University of Oklahoma

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Mario AjeroMusic Education, Music, Computer Science School of Music2007 Barbara Fast (grad student)
Waleed S. Al-NumayComputer Science2003 Sridhar Radhakrishnan (grad student)
Ahmad A. AlhamedComputer Science, Atmospheric Science Physics2000 S Lakshmivarahan (grad student)
Shankar M. BanikComputer Science2006 Sridhar Radhakrishnan (grad student)
Angela F. BarkerMusic Education2003 Nancy Barry (grad student)
Nancy BarryMusic Education, Music, Computer Science
Fares N. BeainyComputer Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering School of Electrical and Computer Engineering2011 Sesh Commuri (grad student)
Jon G. BredesonData Communications,Switching Theory,Digital Systems,Microcontroller Systems
Jeffrey R. BrightMusic Education, Guidance and Counseling Education2005 Nancy Barry (grad student)
Leonard L. BrownComputer Science2003 Le Gruenwald (grad student)
William H. BudaiMusic Education, Music2005 Nancy Barry (grad student)
Edgar G. CajasSecondary Education School of Music2007 Nancy Barry (grad student)
Yuh-Rong ChenComputer Science Computer Science2012 Sudarshan K. Dhall (grad student)
Sesh CommuriElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
Sudarshan K. DhallComputer Science
Pedro A. Diaz-GomezComputer Science, Artificial Intelligence School of Computer Science2007 Dean F. Hougen (grad student)
Brent E. EskridgeComputer Science, Artificial Intelligence School of Computer Science2009 Dean F. Hougen (grad student)
Barbara FastMusic Education, Music, Computer Science
Leslie D. FifeComputer Science2003 Le Gruenwald (grad student)
Danise A. GallawayMusic, Music Education, History of Education School of Music2008 Barbara Fast (grad student)
Martha J. GriffithMusic Education, Adult and Continuing Education, Gerontology2006 Nancy Barry (grad student)
Le GruenwaldComputer Science
Dean F. HougenComputer Science, Artificial Intelligence
Muhammad S. JavedComputer Science School of Computer Science2009 Krishnaiya Thulasiraman (grad student)
Erica KeithleyMusic, Music Education2004 Nancy Barry (grad student)
Jonghyun KimComputer Science2005 Sudarshan K. Dhall (grad student)
Julie KnerrMusic, History of Education2006 Nancy Barry (grad student)
S LakshmivarahanComputer Science, Mathematics, Atmospheric Sciences
Kuo-Liang LiMusic Education, Music2004 Nancy Barry (grad student)
Ta-Chun LinComputer Science School of Computer Science2011 Krishnaiya Thulasiraman (grad student)
Rebecca K. LindleyMusic Education, Secondary Education2003 Nancy Barry (grad student)
Mark LucasMusic Education, Educational Psychology Education School of Music2007 Nancy Barry (grad student)
Carla J. MaltasMusic Education, Industrial Psychology2004 Nancy Barry (grad student)
Amy McGovernComputer Science
John S. MillicanMusic Education, Teacher Training Education, Secondary Education School of Music2007 Nancy Barry (grad student)
Aravind MohanoorComputer Science School of Computer Science2008 Sridhar Radhakrishnan (grad student)
Christian O'DonnellMusic Education, General Psychology School of Music2011 Michael A. Raiber (grad student)
Phillip D. PayneMusic Education, Personality Psychology, Gender Studies School of Music2009 Michael A. Raiber (grad student)
Phuong PhamElectronics and Electrical Engineering School of Electrical and Computer Engineering2012 Sesh Commuri (grad student)
Shengguang QianComputer Science, Finance School of Computer Science2008 S Lakshmivarahan (grad student)
Sridhar RadhakrishnanComputer Science
Michael A. RaiberMusic Education2001 Nancy Barry (grad student)
Thomas S. RsyEcology Biology, Computer Science
Md. S. SadikComputer Science School of Computer Science2013 Le Gruenwald (grad student)
Anne L. SchonauerMusic Education, Elementary Education2002 Nancy Barry (grad student)
Suzanne M. SchonsMusic Education, Teacher Training Education2005 Nancy Barry (grad student)
Beth A. SieversMusic, Music Education2005 Nancy Barry (grad student)
Leonard T. StampfliMusic Education, Technology of Education2006 Nancy Barry (grad student)
Duane StockComputer Science, Finance
Ming-Shan SuComputer Science2002 Krishnaiya Thulasiraman (grad student)
Teresa L. SumpterMusic Education, Music School of Music2008 Michael A. Raiber (grad student)
Thomas S. SwensonMusic, Adult and Continuing Education, Recreation, Music Education2006 Nancy Barry (grad student)
Russell D. TeweleitMusic Education, History of Education, Biography2006 Nancy Barry (grad student)
Kathy A. ThompsonMusic Education2003 Nancy Barry (grad student)
Krishnaiyan ThulasiramanComputer Science
Krishnaiya ThulasiramanComputer Science
May W. Tsao-LimMusic, Music Education, Technology of Education2006 Barbara Fast (grad student)
Sirirut VanichayobonComputer Science2002 Sudarshan K. Dhall (grad student)
Cherilee Wadsworth WalkerMusic Education2005 Nancy Barry (grad student)
Yunheng WangComputer Science, Mathematics, Atmospheric Sciences School of Computer Science2007 S Lakshmivarahan (grad student)
Mohamed K. WatfaElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science2006 Sesh Commuri (grad student)
Lee WilliamsComputer Science
Mark K. WoehrerComputer Science, Ecology Biology, Evolution and Development Biology School of Computer Science2011 Dean F. Hougen (grad student)
Zhaowen XingComputer Science School of Computer Science2011 Le Gruenwald (grad student)
Nusrat YussoufComputer Science School of Computer Science2010 S Lakshmivarahan (grad student)
Jianting ZhangComputer Science2004 Le Gruenwald (grad student)