The University of Mississippi

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Jose H. Ablanedo RosasOperations Research2007 Cesar Rego (grad student)
Milam AikenComputer Science
Bahram AlidaeeManagement Business Administration, Operations Research, Computer Science
Mei C. AlonzoManagement Business Administration, Marketing Business Administration, Computer Science2002 Brian J. Reithel (grad student)
Michelle L. AtenGeology, Limnology Biology, Remote Sensing Geology2013 Greg Easson (grad student)
Shilpa BalanGeneral Business Administration, Information Technology Business Administration2014 Brian J. Reithel (grad student)
Katherine BoswellGeneral Business Administration2004 Brian J. Reithel (grad student)
Casey G. CegielskiManagement Business Administration2001 Brian J. Reithel (grad student)
Sumali J. ConlonManagement Business Administration, Computer Science
John N. DaigleElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
Shirong DuElectronics and Electrical Engineering2009 John N. Daigle (grad student)
Qiang DuanElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science2003 John N. Daigle (grad student)
Greg EassonComputer Science, Geotechnology, Remote Sensing
Srdan R. FilipovicElectronics and Electrical Engineering2003 John N. Daigle (grad student)
Hongman GaoManagement Business Administration, Industrial Engineering2007 Bahram Alidaee (grad student)
Gary G. GarrisonManagement Business Administration, Marketing Business Administration2005 Brian J. Reithel (grad student)
Gerry H. GrantManagement Business Administration, Accounting Business Administration, Information Science2005 Sumali J. Conlon (grad student)
Chenchutta D. JacksonComputer Science, Environmental Engineering Computer Science2012 Pamela Lawhead (grad student)
Aurore J. KamssuManagement Business Administration, Finance2000 Brian J. Reithel (grad student)
Obyung KwunManagement Business Administration2004 Brian J. Reithel (grad student)
Pamela LawheadComputer Science
Tobin E. LindblomComputer Science2008 Milam Aiken (grad student)
Susan LukoseComputer Science2008 Pamela Lawhead (grad student)
Tobin MaginnisComputer Science
Henrique G. MommComputer Science, Geotechnology, Remote Sensing2008 Greg Easson (grad student)
Colin J. OstermanOperations Research, Computer Science2005 Cesar Rego (grad student)
Yangil ParkManagement Business Administration, Information Science2003 Brian J. Reithel (grad student)
Min-A ParkComputer Science2009 Milam Aiken (grad student)
William A. PepperInformation Technology, General Business Administration, Computer Science Management and Information Systems2014 Brian J. Reithel (grad student)
Taner PirimManagement Business Administration, Operations Research, Computer Science2006 Bahram Alidaee (grad student)
Jamison H. PoseyInformation Science, Management Business Administration2007 Milam Aiken (grad student)
David PumphreyInformation Technology Management and Information Systems2014 Brian J. Reithel (grad student)
Vijay P. RamalingamOperations Research Business Administration2014 Bahram Alidaee (grad student)
Venkatesh RamaswamyElectronics and Electrical Engineering2006 John N. Daigle (grad student)
Carl M. RebmanManagement Business Administration, Information Science2001 Brian J. Reithel (grad student)
Cesar RegoOperations Research, Computer Science
Brian J. ReithelManagement Business Administration, Marketing Business Administration, Computer Science
Lutfu SagbansuaOperations Research2004 Cesar Rego (grad student)
Mahmudul I. SheikhManagement Business Administration, Computer Science2009 Sumali J. Conlon (grad student)
Lakisha L. SimmonsInformation Technology, General Business Administration Business Administration2011 Sumali J. Conlon (grad student)
Sudharshan S. VazhkudaiComputer Science2003 Tobin Maginnis (grad student)
Zachary WongInformation Science, Management Business Administration2000 Milam Aiken (grad student)
Yaquan XuInformation Science, Management Business Administration2006 Sumali J. Conlon (grad student)
Lance D. YarbroughGeneral Engineering, Remote Sensing, Environmental Sciences2006 Greg Easson (grad student)