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tracer kinetics, SAAM, lipoprotein metabolism

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1988 Foster DM, Covell DG, Berman M. Applications of a general method for deconvolution using compartmental analysis. Computers in Biology and Medicine. 18: 253-66. PMID 3409675 DOI: 10.1016/0010-4825(88)90004-2  1
1984 Henkin RI, Foster DM, Aamodt RL, Berman M. Zinc metabolism in adrenal cortical insufficiency: effects of carbohydrate-active steroids. Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental. 33: 491-501. PMID 6727650 DOI: 10.1016/0026-0495(84)90002-7  1
1984 Wastney ME, Hall SE, Berman M. Ketone body kinetics in humans: a mathematical model. Journal of Lipid Research. 25: 160-74. PMID 6707525  1
1984 Hall SE, Wastney ME, Bolton TM, Braaten JT, Berman M. Ketone body kinetics in humans: the effects of insulin-dependent diabetes, obesity, and starvation. Journal of Lipid Research. 25: 1184-94. PMID 6440941  1
1984 Wastney M, Hall SEH, Berman M. Ketone body kinetics in normal, diabetic, and obese humans Mathematical Biosciences. 72: 349-357. DOI: 10.1016/0025-5564(84)90117-2  1
1983 Covell DG, Abbrecht PH, Berman M. The effect of hepatic uptake on the disappearance of warfarin from the plasma of rats: a kinetic analysis. Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics. 11: 127-45. PMID 6886970 DOI: 10.1007/BF01061845  1
1983 Wastney ME, Wolff JE, Bickerstaffe R, Ramberg CF, Berman M. Kinetics of glucose metabolism in sheep. Australian Journal of Biological Sciences. 36: 463-74. PMID 6689546 DOI: 10.1071/BI9830463  1
1983 Berman M, Van Eerdewegh P. Information content of data with respect to models American Journal of Physiology - Regulatory Integrative and Comparative Physiology. 14: R620-R623.  1
1982 Rosenberg LE, Desnick RJ, Bach G, van Diggelen OP, d'Azzo A, Mueller OT, Wolf B, Kraus JP, Velazquez A, Berman M, Chemke J. Workshop on inborn errors of metabolism Progress in Clinical and Biological Research. 103: 223-229. PMID 7163221  1
1982 Schwartz CC, Berman M, Vlahcevic ZR, Swell L. Multicompartmental analysis of cholesterol metabolism in man. Quantitative kinetic evaluation of precursor sources and turnover of high density lipoprotein cholesterol esters. The Journal of Clinical Investigation. 70: 863-76. PMID 7119117  1
1982 Klausner RD, Berman M, Blumenthal R, Weinstein JN, Caplan SR. Compartmental analysis of light-induced proton movement in reconstituted bacteriorhodopsin vesicles. Biochemistry. 21: 3643-50. PMID 7115689  1
1982 Babcock AK, Henkin RI, Aamodt RL, Foster DM, Berman M. Effects of oral zinc loading on zinc metabolism in humans II: in vivo kinetics. Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental. 31: 336-47. PMID 7078418 DOI: 10.1016/0026-0495(82)90108-1  1
1982 Goebel R, Berman M, Foster D. Mathematical model for the distribution of isotopic carbon atoms through the tricarboxylic acid cycle. Federation Proceedings. 41: 96-103. PMID 7056403  1
1982 Schwartz CC, Vlahcevic ZR, Berman M, Meadows JG, Nisman RM, Swell L. Central role of high density lipoprotein in plasma free cholesterol metabolism. The Journal of Clinical Investigation. 70: 105-16. PMID 6953075  1
1982 Ramberg CF, Henkin RI, Aaamodt RL, Berman M. Zinc metabolism in normal human subjects following intravenous administration of Zn65 and oral zinc loading Federation Proceedings. 41: No. 463.  1
