Auburn University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Saad BiazComputer Science
David UmphressComputer Science
Alice E. SmithIndustrial Engineering, Computer Science
Gerry V. DozierComputer Science
Kai-Hsiung ChangComputer Science, Web Studies, System Science Engineering
Carolyn L. McCrearyComputer Science
Roland HubscherComputer Science
Levent YilmazComputer Science, System Science Engineering
David G. BealeMechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Computer Science
Wei-Shinn KuComputer Science
David UmpressComputer Science, Community College Education, Sciences Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education
Alvin S. LimComputer Science
Chwan-Hwa WuComputer Science
Sanjeev BaskiyarComputer Science
Richard ChapmanComputer Science
Drew HamiltonComputer Science
Kelly RainerManagement Business Administration, Computer Science
Terry ByrdComputer Science
Chung-wei LeeComputer Science
Bodgan O. CiocirlanMechanical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering2000 David G. Beale (grad student)
Fwu-Shan ShiehComputer Science2000 Carolyn L. McCreary (grad student)
Jacqueline M. MooreComputer Science2000 Richard Chapman (grad student)
Wen-Chiang HuangElectronics and Electrical Engineering2001 Chwan-Hwa Wu (grad student)
Yun-Chia LiangIndustrial Engineering2001 Alice E. Smith (grad student)
Demethria JohnsonComputer Science2001 Richard Chapman (grad student)
Sock H. ChungManagement Business Administration2002 Kelly Rainer (grad student)
Robert G. GehlingManagement Business Administration2002 Kelly Rainer (grad student)
Sadan Kulturel-KonakIndustrial Engineering, System Science Engineering2002 Alice E. Smith (grad student)
Anthony D. PittareseComputer Science, Marketing Business Administration2003 Roland Hubscher (grad student)
Rehab F. Abdel-KaderComputer Science2003 Richard Chapman (grad student)
Rhonda A. SylerManagement Business Administration, Information Science2003 Terry Byrd (grad student)
Quanxing ZhangElectronics and Electrical Engineering2003 Chwan-Hwa Wu (grad student)
Sherri S. FrizellComputer Science2003 Roland Hubscher (grad student)
Petru-Aurelian SimionescuMechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Computer Science2004 David G. Beale (grad student)
Teresa K. LangTechnology of Education2004 Kelly Rainer (grad student)
Mave T. HoustonComputer Science2005 Richard Chapman (grad student)
William J. ConferComputer Science2005 Richard Chapman (grad student)
Men LongComputer Science2005 Chwan-Hwa Wu (grad student)
Mihai DupacMechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2005 David G. Beale (grad student)
Neal L. RogersComputer Science2006 David Umphress (grad student)
Yiming JiComputer Science2006 Saad Biaz (grad student)
Randy V. BradleyManagement Business Administration, Information Science, Organizational2006 Terry Byrd (grad student)
Nikhil MehtaManagement Business Administration2006 Terry Byrd (grad student)
Evelyn H. ThrasherManagement Business Administration, Health Care Management2006 Terry Byrd (grad student)
Haiyu HouComputer Science2006 Gerry V. Dozier (grad student)
Anne M. AdrianManagement Business Administration, Information Science2006 Kelly Rainer (grad student)
Prashanth C. Sai RangaComputer Science2006 Sanjeev Baskiyar (grad student)
Ravikant AgarwalComputer Science2007 David Umphress (grad student)
Patricia LanfordComputer Science2007 Richard Chapman (grad student)
Jeannie L. PridmoreComputer Science2007 Terry Byrd (grad student)
Ser-Geon FuArtificial Intelligence2007 Gerry V. Dozier (grad student)
Orhan DengizIndustrial Engineering, Computer Science2007 Alice E. Smith (grad student)
Rabab F. Abdel-KaderComputer Science2007 Sanjeev Baskiyar (grad student)
Xuan YuComputer Science2007 Drew Hamilton (grad student)
Haluk YapiciogluIndustrial Engineering, System Science Engineering2008 Alice E. Smith (grad student)
Suhair H. AmerComputer Science, Artificial Intelligence2008 Drew Hamilton (grad student)
Shaoen WuComputer Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering2008 Saad Biaz (grad student)
Kenan L. CaseyComputer Science2008 Alvin S. Lim (grad student)
Younchol ChoIndustrial Engineering2009 Alice E. Smith (grad student)
Idongesit Mkpong-RuffinComputer Science2009 David Umphress (grad student)
Bing QiComputer Science2009 Saad Biaz (grad student)
Rajendran SwamiduraiComputer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology2009 David Umphress (grad student)
Guoqiang HuComputer Science, Web Studies, System Science Engineering2009 Kai-Hsiung Chang (grad student)
Raghu K. NeelisettiComputer Science, Computer Engineering2009 Alvin S. Lim (grad student)
Yawen D. BarowskiComputer Science2010 Saad Biaz (grad student)
Mohamed R. AbidComputer Science, Computer Engineering2010 Saad Biaz (grad student)
Kehao ZhangComputer Engineering2010 Alvin S. Lim (grad student)
Yongwon ParkComputer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Artificial Intelligence2011 Sanjeev Baskiyar (grad student)
Chengjun WangComputer Science2011 Sanjeev Baskiyar (grad student)
John W. O'FarrellComputer Science, Computer Engineering2011 Sanjeev Baskiyar (grad student)
Guangli MaPhilosophy, Textile Technology2011 David G. Beale (grad student)
Haiquan ChenComputer Science2011 Wei-Shinn Ku (grad student)
Guangyu ZouComputer Science, System Science Engineering2012 Levent Yilmaz (grad student)
Jacqueline H. HundleyComputer Science, Community College Education, Sciences Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education2012 David Umpress (grad student)
Yuan Tian Computer Science and Software Engineering20092012 Weikuan Yu (grad student)
Yandong Wang Computer Science and Software Engineering20102014 Weikuan Yu (grad student)
Xinyu Que Computer Science and Software Engineering20092013 Weikuan Yu (grad student)
Cong Xu Computer Science and Software Engineering20102015 Weikuan Yu (grad student)
Bin Wang Computer Science and Software Engineering20102015 Weikuan Yu (grad student)
Zhuo Liu Computer Science and Software Engineering20112015 Weikuan Yu (grad student)