Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Mohammad AbabnehInformation Technology, Computer Science, Information Science Information Technology2014 Duminda Wijesekera (grad student)
Andre' B. AbadieInformation Technology, System Science Engineering, General Engineering Information Technology2014 Duminda Wijesekera (grad student)
Ibrahim S. AbdullahComputer Science2004 Daniel Menasce (grad student)
Aynur AbdurazikComputer Science2007 Jeff Offutt (grad student)
Myriam Z. AbramsonComputer Science2003 Harry Wechsler (grad student)
Ahmed Abu JbaraInformation Technology, General Engineering, Computer Science Information Technology2013 Alexander H. Levis (grad student)
Mohammad A. Abu-MatarComputer Science2012 Hassan Gomaa (grad student)
Ashraf M. AbusharekhElectronics and Electrical Engineering2009 Alexander H. Levis (grad student)
Aybar C. AcarComputer Science, Artificial Intelligence2008 Amihai Motro (grad student)
Nash'at N. AhmadAtmospheric Science, Physics, Fluid and Plasma Physics2004 Rainald Lohner (grad student)
Gail-Joon AhnComputer Science, Information Science2000 Ravi Sandhu (grad student)
Pelin AksoyElectronics and Electrical Engineering2006 Bernd-Peter Paris (grad student)
Vasudeva AkulaComputer Science2007 Daniel Menasce (grad student)
Ahmed AL FaresiInformation Technology, Health Care Management2011 Duminda Wijesekera (grad student)
Mohammad Y. AL-FahadPublic Administration, Social Structure and Development2004 Connie L. McNeely (grad student)
Wajdi H. Al-JedaibiComputer Science2001 Richard H. Carver (grad student)
Mohammad A. Al-KahtaniComputer Science2003 Ravi Sandhu (grad student)
Malak T. Al-NoryComputer Science, System Science Engineering2009 Alexander Brodsky (grad student)
Ahmed AlazzaweInformation Technology, Computer Science2011 Duminda Wijesekera (grad student)
Khalid AlbarrakInformation Technology, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence Information Technology2013 Edgar Sibley (grad student)
Ayad Y. AldaijyComputer Science2002 Edgar Sibley (grad student)
Roger T. AlexanderComputer Science2001 Andrew J. Offutt (grad student)
Khaled S. AlghathbarComputer Science2004 Duminda Wijesekera (grad student)
Nadim W. AlkharoufMolecular Biology, Biostatistics Biology, Computer Science2004 Benjamin F. Matthews (grad student)
Steven J. AllenInternational Law and Relations, United States History2007 Peter M. Leitner (grad student)
Serene AlmomenInformation Technology, Computer Science, Health Care Management Information Technology2012 Daniel Menasce (grad student)
Khalid AlodhaibiSystem Science Engineering, Information Technology2011 Alexander Brodsky (grad student)
Firas AlomariInformation Technology, Computer Science Computer Science2013 Daniel Menasce (grad student)
Amany M. AlshawiComputer Science, Higher Education, Technology of Education2002 Edgar Sibley (grad student)
Paul AmmannComputer Science
Philipp AnokhinComputer Science2001 Amihai Motro (grad student)
Sunil AppanaboyinaComputer Science, Biomedical Engineering2008 Juan R. Cebral (grad student)
Tomasz ArciszewskiCivil Engineering, Computer Science
Daniel O. AwducheElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science2003 Bijan Jabbari (grad student)
Alireza BabaeiElectronics and Electrical Engineering2009 Bijan Jabbari (grad student)
Akram BaharloueiElectronics and Electrical Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering2013 Bijan Jabbari (grad student)
Poornima BalakrishnaOperations Research2009 Lance Sherry (grad student)
‪Foteini Baldimtsi‬Cryptography, security, data privacy
Ezedin S. BarkaSystem Science Engineering, Information Science2002 Ravi Sandhu (grad student)
Graham E. BartonCommunity College Education2005 Gail B. Kettlewell (grad student)
Nada BasitComputer Science, Bioinformatics Biology Computer Science2012 Harry Wechsler (grad student)
Jeffrey K. BassettComputer Science Computer Science2012 Kenneth De Jong (grad student)
Susan C. BatesPhysical Oceanography, Atmospheric Science Physics2006 J Shukla (grad student)