1981 Boston RC, Greif PC, Berman M. Conversational SAAM--an interactive program for kinetic analysis of biological systems. Computer Programs in Biomedicine. 13: 111-9. PMID 7285558 DOI: 10.1016/0010-468X(81)90089-1  1
1981 Foster DM, Berman M. Hydrolysis of rat chylomicron acylglycerols: a kinetic model. Journal of Lipid Research. 22: 506-13. PMID 7240975  1
1981 Grundy SM, Mok HYI, Zech L, Berman M. Influence of nicotinic acid on metabolism of cholesterol and triglycerides in man Journal of Lipid Research. 22: 24-36. PMID 7217784  1
1981 Lowry SF, Foster DM, Norton JA, Berman M, Brennan MF. Glucose disposal and gluconeogenesis from alanine in tumor-bearing Fischer 344 rats. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 66: 653-8. PMID 6939912 DOI: 10.1093/jnci/66.4.653  1
1981 Covell D, Abbrecht P, Berman M. The role of hepatic warfarin binding in dose-dependent plasma warfarin clearance Federation Proceedings. 40: No. 2607.  1
1980 Fisher WR, Zech LA, Bardalaye P, Warmke G, Berman M. The metabolism of apolipoprotein B in subjects with hypertriglyceridemia and polydisperse LDL. Journal of Lipid Research. 21: 760-74. PMID 7419987  1
1980 Hetenyi G, Layberry RA, Foster DM, Berman M. Transfer of carbon atoms among circulating glucose, alanine, and lactate in pancreatectomized dogs. The American Journal of Physiology. 239: E39-44. PMID 7395988  1
1980 Foster DM, Hetenyl G, Berman M. A model for carbon kinetics among plasma alanine, lactate, and glucose. The American Journal of Physiology. 239: E30-8. PMID 7395987  1
1980 Berman M. Insulin kinetics, models, and delivery schedules Diabetes Care. 3: 266-269. PMID 6993138  1
1980 Berman M, McGuire EA, Roth J, Zeleznik AJ. Kinetic modeling of insulin binding to receptors and degradation in vivo in the rabbit Diabetes. 29: 50-59. PMID 6991316  1
1980 Davies PJA, Chabay R, Zech L, Berman M, Pastan I. Prostaglandin E1 binding and adenylate cyclase activation in normal and transformed fibroblasts Bba - General Subjects. 629: 282-291. PMID 6248120 DOI: 10.1016/0304-4165(80)90101-4  1
1979 Reich SD, Steinberg F, Bachur NR, Riggs CE, Goebel R, Berman M. Mathematical model for adriamycin (Doxorubicin) pharmacokinetics Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology. 3: 125-131. PMID 509697 DOI: 10.1007/BF00254984  1
1979 Foster DM, Aamodt RL, Henkin RI, Berman M. Zinc metabolism in humans: a kinetic model. The American Journal of Physiology. 237: R340-9. PMID 495783 DOI: 10.1016/0025-5564(84)90118-4  1
1979 Hall SEH, Braaten JT, Mckendry JBR, Bolton T, Foster D, Berman M. Normal alanine-glucose relationships and their changes in diabetic patients before and after insulin treatment Diabetes. 28: 737-745. PMID 446931  1
1979 McGuire EA, Tobin JD, Berman M, Andres R. Kinetics of native insulin in diabetic, obese, and aged men Diabetes. 28: 110-120. PMID 369927  1
1979 Babcock AK, Garvey TQ, Berman M. A mathematical model for membrane transport of amino acid and Na+ in vesicles The Journal of Membrane Biology. 49: 157-169. PMID 226710 DOI: 10.1007/BF01868723  1
1979 Berman M. Kinetic analysis of turnover data Progress in Biochemical Pharmacology. 15: 67-108. PMID 224399  1
1979 Schaefer EJ, Foster DM, Jenkins LL, Lindgren FT, Berman M, Levy RI, Brewer HB. The composition and metabolism of high density lipoprotein subfractions. Lipids. 14: 511-22. PMID 222991 DOI: 10.1007/BF02533471  1
