOI: 10.1016/j.celrep.2019.07.104  0.44
2018 Bleichert F, Leitner A, Aebersold R, Botchan MR, Berger JM. Conformational control and DNA-binding mechanism of the metazoan origin recognition complex. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. PMID 29899147 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1806315115  0.44
2017 Bleichert F, Botchan MR, Berger JM. Mechanisms for initiating cellular DNA replication. Science (New York, N.Y.). PMID 28209641 DOI: 10.1126/science.aah6317  0.44
2017 Parker MW, Botchan MR, Berger JM. Mechanisms and regulation of DNA replication initiation in eukaryotes. Critical Reviews in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. 1-41. PMID 28094588 DOI: 10.1080/10409238.2016.1274717  0.44
2015 Bosley KS, Botchan M, Bredenoord AL, Carroll D, Charo RA, Charpentier E, Cohen R, Corn J, Doudna J, Feng G, Greely HT, Isasi R, Ji W, Kim JS, Knoppers B, et al. CRISPR germline engineering--the community speaks. Nature Biotechnology. 33: 478-86. PMID 25965754 DOI: 10.1038/nbt.3227  1
2015 Baltimore D, Berg P, Botchan M, Carroll D, Charo RA, Church G, Corn JE, Daley GQ, Doudna JA, Fenner M, Greely HT, Jinek M, Martin GS, Penhoet E, Puck J, et al. Biotechnology. A prudent path forward for genomic engineering and germline gene modification. Science (New York, N.Y.). 348: 36-8. PMID 25791083 DOI: 10.1126/science.aab1028  1
2015 Bleichert F, Botchan MR, Berger JM. Crystal structure of the eukaryotic origin recognition complex. Nature. 519: 321-6. PMID 25762138 DOI: 10.1038/nature14239  1
2015 Petojevic T, Pesavento JJ, Costa A, Liang J, Wang Z, Berger JM, Botchan MR. Cdc45 (cell division cycle protein 45) guards the gate of the Eukaryote Replisome helicase stabilizing leading strand engagement. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 112: E249-58. PMID 25561522 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1422003112  1
2014 Blanchard DP, Georlette D, Antoszewski L, Botchan MR. Chromatin reader L(3)mbt requires the Myb-MuvB/DREAM transcriptional regulatory complex for chromosomal recruitment. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 111: E4234-43. PMID 25249635 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1416321111  1
2014 Costa A, Renault L, Swuec P, Petojevic T, Pesavento JJ, Ilves I, MacLellan-Gibson K, Fleck RA, Botchan MR, Berger JM. DNA binding polarity, dimerization, and ATPase ring remodeling in the CMG helicase of the eukaryotic replisome. Elife. 3: e03273. PMID 25117490 DOI: 10.7554/eLife.03273  1
2013 Bleichert F, Balasov M, Chesnokov I, Nogales E, Botchan MR, Berger JM. A Meier-Gorlin syndrome mutation in a conserved C-terminal helix of Orc6 impedes origin recognition complex formation. Elife. 2: e00882. PMID 24137536 DOI: 10.7554/eLife.00882  1
2013 Bell SD, Botchan MR. The minichromosome maintenance replicative helicase. Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology. 5: a012807. PMID 23881943 DOI: 10.1101/cshperspect.a012807  1
2013 Bleichert F, Balasov M, Chesnokov I, Nogales E, Botchan MR, Berger JM. A Meier-Gorlin syndrome mutation in a conserved C-terminal helix of Orc6 impedes origin recognition complex formation Elife. 2013. DOI: 10.7554/eLife.00882.001  1
2012 Ilves I, Tamberg N, Botchan MR. Checkpoint kinase 2 (Chk2) inhibits the activity of the Cdc45/MCM2-7/GINS (CMG) replicative helicase complex. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 109: 13163-70. PMID 22853956 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1211525109  1
2012 Lyubimov AY, Costa A, Bleichert F, Botchan MR, Berger JM. ATP-dependent conformational dynamics underlie the functional asymmetry of the replicative helicase from a minimalist eukaryote. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 109: 11999-2004. PMID 22778422 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1209406109  1
2012 Lewis PW, Sahoo D, Geng C, Bell M, Lipsick JS, Botchan MR. Drosophila lin-52 acts in opposition to repressive components of the Myb-MuvB/dREAM complex. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 32: 3218-27. PMID 22688510 DOI: 10.1128/MCB.00432-12  1
2011 Harrison MM, Li XY, Kaplan T, Botchan MR, Eisen MB. Zelda binding in the early Drosophila melanogaster embryo marks regions subsequently activated at the maternal-to-zygotic transition. Plos Genetics. 7: e1002266. PMID 22028662 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1002266  1
