Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Sunil AryaComputer Science
Kin-Chung AuComputer Science2007 Chiew-Lan Tai (grad student)
Oscar C. AuElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
Brahim BensaouComputer Science
Shueng-Han G. ChanComputer Science
XiaoLin ChangComputer Science2005 Jogesh K. Muppala (grad student)
Ka K. ChangMechanical Engineering, Computer Science2003 Matthew M. Yuen (grad student)
Samuel ChansonComputer Science
Yongjiang ChenIndustrial Engineering2003 Mitchell M. Tseng (grad student)
Songlin ChenIndustrial Engineering2008 Mitchell M. Tseng (grad student)
Qiuxia ChenComputer Science HKUST2012 Dik L. Lee (grad student)
Jiancong ChenComputer Science2004 S H. Gary Chan (grad student)
Siu-Wing ChengComputer Science
Shing-Chi CheungComputer Science
S.C CheungComputer Science
Roland T. ChinComputer Science
Eddy ChiuElectronics and Electrical Engineering Electronic and Computer Engineering2012 Vincent K. N. Lau (grad student)
Dickson K. ChiuComputer Science, Industrial Engineering2000 Kamalakar Karlapalem (grad student)
Ping-Man ChoiComputer Science, Artificial Intelligence2000 Dit-Yan Yeung (grad student)
Siu H. ChuComputer Science2007 Chiew-Lan Tai (grad student)
Ying CuiElectronics and Electrical Engineering Electronic and Computer Engineering2011 Vincent K. N. Lau (grad student)
Jingjing DaiElectronics and Electrical Engineering HKUST2012 Oscar C. Au (grad student)
Hongyan DaiIndustrial Engineering, Operations Research HKUST2011 Mitchell M. Tseng (grad student)
Zhemin DingComputer Science2004 Mounir Hamdi (grad student)
Cunsheng DingComputer Science
Xuehong DuIndustrial Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering2000 Mitchell M. Tseng (grad student)
Matthew M. F. YuenComputer Science
Haibo FanElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Packaging Engineering2005 Matthew M. Yuen (grad student)
Xiaopeng FanElectronics and Electrical Engineering HKUST2009 Oscar C. Au (grad student)
Lu FangElectronics and Electrical Engineering2011 Oscar C. Au (grad student)
Qiong FangBioinformatics Biology2012 Wilfred Ng (grad student)
Tian FangComputer Science Computer Science and Engineering2011 Long Quan (grad student)
Zuyuan FangComputer Science2004 Brahim Bensaou (grad student)
Rudolf FleischerComputer Science
Ming S. FuElectronics and Electrical Engineering2003 Oscar C. Au (grad student)
Hongbo FuComputer Science2007 Chiew-Lan Tai (grad student)
So K. FungComputer Science2001 Andrew Horner (grad student)
Carrson C. FungElectronics and Electrical Engineering2005 Ted C. Kok (grad student)
Rui GanComputer Science2006 Albert C. S. Chung (grad student)
S H. Gary ChanComputer Science
Liwei GuoElectronics and Electrical Engineering HKUST2008 Oscar C. Au (grad student)
Avaneesh GuptaIndustrial Engineering2005 Mitchell M. Tseng (grad student)
Mounir HamdiComputer Science
Yo-Sub HanComputer Science2006 Derick Wood (grad student)
Jingyi HeElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science2004 Danny H. Tsang (grad student)
Xiuqiang HeComputer Science HKUST2010 Jogesh K. Muppala (grad student)
Xiaojun HeiElectronics and Electrical Engineering HKUST2008 Danny H. Tsang (grad student)
Andrew HornerComputer Science
Haibo HuComputer Science2005 Dik L. Lee (grad student)
Rongrong HuPolymer Chemistry Chemistry2011 Matthew M. Yuen (grad student)
Huang HuangElectronics and Electrical Engineering2011 Vincent K. N. Lau (grad student)
Chak K. HungComputer Science2001 Frederick Lochosky (grad student)
Ka-Lok HungComputer Science HKUST2011 Brahim Bensaou (grad student)
Jinyuan JiaComputer Science2004 Ajay Joneja (grad student)
Haifeng JiangComputer Science2004 Hongjun Lu (grad student)