Akshay BelleSystem Science Engineering, Operations Research Systems Engineering2013 Lance Sherry (grad student)
Mohamed N. BennaniComputer Science2006 Daniel Menasce (grad student)
Venkata R. BhamidipatiComputer Science2008 Ravi Sandhu (grad student)
Malworsth B. BlakeComputer Science, System Science Engineering2000 Hassan Gomaa (grad student)
Veronica J. BloomApplied Mathematics, Mathematics, Computer Science Computational Sciences and Informatics2014 Igor Griva (grad student)
Mihai BoicuComputer Science2003 Gheorghe Tecuci (grad student)
Cristina E. BoicuComputer Science, Artificial Intelligence2007 Gheorghe Tecuci (grad student)
Prasanta BoseComputer Science
Alexander BrodskyComputer Science
Khalid A. BuraggaComputer Science, Information Science2001 Edgar Sibley (grad student)
Gregory A. ByrneGeneral Physics, Fluid and Plasma Physics Computational Sciences and Informatics2013 Juan R. Cebral (grad student)
Carmen A. CaisedaApplied Mathematics, Computer Science Computational Sciences and Informatics2012 Igor Griva (grad student)
Guillermo Calderon-MezaInformation Technology, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence2011 Lance Sherry (grad student)
Fernando E. CamelliAtmospheric Science Physics2002 Rainald Lohner (grad student)
Ying CaoCivil Engineering, Transportation2007 Chaowei Yang (grad student)
Mario W. CardulloInformation Technology, Finance Systems Engineering2013 Andrew P. Sage (grad student)
Richard H. CarverComputer Science
Marcelo A. CastroMedical Biophysics, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science2006 Juan R. Cebral (grad student)
Juan R. CebralMedical Biophysics, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science
Afsaneh ChamlouCommunity College Education, Computer Science, Curriculum and Instruction Education2001 Edgar Sibley (grad student)
Wenling E. ChangBioinformatics Biology, Computer Science, Pharmacology2011 Dmitri Klimov (grad student)
Shiping ChenComputer Science2007 Sushil Jajodia (grad student)
Nai-Hua ChenComputer Science2004 Rainald Lohner (grad student)
Songqing ChenComputer Science
Jia Chen2001 Alexander Brodsky (grad student)
Long S. ChiuHydrology, Computer Science, Geology, Remote Sensing
Dongho ChoiSystem Science Engineering Systems Engineering2012 Andrew P. Sage (grad student)
Roongroj ChokngamwongRemote Sensing, Atmospheric Sciences2007 Long S. Chiu (grad student)
Joshua ChurchInformation Technology Computer Science2014 Amihai Motro (grad student)
Mark Alan Coletticomputer science, evolutionary computation, machine learning Computer science19992014 Kenneth De Jong (grad student)
Joseph M. CostantiniInformation Science, Computer Science, System Science Engineering2000 Edgar Sibley (grad student)
Andrew T. CrooksSystem Science Engineering, Computer Science, Geodesy, Operations Research
David DeBarrComputer Science, Statistics, Applied Mathematics Computer Science2013 Harry Wechsler (grad student)
Joseph R. DiFulgoSpecial Education, Community College Education2005 Gail B. Kettlewell (grad student)
Esmael H. DinanElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science2001 Bijan Jabbari (grad student)
Ronald C. DodgeComputer Science2001 Daniel Menasce (grad student)
Patricia A. DonahuePublic and Social Welfare, General, General History Public Policy2013 Connie L. McNeely (grad student)
Vinod K. DubeyComputer Science, Information Technology2010 Daniel Menasce (grad student)
Zoran DuricComputer Science
Abdelhamid G. ElkassedCommunity College Education2003 Gail B. Kettlewell (grad student)
Ahmed ElkhodaryComputer Science2012 Sam Malek (grad student)
Daniel R. EllisComputer Science2006 Paul Ammann (grad student)
Pete A. EpsteinComputer Science2002 Ravi Sandhu (grad student)
Naeem EsfahaniComputer Science Computer Science2014 Sam Malek (grad student)
Julie S. FantComputer Science2011 Hassan Gomaa (grad student)
Susan FarleyComputer Science Computer Science2013 Alexander Brodsky (grad student)
Laura FeudaleAtmospheric Science Physics, Computer Science2006 J Shukla (grad student)
