University of Oregon

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Zena M. AriolaComputer Science
Peter M. BootheComputer Science2009 Andrzej Proskurowski (grad student)
Thomas F. BulatewiczComputer Science2006 Janice E. Cuny (grad student)
Aran ClausonComputer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Comparative Literature Department of Computer and Information Science2013 Matthew L. Ginsberg (grad student)
Janice E. CunyComputer Science
Nisansa de SilvaNatural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Department of Computer and Information Science,2014 Dejing Dou (grad student)
Heidi DixonComputer Science2004 Matthew L. Ginsberg (grad student)
Arthur FarleyComputer Science
Stephen FickasComputer Science
Christopher J. GauthierDickeyComputer Science2007 Virginia M. Lo (grad student)
Matthew L. GinsbergComputer Science
Matthew GinsburgComputer Science, Artificial Intelligence
Timothy E. HalversonComputer Science, Cognitive Psychology2008 Anthony J. Hornof (grad student)
Anthony J. HornofComputer Science, Cognitive Psychology
Kevin A. HuckComputer Science2009 Allen D. Malony (grad student)
Geoffrey C. HuletteComputer Science Department of Computer and Information Science2012 Allen D. Malony (grad student)
Gerd KortuemComputer Science2002 Zary Segall (grad student)
Virginia M. Lo
Jeremy R. LudwigComputer Science2008 Arthur Farley (grad student)
Eugene M. LuksComputer Science
Nazanin MaghareiComputer Science Department of Computer and Information Science2010 Reza Rejaie (grad student)
Allen D. MalonyComputer Science
Andrzej ProskurowskiComputer Science
Hassan Rasti EkbataniComputer Science Department of Computer and Information Science2012 Reza Rejaie (grad student)
Katrina RayComputer Science, Artificial Intelligence2008 Matthew Ginsburg (grad student)
Reza RejaieComputer Science
Amitabha RoyComputer Science2001 Eugene M. Luks (grad student)
Adnan M. SalmanComputer Science, Neuroscience Biology2010 Allen D. Malony (grad student)
Zary SegallComputer Science
Miley E. SemmelrothComputer Science2003 Zena M. Ariola (grad student)
Sameer S. ShendeComputer Science2001 Janice E. Cuny (grad student)
Yannis SmaragdakisComputer Science
Daniel StutzbachComputer Science2006 Reza Rejaie (grad student)
Xiangkui YaoComputer Science Department of Computer and Information Science2011 Stephen Fickas (grad student)
Dayi ZhouComputer Science2006 Virginia M. Lo (grad student)