Jie JinElectronics and Electrical Engineering HKUST2009 Chi-Ying Tsui (grad student)
Ajay JonejaComputer Science
Panagiotis KalnisComputer Science2002 Dimitris Papadias (grad student)
Kamalakar KarlapalemComputer Science
Yiping KeComputer Science HKUST2008 Wilfred Ng (grad student)
Ted C. KokElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
Zhifeng LaiComputer Science hkust2010 Shing-Chi Cheung (grad student)
Gibson LamComputer Science HKUST2012 David Rossiter (grad student)
Ho L. LauComputer Science HKUST2007 Wilfred Ng (grad student)
Kai-Wing LeeComputer Science2005 Samuel Chanson (grad student)
Dik L. LeeComputer Science
Wai-Ting LeungComputer Science HKUST2010 Dik L. Lee (grad student)
Lap F. LeungElectronics and Electrical Engineering2007 Chi-Ying Tsui (grad student)
Wu-Jun LiComputer Science hkust2010 Dit-Yan Yeung (grad student)
Cai LilongOptics Physics, Computer Science
Fangzhen LinComputer Science
Weichen LiuComputer Science2011 Jogesh K. Muppala (grad student)
Yongjin LiuComputer Science2003 Matthew M. Yuen (grad student)
Kaiyang LiuComputer Science2005 Fred Lochovsky (grad student)
Frederick LochoskyComputer Science
Frederick H. LochovskyComputer Science
Fred LochovskyComputer Science
Athanasios C. LoukopoulosComputer Science2002 Dimitris Papadias (grad student)
An LuComputer Science HKUST2009 Wilfred Ng (grad student)
Hongjun LuComputer Science
Siu-Hang LuiComputer Science HKUST2010 Andrew Horner (grad student)
Zegang LuoComputer Science2005 Matthew M. Yuen (grad student)
Mengyao MaElectronics and Electrical Engineering2009 Oscar C. Au (grad student)
Theocharis MalamatosComputer Science2002 Sunil Arya (grad student)
Nikolaos MamoulisCivil Engineering, Transportation, Urban and Regional Planning2000 Dimitris Papadias (grad student)
Alexander MarkowetzComputer Science HKUST2008 Dimitris Papadias (grad student)
Dimitrios MeretakisComputer Science2002 Hongjun Lu (grad student)
Kyriakos MouratidisComputer Science2006 Dimitris Papadias (grad student)
Jogesh K. MuppalaComputer Science
Vincent K. N. LauElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
Wilfred NgComputer Science
Chong-Wah NgoComputer Science
Chong W. NgoComputer Science2000 Roland T. Chin (grad student)
Chao PangElectronics and Electrical Engineering Electronic and Computer Engineering2012 Oscar C. Au (grad student)
King W. PangIndustrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering2001 Ajay Joneja (grad student)
Dimitris PapadiasComputer Science
Stavros PapadopoulosComputer Science HKUST2010 Dimitris Papadias (grad student)
Ting-Chuen PongComputer Science
Teng-Chuen PongComputer Science
Kin-Man PoonComputer Science Computer Science2012 Nevin L. Zhang (grad student)
Sheung-Hung PoonComputer Science2004 Siu-Wing Cheng (grad student)
Jian PuComputer Science hkust2010 Mounir Hamdi (grad student)
Chun C. PunComputer Science2006 Fred Lochovsky (grad student)
Zhiliang QianElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science hkust2014 Chi-Ying Tsui (grad student)
Long QuanComputer Science
Andreas M. RadkeIndustrial Engineering, Management Business Administration2012 Mitchell M. Tseng (grad student)
David RossiterComputer Science
Liangzhong RuanElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Information Technology2013 Vincent K. N. Lau (grad student)
Albert C. S. ChungComputer Science
Matthias H. SchreyerIndustrial Engineering, Computer Science2001 Mitchell M. Tseng (grad student)
Wenxiu SunElectronics and Electrical Engineering hkust2014 Oscar C. Au (grad student)
Chiew-Lan TaiComputer Science
Xueyan TangComputer Science2003 Samuel Chanson (grad student)
Pingzhong TangComputer Science hkust2010 Fangzhen Lin (grad student)
Yufei TaoComputer Science2002 Dimitris Papadias (grad student)
