New York University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Gediminas AdomaviciusComputer Science2002 Alexander Tuzhilin (grad student)
Joel AlwenComputer Science Computer Science2011 Yevgeniy Dodis (grad student)
Antonio S. Andrade BessaArt History, Comparative Literature2003 Benjamin Binstock (grad student)
Ittai BalabanComputer Science Computer Science2007 Lenore D. Zuck (grad student)
Juan P. BelloMusic, Information Science, Computer Science
Benjamin BinstockFine Arts, Art History, Computer Science
Carl BosleyComputer Science Computer Science2010 Yevgeniy Dodis (grad student)
Otavio d. BragaComputer Science Computer Science2013 Davi Geiger (grad student)
Sheldon Shou-Lien Chang
Fangzhe ChangComputer Science2001 Vijay Karamcheti (grad student)
Hung-Hsien ChangComputer Science2003 Ken Perlin (grad student)
Taemin ChoMusic, Information Science, Computer Science Music and Performing Arts Professions2014 Juan P. Bello (grad student)
Sze-Ming ChowComputer Science Computer Science2010 Victor Shoup (grad student)
Ariel CohenComputer Science Computer Science2008 Lenore D. Zuck (grad student)
Olivier DanvyComputer Science
Raoul-Sam D. DaruwalaComputer Science2002 Bhubaneswar Mishra (grad student)
Ernest DavisComputer Science
Yevgeniy DodisComputer Science
Nelly FazioComputer Science2006 Yevgeniy Dodis (grad student)
Samuel A. Figueroa del CidComputer Science2000 Robert B. K. Dewar (grad student)
Eric A. FreudenthalComputer Science2003 Allan Gottlieb (grad student)
Xiaodong FuComputer Science2003 Vijay Karamcheti (grad student)
Daniel GalronComputer Science Computer Science2012 Dan Melamed (grad student)
Davi GeigerComputer Science
Allan GottliebComputer Science
Kristiyan HaralambievComputer Science Computer Science2011 Victor Shoup (grad student)
Congchun HeComputer Science2006 Vijay Karamcheti (grad student)
Daniel C. HoweComputer Science, American Literature Computer Science2009 Ken Perlin (grad student)
Shih-Chen HuangComputer Science2000 Zvi M. Kedem (grad student)
Hiroshi IshikawaComputer Science2000 Davi Geiger (grad student)
Anca-Andreea IvanComputer Science2004 Vijay Karamcheti (grad student)
Ian H. JermynComputer Science2000 Davi Geiger (grad student)
Robert B. K. DewarComputer Science
Vijay KaramchetiComputer Science
Zvi M. KedemComputer Science
Andruid KerneComputer Science2001 Ken Perlin (grad student)
Tatiana KichkayloComputer Science2005 Vijay Karamcheti (grad student)
Hansoo KimComputer Science2000 Krishna Palem (grad student)
Uri KleinComputer Science Computer Science2011 Lenore D. Zuck (grad student)
Samantha KleinbergArtificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Logic Computer Science2010 Bhubaneswar Mishra (grad student)
Tamir KlingerComputer Science2001 Ernest Davis (grad student)
Charalambos Konstantinou Electrical and Computer Engineering20132018 Michail Maniatakos (grad student)
Alyssa LeesComputer Science, Artificial Intelligence2006 Davi Geiger (grad student)
Ninghui LiComputer Science2000 Alan R. Siegel (grad student)
Jinyang LiComputer Science
Adriana Lopez-AltComputer Science, Computer Engineering Computer Science2014 Yevgeniy Dodis (grad student)
Michail ManiatakosSecurity
Dan MelamedComputer Science
Bhubaneswar MishraComputer Science
Mehryar MohriComputer Science
Maureen A. NappiFine Arts, Art History, Computer Science2002 Benjamin Binstock (grad student)
Antonio R. NicolosiComputer Science Computer Science2007 Victor Shoup (grad student)
Krishna PalemComputer Science
Hsing-Kuo K. PaoComputer Science2001 Davi Geiger (grad student)
Salvatore PaxiaComputer Science2004 Bhubaneswar Mishra (grad student)
Kenneth PerlinComputer Science
Ken PerlinComputer Science
Russell PowerComputer Science, Computer Engineering Computer Science2014 Jinyang Li (grad student)
Prashant PuniyaComputer Science Computer Science2007 Yevgeniy Dodis (grad student)
Ashish RastogiComputer Science Computer Science2008 Mehryar Mohri (grad student)
Christopher A. Robbins2005 Ken Perlin (grad student)
Ilya D. RosenbergComputer Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering Computer Science2013 Ken Perlin (grad student)
Afshin RostamizadehComputer Science, Artificial Intelligence Computer Science2010 Mehryar Mohri (grad student)
Sam T. RoweisMachine learning
Archisman RudraComputer Science2002 Davi Geiger (grad student)
Satoshi SekineComputer Science
Ji-Ae ShinComputer Science2004 Ernest Davis (grad student)
Yusuke ShinyamaComputer Science2007 Satoshi Sekine (grad student)
Victor ShoupComputer Science
Alan R. SiegelComputer Science
Nathan SilbermanComputer Science Computer Science2015 David Sontag (grad student)
David SontagComputer Science
Yair SovranComputer Science Computer Science2012 Jinyang Li (grad student)
Kenneth Steiglitz Sheldon Shou-Lien Chang (grad student)
Murphy M. SteinComputer Science, Technology of Education Computer Science2014 Ken Perlin (grad student)
Daniel C. SturmanComputer Science
Andrew E. SundstromComputer Science, Bioinformatics Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Oncology, Cell Biology Program in Computational Biology2013 Bhubaneswar Mishra (grad student)
Surendranath TallaComputer Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering2001 Krishna Palem (grad student)
Aristeidis TentesComputer Science Computer Science2014 Yevgeniy Dodis (grad student)
Julian Togelius
Alexander TotokComputer Science2006 Vijay Karamcheti (grad student)
Nguyen TranComputer Science Computer Science2012 Jinyang Li (grad student)
Nektarios Tsoutsos Computer Science and Engineering20132018 Michail Maniatakos (grad student)
Alexander TuzhilinComputer Science
Shabsi WalfishComputer Science Computer Science2008 Yevgeniy Dodis (grad student)
Eugene WeinsteinComputer Science Computer Science2009 Mehryar Mohri (grad student)
Daniel WichsComputer Science, Applied Mathematics Computer Science2011 Yevgeniy Dodis (grad student)
Yuanyuan ZhaoComputer Science2006 Zvi M. Kedem (grad student)
Lenore D. ZuckComputer Science