C. B. FitzsimmonsPublic Administration2001 Edgar Sibley (grad student)
Daniel FleckComputer Science2010 Zoran Duric (grad student)
Harry J. FoxwellComputer Science2003 Daniel Menasce (grad student)
Kris GajElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
Charles F. GaumondAcoustics Physics, Computer Science
Diane E. GerardCommunity College Education, Medieval History, European History, Social Sciences Education2002 Gail B. Kettlewell (grad student)
Naomi L. GerberComputer Science, Computer Engineering
Babak Ghalebsaz JeddiOperations Research, Industrial Engineering2008 John E. Shortle (grad student)
Mark D. GianturcoComputer Science2004 Hassan Gomaa (grad student)
Etienne GodardComputer Science2001 Sanjeev K. Setia (grad student)
Rajni S. GoelComputer Science2003 Sushil Jajodia (grad student)
Hassan GomaaComputer Science
Shujia GongElectronics and Electrical Engineering2008 Bijan Jabbari (grad student)
John M. GoodloeGeneral, Theory Economics, United States History2001 Don Lavoie (grad student)
Igor GrivaApplied Mathematics, Computer Science
Chretien F. GuidryHigher Education, Community College Education, Social Sciences Education2005 Gail B. Kettlewell (grad student)
Murat GunestasComputer Science, Web Studies2009 Duminda Wijesekera (grad student)
Ali R. HadjarianComputer Science2007 Peter W. Pachowicz (grad student)
Sajjad HaiderComputer Science2006 Alexander H. Levis (grad student)
Alan H. HarbitterComputer Science2002 Daniel Menasce (grad student)
J. M. HarrellInformation Technology2011 Andrew P. Sage (grad student)
Virginia HarrisGeneral2006 Peter M. Leitner (grad student)
Mark W. HartongComputer Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, System Science Engineering2009 Duminda Wijesekera (grad student)
H. H. HaskettComputer Science2001 Arun K. Sood (grad student)
Mohammed A. HassanComputer Science Computer Science2014 Songqing Chen (grad student)
Ric HeishmanComputer Science, Cognitive Psychology2007 Zoran Duric (grad student)
Joseph R. HermanElectronics and Electrical Engineering2000 Bernd-Peter Paris (grad student)
Shen-Shyang HoComputer Science2006 Harry Wechsler (grad student)
Gary HorneComputer Science, System Science Engineering
Leijun HuangComputer Science2008 Sanjeev K. Setia (grad student)
Qunying HuangGeography, Atmospheric Sciences, Computer Science2011 Chaowei Yang (grad student)
Dennis E. HuffmanCommunity College Education, Administration Education2004 Gail B. Kettlewell (grad student)
Bijan JabbariElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
Ghassan JabbourInformation Technology2010 Daniel Menasce (grad student)
Jimmie E. JacobsTransportation, Military Studies2007 Peter M. Leitner (grad student)
Sushil JajodiaComputer Science
DeAnn D. JelinekComputer Science, System Science Engineering2005 Edgar Sibley (grad student)
Samuel D. JensenPublic Health, Public Administration2007 Peter M. Leitner (grad student)
Hanjo JeongInformation Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering2011 Larry Kerschberg (grad student)
Quan JiaComputer Science Computer Science2014 Angelos Stavrou (grad student)
Zhenyi JinComputer Science2001 Jeff Offutt (grad student)
Antione D. JohnsonBusiness Education, Higher Education, Community College Education, Finance Education2004 Gail B. Kettlewell (grad student)
Kenneth De Jong
Sinthop KaewpijitGeology, Computer Science, Remote Sensing2002 Jacqueline L. Moigne (grad student)
Uday K. KamathComputer Science, Bioinformatics Biology, Information Science Information Technology2014 Kenneth De Jong (grad student)
Garrett K. KaminskiComputer Science, Information Technology, General Engineering2011 Paul Ammann (grad student)
Krishna KantInformation Technology, Computer Science
David M. KapfhammerManagement Business Administration, Computer Science, Information Technology2009 Edgar Sibley (grad student)
Saket KaushikComputer Science2007 Paul Ammann (grad student)
William G. Kennedy2003 Kenneth De Jong (grad student)
Larry KerschbergInformation Science, Computer Science