1979 Grundy SM, Mok HYI, Zech L, Steinberg D, Berman M. Transport of very low density lipoprotein triglycerides in varying degrees of obesity and hypertriglyceridemia Journal of Clinical Investigation. 63: 1274-1283. PMID 221538  1
1979 Zech LA, Grundy SM, Steinberg D, Berman M. Kinetic model for production and metabolism of very low density lipoprotein triglycerides. Evidence for a slow production pathway and results for normolipidemic subjects. The Journal of Clinical Investigation. 63: 1262-73. PMID 221537 DOI: 10.1172/JCI109421  1
1979 Foster DM, Berman M, Aamodt RL, Henkin RI. Steroid-dependent changes in zinc metabolism Clinical Research. 27: 448A.  1
1978 McGuire RA, Berman M. Maternal, fetal, and amniotic fluid transport of thyroxine, triiodothyronine, and iodide in sheep: a kinetic model Endocrinology. 103: 567-576. PMID 744102  1
1978 Schwartz CC, Berman M, Vlahcevic ZR, Halloran LG, Gregory DH, Swell L. Multicompartmental analysis of cholesterol metabolism in man. Characterization of the hepatic bile acid and biliary cholesterol precursor sites. The Journal of Clinical Investigation. 61: 408-23. PMID 621281 DOI: 10.1172/JCI108952  1
1978 Malmendier C, Berman M. Endogenously labeled low density lipoprotein triglyceride and apoprotein B kinetics Journal of Lipid Research. 19: 978-984. PMID 215686  1
1978 Lin MC, Welton AF, Berman MF. Essential role of GTP in the expression of adenylate cyclase activity after cholera toxin treatment Journal of Cyclic Nucleotide Research. 4: 159-168. PMID 214459  1
1978 Berman M, Hall M, Levy RI, Eisenberg S, Bilheimer DW, Phair RD, Goebel RH. Metabolsim of apoB and apoC lipoproteins in man: kinetic studies in normal and hyperlipoproteininemic subjects. Journal of Lipid Research. 19: 38-56. PMID 202659  1
1978 Berman M. A deconvolution scheme Mathematical Biosciences. 40: 319-323. DOI: 10.1016/0025-5564(78)90092-5  1
1977 Reich SD, Bachur NR, Goebel RH, Berman M. A pharmacokinetic model for high-dose methotrexate infusions in man Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics. 5: 421-433. PMID 925879 DOI: 10.1007/BF01061726  1
1977 Rendell MS, Rodbell M, Berman M. Activation of hepatic adenylate cyclase by guanyl nucleotides. Modeling of the transient kinetics suggests an "excited" state of GTPase is a control component of the system. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 252: 7909-12. PMID 914846  1
1977 Hall SEH, Goebel R, Barnes I, Hetenyi G, Berman M. The turnover and conversion to glucose of alanine in newborn and grown dogs Federation Proceedings. 36: 239-244. PMID 838093  1
1977 Blum CB, Levy RI, Eisenberg S, Hall IIIrd M, Goebel RH, Berman M. High density lipoprotein metabolism in man Journal of Clinical Investigation. 60: 795-807. PMID 197124  1
1976 Hall SEH, Hall AJ, Layberry RA, Berman M, Hetenyi G. Effects of age and fasting on gluconeogenesis from glycerol in dogs American Journal of Physiology. 230: 362-367. PMID 1259014  1
1976 McGuire EAH, Helderman JH, Tobin JD, Andres R, Berman M. Effects of arterial versus venous sampling on analysis of glucose kinetics in man Journal of Applied Physiology. 41: 565-573. PMID 985402  1
1976 Reich SD, Bachur NR, Goebel RH, Berman M. A pharmacokinetic model for high dose methotrexate with citrovorum factor rescue (HDMTX/CF) in man Proceedings of the American Association For Cancer Research. 441.  1
1976 Zech LA, Grundy SM, Berman M. Triglyceride synthesis and metabolism in man: a model based on glycerol kinetics Circulation. 54: No.0010.  1
