McGill University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Denis TherienComputer Science
Sue WhitesidesComputer Science
Godfried ToussaintComputer Science
Ted SzymanskiComputer Science
Arash Shaban-NejadClinical and Public Health Informatics David L. Buckeridge (post-doc)
Frank P. FerrieComputer Science
Martin P. RobillardComputer Science
Denis GingrasComputer Science
David LowtherElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science
Carl TropperComputer Science
Malik H. AltakroriNLP School of Computer Science2017 Jackie C. Cheung (grad student)
Clark VerbruggeComputer Science
Renato D. MoriComputer Science
Benoit BouletBiomedical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
Luc DevroyeComputer Science
Laurie HendrenComputer Science
Tim H. MerrettComputer Science
William B. CowanComputer Graphics1975 David Walsh (grad student), Martin J Zuckermann (grad student)
Yoshua BengioComputer Science Computer Science1991 Renato D. Mori (grad student)
Xiaoyan ZhaoComputer Science2000 Tim H. Merrett (grad student)
Yingchun ZhuComputer Science2000 Laurie Hendren (grad student)
Stefan T. ObenausComputer Science2000 Ted Szymanski (grad student)
Tal ArbelElectronics and Electrical Engineering2000 Frank P. Ferrie (grad student)
Michael GallerComputer Science2000 Renato D. Mori (grad student)
Vinh Q. VoElectronics and Electrical Engineering2000 David Lowther (grad student)
Myongsu ChoeComputer Science2000 Carl Tropper (grad student)
Carlos A. Zamora CuraComputer Science2000 Luc Devroye (grad student)
Michael A. SossComputer Science2001 Godfried Toussaint (grad student)
Yves Berube LauziereComputer Science2002 Denis Gingras (grad student)
Nabil AoufElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering2002 Benoit Boulet (grad student)
Pascal TessonComputer Science2003 Denis Therien (grad student)
Vida DujmovicComputer Science2004 Sue Whitesides (grad student)
Philippe SimardAerospace Engineering2004 Frank P. Ferrie (grad student)
Hamed AzarnoushBiomedical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering2012 Benoit Boulet (grad student)
Ekwa Duala-EkokoComputer Science Computer Science2012 Martin P. Robillard (grad student)
Christopher J. PickettComputer Science School of Computer Science2012 Clark Verbrugge (grad student)
Karim T. Abou-MoustafaArtificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Applied Mechanics Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering2012 Frank P. Ferrie (grad student)