Gail B. KettlewellAncient Language, Bilingual and Multicultural Education, Asia History, Information Science, Computer Science
Rafal P. KicingerCivil Engineering, Computer Science2004 Tomasz Arciszewski (grad student)
Beatrice KilelBiochemistry, Computer Science2004 Thomas O. Sitz (grad student)
Younhee KimComputer Science2008 Dana S. Richards (grad student)
Seogwon KimGeneral Biophysics Bioinformatics and Computational Biology2013 Dmitri Klimov (grad student)
Marva E. KingPublic and Social Welfare, Environmental Justice Public Policy2012 Connie L. McNeely (grad student)
Dmitri KlimovGeneral Biophysics, Biochemistry, Computer Science
Naren B. KodaliComputer Science2004 Duminda Wijesekera (grad student)
Jana KoseckaComputer Science
Ram N. KrishnanComputer Science2009 Ravi Sandhu (grad student)
Erik W. KuilerSocial Structure and Development, International Law and Relations2007 Connie L. McNeely (grad student)
Dmytro R. KulchitskyPublic Administration, General, Computer Science2001 Don Lavoie (grad student)
Joanne P. LaBeoufCommunity College Education, Public Administration2003 Gail B. Kettlewell (grad student)
Barbara P. LashCommunity College Education, Art History, Art Education2008 Gail B. Kettlewell (grad student)
Don LavoiePublic Administration, General, Computer Science
Wallace LawsonComputer Science2010 Zoran Duric (grad student)
Meixing LeInformation Technology, Computer Science Information Technology2013 Sushil Jajodia (grad student)
Bot L. LeDynhAncient Language, Bilingual and Multicultural Education, Asia History, Information Science, Computer Science2004 Gail B. Kettlewell (grad student)
Paul E. LehnerOperations Research, Computer Science
Peter M. LeitnerBiomedical Engineering, Microbiology Biology, Computer Science
Alexander H. LevisComputer Science
Fayin LiComputer Science2006 Jana Kosecka (grad student)
Yingjiu LiComputer Science2003 Sushil Jajodia (grad student)
Stewart W. LilesSystem Science Engineering, Computer Science2008 Alexander H. Levis (grad student)
Xintong LinPublic Administration, Computer Science, Information Science2007 Edgar Sibley (grad student)
Kunpeng LiuComputer Engineering, System Science Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering2013 Bijan Jabbari (grad student)
Dongyu LiuComputer Science2009 Songqing Chen (grad student)
Rainald LohnerComputer Science
Juan LuoComputer Science Computer Science2012 Alexander Brodsky (grad student)
Canh LyElectronics and Electrical Engineering2000 Andrzej Z. Manitius (grad student)
Munir A. MajdalawiehSystem Science Engineering, Computer Science2006 Francesco Parisi-Presicce (grad student)
Sam MalekComputer Science
Julia V. ManganelloAtmospheric Science Physics2004 J Shukla (grad student)
Andrzej Z. ManitiusElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
Bengi ManleyOperations Research, Transportation2008 Lance Sherry (grad student)
Dorin MarcuArtificial Intelligence, Computer Science2009 Gheorghe Tecuci (grad student)
Benjamin F. MatthewsMolecular Biology, Biostatistics Biology, Computer Science
Harold D. McDonaldComputer Science, Statistics, Operations Research2000 Edgar Sibley (grad student)
Duncan E. McGillMilitary Studies, General, General Biology2007 Peter M. Leitner (grad student)
Connie L. McNeelyPublic Administration, Social Structure and Development, Computer Science
Samuel C. McQuadeCriminology and Penology, Theory and Methods, Public Administration2001 Edgar Sibley (grad student)
Daniel MenasceComputer Science
Ryszard S. MichalskiArtificial Intelligence, Computer Science
Jacqueline L. MoigneGeology, Computer Science, Remote Sensing
Jillian M. MorganwalpSystem Science Engineering2003 Andrew P. Sage (grad student)
Riki Y. MorikawaInformation Science, Computer Science2004 Larry Kerschberg (grad student)
Ronald W. Morrison2002 Kenneth De Jong (grad student)
Amihai MotroComputer Science
Qamar MunawerComputer Science2000 Ravi Sandhu (grad student)
Padmavathi V. MundurComputer Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering2000 Arun K. Sood (grad student)