1975 Insel PA, Liljenquist JE, Tobin JD, Sherwin RS, Watkins P, Andres R, Berman M. Insulin control of glucose metabolism in man: a new kinetic analysis. The Journal of Clinical Investigation. 55: 1057-66. PMID 15959962 DOI: 10.1172/JCI108006  1
1975 Leme PR, Creaven PJ, Allen LM, Berman M. Kinetic model for the disposition and metabolism of moderate and high dose methotrexate (NSC 740) in man Cancer Chemother.Rep.. 59: 811-817. PMID 1175171  1
1975 Rendell M, Salomon Y, Lin MC, Rodbell M, Berman M. The hepatic adenylate cyclase system. III. A mathematical model for the steady state kinetics of catalysis and nucleotide regulation. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 250: 4253-60. PMID 1126950  1
1975 Rodbell M, Lin MC, Salomon Y, Londos C, Harwood JP, Martin BR, Rendell M, Berman M. Role of adenine and guanine nucleotides in the activity and response of adenylate cyclase systems to hormones: evidence for multisite transition states. Advances in Cyclic Nucleotide Research. 5: 3-29. PMID 236641  1
1975 Phair RD, Hammond MG, Bowden JA, Fried M, Fisher WR, Berman M. Preliminary model for human lipoprotein metabolism in hyperlipoproteinemia. Federation Proceedings. 34: 2263-70. PMID 172373  1
1974 Sherwin RS, Kramer KJ, Tobin JD, Insel PA, Liljenquist JE, Berman M, Andres R. A model of the kinetics of insulin in man. The Journal of Clinical Investigation. 53: 1481-92. PMID 4856884 DOI: 10.1172/JCI107697  1
1974 Singh B, Sharma SM, Patel MC, Raghavendran KV, Berman M. Kinetics of large therapy doses of 131I in patients with thyroid cancer Journal of Nuclear Medicine. 15: 674-678. PMID 4841821  1
1974 Insel PA, Kramer KJ, Sherwin RS, Liljenquist JE, Tobin JD, Andres R, Berman M. Modeling the insulin-glucose system in man. Federation Proceedings. 33: 1865-8. PMID 4834190  1
1974 Malmendier CL, Delcroix C, Berman M. Interrelations in the oxidative metabolism of free fatty acids, glucose, and glycerol in normal and hyperlipemic patients: A compartmental model Journal of Clinical Investigation. 54: 461-476. PMID 4527190  1
1974 Belshaw BE, Barandes M, Becker DV, Berman M. A model of iodine kinetics in the dog Endocrinology. 95: 1078-1093. PMID 4411675  1
1974 Chu SC, Berman M. EXPONENTIAL METHOD FOR THE SOLUTION OF SYSTEMS OF ORDINARY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS Communications of the Acm. 17: 699-702. DOI: 10.1145/361604.361627  1
1972 Temple R, Berman M, Carlson HE, Robbins J, Wolff J. The use of lithium in Graves' disease Mayo Clinic Proceedings. 47: 872-878. PMID 4678503  1
1972 Temple R, Berman M, Robbins J, Wolff J. The use of lithium in the treatment of thyrotoxicosis Journal of Clinical Investigation. 51: 2746-2756. PMID 4115707  1
1971 Phang JM, Finerman GAM, Singh B, Rosenberg LE, Berman M. Compartmental analysis of collagen synthesis in fetal rat calvaria. I. Perturbations of proline transport Bba - General Subjects. 230: 146-159. PMID 5543327 DOI: 10.1016/0304-4165(71)90062-6  1
1971 Shames DM, Berman M, Segal S. Effects of thyroid disease on glucose oxidative metabolism in man. A compartmental model analysis. The Journal of Clinical Investigation. 50: 627-41. PMID 5101784 DOI: 10.1172/JCI106533  1
1970 Shames DM, Frank A, Steinberg D, Berman M. Transport of plasma free fatty acids and triglycerides in man: a theoretical analysis. The Journal of Clinical Investigation. 49: 2298-314. PMID 5480855 DOI: 10.1172/JCI106449  1