Xiaojian TianComputer Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering2004 Cunsheng Ding (grad student)
Alexandros M. TourapisElectronics and Electrical Engineering2001 Oscar C. Au (grad student)
Danny H. TsangElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
Mitchell M. TsengIndustrial Engineering, Computer Science
Chi-Ying TsuiElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
Antoine E. VigneronComputer Science2002 Siu-Wing Cheng (grad student)
Yajun WangComputer Science2008 Siu-Wing Cheng (grad student)
Wenyuan WangIndustrial Engineering, Operations Research, Environmental Studies Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management2013 Mitchell M. Tseng (grad student)
Charlie C. WangComputer Science2002 Matthew M. Yuen (grad student)
Jingdong WangComputer Science2007 Long Quan (grad student)
Jiying WangComputer Science2004 Fred Lochovsky (grad student)
Yichen WeiComputer Science2006 Long Quan (grad student)
Xiangzhi WeiIndustrial Engineering2013 Ajay Joneja (grad student)
Xing WenElectronics and Electrical Engineering2011 Oscar C. Au (grad student)
Sai-Keung WongComputer Science, Applied Mechanics, Textile Technology2005 Andrew Horner (grad student)
Hon W. WongElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science2003 Oscar C. Au (grad student)
Kam-Tim WooElectronics and Electrical Engineering2005 Ted C. Kok (grad student)
Derick WoodComputer Science
Yuan WuElectronics and Electrical Engineering HKUST2010 Danny H. Tsang (grad student)
Tianyu WuElectronics and Electrical Engineering HKUST2009 Vincent K. N. Lau (grad student)
Jue WuBiomedical Engineering HKUST2008 Albert C. S. Chung (grad student)
Dekai WuComputer Science
Cheuk W. WunComputer Science, Music2005 Andrew Horner (grad student)
Qiuyan XiaComputer Science HKUST2008 Mounir Hamdi (grad student)
Jian XiaComputer Science HKUST2010 Sunil Arya (grad student)
Jianliang XuComputer Science2002 Dik L. Lee (grad student)
Da YanComputer Science hkust2014 Wilfred Ng (grad student)
Yin YangComputer Science HKUST2009 Dimitris Papadias (grad student)
Chunyang YeComputer Science HKUST2008 Shing-Chi Cheung (grad student)
Dit-Yan YeungComputer Science
Wing S. YeungBiochemistry Biochemistry2009 Hon W. Wong (grad student)
Sai K. YeungComputer Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering HKUST2009 Oscar C. Au (grad student)
Wai-Pun YiuComputer Science HKUST2008 S H. Gary Chan (grad student)
Lingfeng YuOptics Physics, Computer Science2003 Cai Lilong (grad student)
Matthew M. YuenComputer Science
Gang ZengComputer Science2006 Long Quan (grad student)
Long ZengMechanical Engineering HKUST2012 Matthew M. Yuen (grad student)
Nevin L. ZhangComputer Science
Weihong ZhangComputer Science, Artificial Intelligence2001 Nevin L. Zhang (grad student)
Qinli ZhangIndustrial Engineering2008 Mitchell M. Tseng (grad student)
Dongliang ZhangComputer Science2001 Matthew M. Yuen (grad student)
Shunqing ZhangElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science HKUST2009 Vincent K. N. Lau (grad student)
Hong-hui ZhangComputer Science Computer Science and Engineering2012 Long Quan (grad student)
Charles ZhangComputer Science
Yuting ZhaoComputer Science2004 Fangzhen Lin (grad student)
Yiyang ZhaoComputer Science
Youyi ZhengComputer Science2011 Chiew-Lan Tai (grad student)
Baihua ZhengComputer Science2003 Dik L. Lee (grad student)
Jiantao ZhouElectronics and Electrical Engineering HKUST2009 Oscar C. Au (grad student)
Qijun ZhuComputer Science2011 Dik L. Lee (grad student)
Junhua ZhuComputer Science HKUST2009 Brahim Bensaou (grad student)
Feng ZouElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science Electronic and Computer Engineering2013 Oscar C. Au (grad student)