Shahid S. MustafaGeneral Economics, Social Structure and Development, Mass Communications, Information Science2002 Edgar Sibley (grad student)
Fernando MutComputer Science, General Biophysics2008 Juan R. Cebral (grad student)
Saravanan MuthaiyahComputer Science2008 Larry Kerschberg (grad student)
Chun-Kit NganComputer Science, Information Science, Operations Research Computer Science2013 Alexander Brodsky (grad student)
Paul P. NgoComputer Science Computer Science2013 Duminda Wijesekera (grad student)
Andrew J. OffuttComputer Science
Jeff OffuttComputer Science
Erika M. OlimpiewComputer Science2008 Hassan Gomaa (grad student)
Abidin E. OlmezSystem Science Engineering, Management Business Administration2006 Alexander H. Levis (grad student)
Abbas OmariComputer Science2004 Edgar Sibley (grad student)
Peter W. PachowiczComputer Science
Joseph PamulaComputer Science2007 Paul Ammann (grad student)
Xiaohua PanAtmospheric Sciences, Physical Oceanography2009 J Shukla (grad student)
Shyam P. PandulaElectronics and Electrical Engineering2008 Bernd-Peter Paris (grad student)
Dimitrios A. PapaconstantodoulosComputer Science
Bernd-Peter ParisElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
Francesco Parisi-PresicceSystem Science Engineering, Computer Science
Kathleen V. PegionAtmospheric Sciences2007 J Shukla (grad student)
Remo PeriniInformation Technology, Neuroscience Biology, Cognitive Psychology Information Technology2012 Edgar Sibley (grad student)
Betty J. PerkinsonCommunity College Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education, Architecture2009 Gail B. Kettlewell (grad student)
Robert G. PettitComputer Science2003 Hassan Gomaa (grad student)
Mark A. PflanzSystem Science Engineering2011 Alexander H. Levis (grad student)
Willa E. PickeringComputer Science2003 Larry Kerschberg (grad student)
Bianica PiresTheory and Methods, Geodesy, Peace Studies Computational Social Sciences2014 Andrew T. Crooks (grad student)
Janet K. PlyComputer Science, Industrial Psychology, Operations Research2005 Edgar Sibley (grad student)
Elena PopoviciComputer Science2006 Kenneth De Jong (grad student)
Eshwar P. RamanGeneral Biophysics, Bioinformatics Biology2008 Dmitri Klimov (grad student)
Venkatesh RamanathanComputer Science Computer Science2012 Harry Wechsler (grad student)
Marcelo A. RaschiBiomedical Engineering, Computer Science Computational Sciences and Informatics2013 Juan R. Cebral (grad student)
Dana S. RichardsComputer Science
Ronald W. RitcheyComputer Science2007 Paul Ammann (grad student)
Marcin RogawskiComputer Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering2013 Kris Gaj (grad student)
Sankardas RoyComputer Science2009 Sanjeev K. Setia (grad student)
Thomas H. RozenbroekInformation Science, Information Technology2012 Edgar Sibley (grad student)
Andrew P. SageComputer Science
Mazen M. SalehComputer Science, System Science Engineering2005 Hassan Gomaa (grad student)
Thomas I. SaltysiakMilitary Studies, System Science Engineering Systems Engineering2012 Alexander H. Levis (grad student)
Ravi SandhuComputer Science
Charles J. SchaarOperations Research, Industrial Engineering, Transportation2010 Lance Sherry (grad student)
Ray SchneiderComputer Science2001 Andrew P. Sage (grad student)
Richard M. SchumGeneral2009 Edgar Sibley (grad student)
John C. SeesOperations Research, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science2001 John E. Shortle (grad student)
Victor E. SegalComputer Science, Operations Research2001 Alexander Brodsky (grad student)
Hemant K. SengarComputer Science2007 Duminda Wijesekera (grad student)
Sanjeev K. SetiaComputer Science
Arun ShankarOperations Research Systems Engineering2014 John E. Shortle (grad student)
Guodong ShaoInformation Technology Computer Science Computer Science2013 Paul Ammann (grad student), Alexander Brodsky (grad student)
Mohamed SharifComputer Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering2004 Duminda Wijesekera (grad student)
Bernard J. SharumSystem Science Engineering2002 Andrew P. Sage (grad student)