1970 Quarfordt SH, Frank A, Shames DM, Berman M, Steinberg D. Very low density lipoprotein triglyceride transport in type IV hyperlipoproteinemia and the effects of carbohydrate-rich diets. The Journal of Clinical Investigation. 49: 2281-97. PMID 5480854 DOI: 10.1172/JCI106448  1
1970 Ramberg CF, Mayer GP, Kronfeld DS, Phang JM, Berman M. Calcium kinetics in cows during late pregnancy, parturition, and early lactation The American Journal of Physiology. 219: 1166-1177. PMID 5473093  1
1970 Koutras DA, Berman M, Sfontouris J, Rigopoulos GA, Koukoulommati AS, Malamos B. Endemic goiter in Greece: thyroid hormone kinetics Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. 30: 479-487. PMID 5435287  1
1969 Birge SJ, Peck WA, Berman M, Whedon GD. Study of calcium absorption in man: a kinetic analysis and physiologic model Journal of Clinical Investigation. 48: 1705-1713. PMID 5822579  1
1969 Eaton RP, Berman M, Steinberg D. Kinetic studies of plasma free fatty acid and triglyceride metabolism in man Journal of Clinical Investigation. 48: 1560-1579. PMID 5796365  1
1969 Phang JM, Berman M, Finerman GA, Neer RM, Rosenberg LE, Hahn TJ. Dietary perturbation of calcium metabolism in normal man: compartmental analysis Journal of Clinical Investigation. 48: 67-77. PMID 5765028  1
1968 Berman M, Hoff E, Barandes M, Becker DB, Sonenberg M, Benua R, Koutras DA. Iodine kinetics in man--a model. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. 28: 1-14. PMID 5694134 DOI: 10.1210/jcem-28-1-1  1
1968 Avioli LV, Berman M. Role of magnesium metabolism and the effects of fluoride therapy in Paget's disease of bone Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. 28: 700-710. PMID 5653203  1
1968 Loeevinger R, Berman M. A schema for absorbed-dose calculations for biologically-distributed radionuclides Journal of Nuclear Medicine. Suppl 1:9-14. PMID 5646656  1
1968 Berlin NI, Berman M, Berk PD, Phang JM, Waldmann TA. The application of multicompartmental analysis to problems of clinical medicine. Combined clinical staff conference at the National Institutes of Health Annals of Internal Medicine. 68: 423-448. PMID 4181616  1
1967 Phang JM, Neer RM, Finerman GA, Berman M, Rosenberg LE. Kinetic response to dietary calcium changes Journal of the American Medical Association. 199: 35. PMID 6071273 DOI: 10.1001/jama.199.7.35  1
1967 Malamos B, Koutras DA, Sfontouris J, Rigopoulos G, Yataganas XA, Berman M, Vought RL. Application of computer model of iodine metabolism in the study of endemic goiter Journal of Nuclear Medicine. 8: 332. PMID 6032616  1
1966 Avioli LV, Berman M. Mg28 kinetics in man Journal of Applied Physiology. 21: 1688-1694. PMID 5929290  1
1963 Rosenberg LE, Berman M, Segal S. Studies of the kinetics of amino acid transport, incorporation into protein and oxidation in kidney-cortex slices Bba - Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta. 71: 664-675. PMID 13974899  1
1963 BERMAN M. The formulation and testing of models Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. 108: 182-194. PMID 13970929  1
1962 Berman M, Shahn E, Weiss MF. Some Formal Approaches to the Analysis of Kinetic Data in Terms of Linear Compartmental Systems Biophysical Journal. 2: 289-316. PMID 13867976 DOI: 10.1016/S0006-3495(62)86856-8  1
1962 Berman M, Shahn E, Weiss MF. The Routine Fitting of Kinetic Data to Models: A Mathematical Formalism for Digital Computers Biophysical Journal. 2: 275-287. PMID 13867975 DOI: 10.1016/S0006-3495(62)86855-6  1
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