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Name Institution Area Added by Date  
Cyrus H. Chothia (Info) Cambridge Computational Molecular Biology jandh 2013‑07‑05
Caroline Daelemans (Info) UCL konrad 2010‑12‑03
Daniel A. Dalquen (Info) UCL cdessimoz 2014‑02‑11
Christophe Dessimoz (Info) UCL Bioinformatics, Computational Biology cdessimoz 2014‑02‑06
Mario dos Reis (Info) Queen Mary University of London tamuri 2014‑02‑11
Anthony Finkelstein (Info) UCL konrad 2010‑11‑08
Zoubin Ghahramani (Info) Cambridge Machine learning brian 2006‑04‑04
Richard A. Goldstein (Info) UCL protein folding, phylogeny, virus evolution, chemotaxis buchler 2014‑02‑09
Quentin Huys (Info) UCL, Columbia Computational Neuroscience, psychiatry qhuys 2007‑10‑01
Keith Langley (Info) UCL Computational Vision 2009‑04‑11
Stefano Lise (Info) UCL konrad 2010‑12‑14
Jakob H. Macke (Info) UCL Computation and Theory, Vision phb 2006‑05‑18
P Read Montague (Info) Baylor Computation JLand52 2005‑01‑29
Laurent Perrinet (Info) CNRS Marseille Visual system, computational neuroscience simon.thorpe 2008‑10‑14
Ivana Piližota (Info) UCL cdessimoz 2014‑02‑11
Vinayak Rao (Info) UCL Computational neuroscience guest 2008‑02‑23
Dace Ruklisa (Info) UCL, Cambridge michaelhoffman 2015‑04‑30
Asif U. Tamuri (Info) UCL tamuri 2014‑02‑11
Sarah A. Teichmann (Info) MRC-LMB Computational Biology jleal 2011‑04‑10
Janet M. Thornton (Info) European Bioinformatics Institute protein structures and sequences using computational approaches konrad 2010‑04‑13
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