Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong)

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Kang Y. Allan WongComputer Science
Chio-Hang AoEnvironmental Engineering2005 Shu T. Lee (grad student)
George BaciuComputer Science
Xiao BinComputer Science
Keith C. C. ChanComputer Science
Jiannong CaoComputer Science
Jiannong CauComputer Science
Edmond W. ChanComputer Science Computing2010 Kow-Chuen R. Chang (grad student)
Kwai H. ChanDesign and Decorative Arts, Computer Science2008 Ming-Xi Tang (grad student)
Chun L. ChanComputer Science2010 George Baciu (grad student)
Rocky K. ChangComputer Science
Kow-Chuen R. ChangComputer Science
Chun P. ChauComputer Science2002 Wan C. Siu (grad student)
Honglong ChenComputer Science2012 Wei Lou (grad student)
Yirong ChenInformation Science, Computer Science2011 Wenjie Lie (grad student)
Sirong ChenBiomedical Engineering2005 Dagan Feng (grad student)
Jinchuan ChenComputer Science2009 Jiannong Cau (grad student)
Kwok S. ChengComputer Science2001 Vincent T. Yee Ng (grad student)
Yuen S. ChengTextile Technology2006 Kwok S. Cheng (grad student)
Ka M. ChengCognitive Psychology, Design and Decorative Arts2002 John Xin (grad student)
Tracy C. CheungGeography, Computer Science2003 Wenzhong Shi (grad student)
Zheru ChiComputer Science
Yiu-Sing ChungTextile Technology2003 John Xin (grad student)
Fu Lai ChungComputer Science, Finance
Xuemei DingMaterials Science Engineering2003 Jinlian Hu (grad student)
Shichao FanComputer Science2009 Qiping Shen (grad student)
Dagan FengComputer Science
Tak-chung FuComputer Science, Finance2007 Fu Lai Chung (grad student)
Hong FuComputer Science2007 Dagan Feng (grad student)
Kai-Tat FungElectronics and Electrical Engineering2005 Wan C. Siu (grad student)
Xiao-Ping GaoTextile Technology2007 John Xin (grad student)
Jinlian HuComputer Science
Tao HuaTextile Technology2007 Kwok S. Cheng (grad student)
Ko C. HuiElectronics and Electrical Engineering2005 Wan C. Siu (grad student)
Nga K. James LiuComputer Science
Xiu Y. JiangTextile Technology2003 Kwok S. Cheng (grad student)
Cao JiannongComputer Science
Shuyuan JinComputer Science2006 Daniel S. Yeung (grad student)
Hu JinlianComputer Science, Textile Technology
Ou JinwenOperations Research, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science2007 Chung-Lun Li (grad student)
James N. K. LiuComputer Science
Tak W. KwanComputer Science, Information Technology2010 Hareton Leung (grad student)
Wing Y. KwokTextile Technology2002 John Xin (grad student)
Cheung-Ming LaiElectronics and Electrical Engineering2005 Kenneth K. M. Lam (grad student)
Sum LamComputer Science2009 Rocky K. Chang (grad student)
Ho W. LamComputer Science2007 James Liu (grad student)
Yuk M. LamTextile Technology2002 John Xin (grad student)
Mun-Cheung H. LauRehabilitation and Therapy2011 Ho W. Lam (grad student)
Sze M. LeeComputer Science2004 John Xin (grad student)
Shu T. LeeComputer Science2000 James Liu (grad student)
Hong-va LeongComputer Science
Hareton LeungComputer Science
Chung-Lun LiOperations Research, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science
Li LiaoComputer Science2009 Hareton Leung (grad student)
Wenjie LieInformation Science, Computer Science
Gongbo LinManagement Business Administration2009 Qiping Shen (grad student)
Wilfred W. LinComputer Science2005 Allan K. Y. Wong (grad student)
Nga K. LinComputer Science
Kim F. LiuSystem Science Engineering2006 Wenzhong Shi (grad student)