Kenneth A. SheltonSystem Science Engineering, Aerospace Engineering2007 Tomasz Arciszewski (grad student)
Lance SherryMathematics, Computer Science
Insub ShinComputer Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, System Science Engineering2000 Alexander H. Levis (grad student)
Eonsuk M. ShinComputer Science2002 Hassan Gomaa (grad student)
John E. ShortleOperations Research, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science
J ShuklaAtmospheric Science Physics, Computer Science
Faisal M. SibaiComputer Science, Information Technology Computer Science2012 Daniel Menasce (grad student)
Edgar SibleyComputer Science
Gautam SinghComputer Science Computer Science2014 Jana Kosecka (grad student)
Thomas O. SitzBiochemistry, Computer Science
Zbigniew M. SkolickiArtificial Intelligence, Computer Science2007 Kenneth De Jong (grad student)
Ariela SoferOperations Research, Computer Science
Arun K. SoodComputer Science
Nathaniel SpeightComputer Science2007 Edgar Sibley (grad student)
Christopher A. St. JeanElectronics and Electrical Engineering2006 Bijan Jabbari (grad student)
Angelos StavrouComputer Science
Stephen V. StephensonSystem Science Engineering, Management Business Administration2006 Andrew P. Sage (grad student)
Ellen K. SullivanPublic Administration, Social Structure and Development, Computer Science2005 Connie L. McNeely (grad student)
Takako TakedaGeneral Biophysics, Biochemistry, Computer Science2010 Dmitri Klimov (grad student)
Sonja L. TaylorInternational Law and Relations, Mass Communications2004 Edgar Sibley (grad student)
Gheorghe TecuciComputer Science
Shane TorbertApplied Mathematics, Computer Science, Architectural Engineering2011 Rainald Lohner (grad student)
Russell R. VaneOperations Research, Computer Science2000 Paul E. Lehner (grad student)
Corinne M. VerzoniHigher Education, Bilingual and Multicultural Education2007 Peter M. Leitner (grad student)
Nalini VishnoiComputer Science, Computer Engineering Computer Science2014 Zoran Duric (grad student)
Sorina O. VlaicuGeneral, Health Care Management2003 Connie L. McNeely (grad student)
Jearanai VongsaardHydrology, Computer Science, Geology, Remote Sensing2002 Long S. Chiu (grad student)
David WalnutMathematics, Computer Science
Julie WaltersGeneral2005 Connie L. McNeely (grad student)
Jacob I. WaltzFluid and Plasma Physics, Mathematics, Aerospace Engineering2000 Rainald Lohner (grad student)
Lingyu WangComputer Science2006 Duminda Wijesekera (grad student)
Yun-Sheng WangComputer Science, General Engineering, Music Information Technology2014 Harry Wechsler (grad student)
Danyi WangAerospace Engineering, System Science Engineering2007 Lance Sherry (grad student)
Shuai WangMobile Computing, Wireless Communication, Internet of Things
Harry WechslerComputer Science
Rudolf P. WiegandComputer Science2004 Kenneth De Jong (grad student)
Duminda WijesekeraComputer Science
Ningning WuComputer Science2001 Sushil Jajodia (grad student)
Yue XieSystem Science Engineering2005 John E. Shortle (grad student)
Song XingElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science2003 Bernd-Peter Paris (grad student)
Jacqueline R. YangComputer Science2006 Duminda Wijesekera (grad student)
Chaowei YangGeography, Atmospheric Sciences, Computer Science
Chao YaoComputer Science2006 Sushil Jajodia (grad student)
Timothy J. YoderAcoustics Physics, Computer Science2000 Charles F. Gaumond (grad student)
Christine YoungblutComputer Science, Technology of Education, Sciences Education2001 Edgar Sibley (grad student)
James YvenComputer Science, Artificial Intelligence2004 Harry Wechsler (grad student)
Ali N. ZadehElectronics and Electrical Engineering2002 Bijan Jabbari (grad student)
Steven T. ZalesakFluid and Plasma Physics, Computer Science2005 Rainald Lohner (grad student)
Xinwen ZhangComputer Science2006 Ravi Sandhu (grad student)
Zhixiong ZhangComputer Science2008 Ravi Sandhu (grad student)
Lei Zhang2010 Alexander Brodsky (grad student)
Sencun ZhuComputer Science2004 Sanjeev K. Setia (grad student)