Birkbeck College, University of London

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Mario dos Reis Crystallography20042007 Lorenz Wernisch (grad student)
Kenneth C. Holmes1959 Rosalind E. Franklin (grad student), Aaron Klug (grad student)
Arun Prasad PanduranganDrug design, Structure prediction, Cryo EM modelling, Mutation analysis, peptide docking, Genome structural annotation Department of Biological Sciences20092015 Maya Topf (post-doc)
Michael Spratlingcomputational neuroscience, visual system Mark H. Johnson (post-doc)
Janet M. Thorntonprotein structures and sequences using computational approaches19791990 Tom Blundell (research scientist)
Maya Topf
Lawrence Watlingcomputational neuroscience, visual system Michael Spratling (grad student)
Lorenz Wernisch