Gui W. LiuCivil Engineering2003 Qiping Shen (grad student)
James LiuComputer Science
Wei LouComputer Science
Dylan D. LuElectronics and Electrical Engineering2004 Shu T. Lee (grad student)
Paramet LuathepCivil Engineering2011 Sum Lam (grad student)
Kim M. LuiComputer Science2006 Keith C. C. Chan (grad student)
Hongsheng LuoMaterials Science Engineering, Textile Technology2012 Jinlian Hu (grad student)
Xiapu LuoComputer Science2007 Kow-Chuen R. Chang (grad student)
Jiaqing LuoComputer Science2011 Keith C. C. Chan (grad student)
Kenneth K. M. LamElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
Qinghao MengPolymer Chemistry2011 Jinlian Hu (grad student)
Lichan MengElectronics and Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering2012 Ka M. Cheng (grad student)
Kar L. NgComputer Science2007 To Yee Vincent Ng (grad student)
Sankar K. PalComputer Science
Robert W. Pong LukComputer Science
Kaihong QiTextile Technology2009 John Xin (grad student)
Vaskar RaychoudhuryComputer Science2010 Jiannong Cao (grad student)
Sijie ShaoTextile Technology2006 John Xin (grad student)
Zili ShaoComputer Science
Chen ShaojunMaterials Science Engineering2010 Hu Jinlian (grad student)
Weilin ShenArchitecture2012 Qiping Shen (grad student)
Qiping ShenComputer Science
Wenzhong ShiGeography, Computer Science
Simon ShiuComputer Science
Zili ShooComputer Science
Kan Y. SinComputer Science, Operations Research2004 James Liu (grad student)
Wan C. SiuComputer Science
Chi F. Stephen ChanComputer Science
Xiao SunElectronics and Electrical Engineering2003 Shu T. Lee (grad student)
Ming-Xi TangDesign and Decorative Arts, Computer Science
Yip W. TungComputer Science2012 Keith C. C. Chan (grad student)
Sylvia A. TzvetanovaDesign and Decorative Arts2008 Ming-Xi Tang (grad student)
To Yee Vincent NgComputer Science
Defeng WangComputer Science2006 Daniel S. Yeung (grad student)
Ronghua WangTextile Technology2007 John Xin (grad student)
Rongbo WangComputer Science2006 Zheru Chi (grad student)
Koon-Pong WongBiomedical Engineering, Neuroscience Biology, Radiology2000 Dagan Feng (grad student)
Leung-Pong WongElectronics and Electrical Engineering2004 Shu T. Lee (grad student)
Ho C. WuComputer Science2011 Robert W. Pong Luk (grad student)
Weigang WuComputer Science2007 Jiannong Cao (grad student)
Sui L. WuComputer Science2006 Kang Y. Allan Wong (grad student)
Qingjun XiaoComputer Science2011 Jiannong Cao (grad student)
Xudong XieElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science2006 Kenneth K. M. Lam (grad student)
John XinComputer Science
Binjie XinTextile Technology2009 Hu Jinlian (grad student)
Allan K. Y. WongComputer Science
Pui S. YauEnvironmental Engineering, Naval Engineering2012 Shu T. Lee (grad student)
Vincent T. Yee NgComputer Science
Daniel S. YeungComputer Science
Jerf W. YeungSocial Work, General Religion, Individual and Family Studies2011 Chun L. Chan (grad student)
Yiu P. YeungElectronics and Electrical Engineering2004 Ka M. Cheng (grad student)
Liu YiTextile Technology2006 Hu Jinlian (grad student)
Gilbert YoungComputer Science
Xiaobo YuTextile Technology2008 George Baciu (grad student)
Jia J. YuoComputer Science
Xiaoqin ZengComputer Science, Artificial Intelligence2002 Daniel S. Yeung (grad student)
Papeng D. ZhangComputer Science
Dejun ZhengComputer Science2012 George Baciu (grad student)
Haitao ZhuoTextile Technology2011 Hu Jinlian (grad student)