2011 Costa A, Ilves I, Tamberg N, Petojevic T, Nogales E, Botchan MR, Berger JM. The structural basis for MCM2-7 helicase activation by GINS and Cdc45. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology. 18: 471-7. PMID 21378962 DOI: 10.1038/nsmb.2004  1
2011 Kawabata T, Luebben SW, Yamaguchi S, Ilves I, Matise I, Buske T, Botchan MR, Shima N. Stalled fork rescue via dormant replication origins in unchallenged S phase promotes proper chromosome segregation and tumor suppression. Molecular Cell. 41: 543-53. PMID 21362550 DOI: 10.1016/j.molcel.2011.02.006  1
2010 Harrison MM, Botchan MR, Cline TW. Grainyhead and Zelda compete for binding to the promoters of the earliest-expressed Drosophila genes. Developmental Biology. 345: 248-55. PMID 20599892 DOI: 10.1016/j.ydbio.2010.06.026  1
2010 Ilves I, Petojevic T, Pesavento JJ, Botchan MR. Activation of the MCM2-7 helicase by association with Cdc45 and GINS proteins. Molecular Cell. 37: 247-58. PMID 20122406 DOI: 10.1016/j.molcel.2009.12.030  1
2010 Botchan M, Berger J. DNA Replication: Making Two Forks from One Prereplication Complex Molecular Cell. 40: 860-861. DOI: 10.1016/j.molcel.2010.12.014  1
2008 Clarey MG, Botchan M, Nogales E. Single particle EM studies of the Drosophila melanogaster origin recognition complex and evidence for DNA wrapping. Journal of Structural Biology. 164: 241-9. PMID 18824234 DOI: 10.1016/j.jsb.2008.08.006  1
2007 Georlette D, Ahn S, MacAlpine DM, Cheung E, Lewis PW, Beall EL, Bell SP, Speed T, Manak JR, Botchan MR. Genomic profiling and expression studies reveal both positive and negative activities for the Drosophila Myb MuvB/dREAM complex in proliferating cells. Genes & Development. 21: 2880-96. PMID 17978103 DOI: 10.1101/gad.1600107  1
2007 Beall EL, Lewis PW, Bell M, Rocha M, Jones DL, Botchan MR. Discovery of tMAC: a Drosophila testis-specific meiotic arrest complex paralogous to Myb-Muv B. Genes & Development. 21: 904-19. PMID 17403774 DOI: 10.1101/gad.1516607  1
2007 Botchan M. Cell biology: A switch for S phase Nature. 445: 272-274. PMID 17230184 DOI: 10.1038/445272a  1
2006 Abbate EA, Voitenleitner C, Botchan MR. Structure of the papillomavirus DNA-tethering complex E2:Brd4 and a peptide that ablates HPV chromosomal association. Molecular Cell. 24: 877-89. PMID 17189190 DOI: 10.1016/j.molcel.2006.11.002  1
2006 Clarey MG, Erzberger JP, Grob P, Leschziner AE, Berger JM, Nogales E, Botchan M. Nucleotide-dependent conformational changes in the DnaA-like core of the origin recognition complex. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology. 13: 684-90. PMID 16829958 DOI: 10.1038/nsmb1121  1
2006 Moyer SE, Lewis PW, Botchan MR. Isolation of the Cdc45/Mcm2-7/GINS (CMG) complex, a candidate for the eukaryotic DNA replication fork helicase. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 103: 10236-41. PMID 16798881 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.0602400103  1
2005 Remus D, Blanchette M, Rio DC, Botchan MR. CDK phosphorylation inhibits the DNA-binding and ATP-hydrolysis activities of the Drosophila origin recognition complex. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 280: 39740-51. PMID 16188887 DOI: 10.1074/jbc.M508515200  1
2005 Bandura JL, Beall EL, Bell M, Silver HR, Botchan MR, Calvi BR. humpty dumpty is required for developmental DNA amplification and cell proliferation in Drosophila. Current Biology : Cb. 15: 755-9. PMID 15854909 DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2005.02.063  1
2004 Lewis PW, Beall EL, Fleischer TC, Georlette D, Link AJ, Botchan MR. Identification of a Drosophila Myb-E2F2/RBF transcriptional repressor complex. Genes & Development. 18: 2929-40. PMID 15545624 DOI: 10.1101/gad.1255204  1
2004 Abbate EA, Berger JM, Botchan MR. The X-ray structure of the papillomavirus helicase in complex with its molecular matchmaker E2. Genes & Development. 18: 1981-96. PMID 15289463 DOI: 10.1101/gad.1220104  1
2004 Beall EL, Bell M, Georlette D, Botchan MR. Dm-myb mutant lethality in Drosophila is dependent upon mip130: positive and negative regulation of DNA replication. Genes & Development. 18: 1667-80. PMID 15256498 DOI: 10.1101/gad.1206604  1
2004 Botchan M. Hitchhiking without covalent integration Cell. 117: 280-281. PMID 15109488 DOI: 10.1016/S0092-8674(04)00410-6  1
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2004 Botchan M, Levine M. A genome analysis of endoreplication in the Drosophila ovary Developmental Cell. 6: 4-5. PMID 14723843 DOI: 10.1016/S1534-5807(03)00406-4  1
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