Louisiana State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Fereydoun AghazadehIndustrial Engineering, Computer Science, Cognitive Psychology
Atef K. AllamElectronics and Electrical Engineering2005 Jagannathan Ramanujam (grad student)
Matthew BalhoffChemical Engineering2005 Karsten E. Thompson (grad student)
Anthony D. BanksApplied Mechanics, Occupational Health and Safety, Industrial Engineering2003 Fereydoun Aghazadeh (grad student)
Doris L. CarverComputer Science
Jianhua ChenComputer Science
Bo-Keun ChoIndustrial Engineering, Cognitive Psychology, Aerospace Engineering2002 Fereydoun Aghazadeh (grad student)
Ashok DarisipudiIndustrial Engineering, Computer Science, Cognitive Psychology2006 Fereydoun Aghazadeh (grad student)
Arghya Kusum DasBig data
Hettihewage P. DharmasenaElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science2000 Ramachandran Vaidyanathan (grad student)
Rion DooleyComputer Science2004 Aiichiro Nakano (grad student)
Sumeet DuaComputer Science2002 Sitharama S. Iyengar (grad student)
Arjan DurresiComputer Science
Hatem M. El-BoghdadiElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science2003 Ramachandran Vaidyanathan (grad student)
Kevin P. GrantComputer Science, Artificial Intelligence2003 Jianhua Chen (grad student)
Nigel GweeComputer Science, Music2002 Sukhamay Kundu (grad student)
Guntulu S. HatipkarasuluIndustrial Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Medical Biophysics, Recreation2006 Fereydoun Aghazadeh (grad student)
Allyson M. HossComputer Science2006 Doris L. Carver (grad student)
Sitharama S. IyengarComputer Science
Osman KandaraComputer Science2003 Sukhamay Kundu (grad student)
Rajgopal KannanComputer Science
Chang-Sik KimAgricultural Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science2000 Malcolm E. Wright (grad student)
Sukhamay KunduComputer Science
Guangli LiuChemical Engineering2002 Karsten E. Thompson (grad student)
Honggao LiuChemical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2002 Karsten E. Thompson (grad student)
Xinlian LiuComputer Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2002 Aiichiro Nakano (grad student)
Gustavo MartinezComputer Science2001 Sukhamay Kundu (grad student)
Sheena J. MillerComputer Science2004 Doris L. Carver (grad student)
Shahriyar MojahedCivil Engineering, Industrial Engineering2005 Fereydoun Aghazadeh (grad student)
Luis G. MoscovichComputer Science2005 Jianhua Chen (grad student)
Aiichiro NakanoComputer Science
James S. O'NealComputer Science2003 Doris L. Carver (grad student)
Brian E. PangburnComputer Science2002 Sitharama S. Iyengar (grad student)
Vamsi ParuchuriComputer Science2006 Arjan Durresi (grad student)
Sai PinnepalliComputer Science2004 Doris L. Carver (grad student)
Janardhana R. PunuruComputer Science2007 Jianhua Chen (grad student)
Jagannathan RamanujamComputer Science
Lydia RayComputer Science2005 Rajgopal Kannan (grad student)
Miguel A. Serrano-VargasComputer Science2000 Doris L. Carver (grad student)
Thomas O. SmailusComputer Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering2001 Sitharama S. Iyengar (grad student)
Karsten E. ThompsonChemical Engineering, Computer Science, Packaging Engineering
Vetle I. TorvikOperations Research, Statistics, Computer Science2002 Evangelos Triantaphyllou (grad student)
Jerry L. TrahanComputer Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Evangelos TriantaphyllouOperations Research, Statistics, Computer Science
Ramachandran VaidyanathanElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
Malcolm E. WrightAgricultural Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
Tong YiComputer Science2005 Sukhamay Kundu (grad student)
John M. ZacharyComputer Science2000 Sitharama S. Iyengar (grad student)