Cleveland State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Kenneth R. BischofMechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Industrial Engineering2002 Jerzy Sawicki (grad student)
Marvin L. BrownManagement Business Administration, Information Science, Artificial Intelligence2008 Chien-hua Lin (grad student)
Shu-chuan ChaoComputer Science2005 Chien-hua Lin (grad student)
Armetia DeHartPublic Administration, Administration Education, Higher Education2003 Lawrence Keller (grad student)
Michael EngesserMechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering2000 Jerzy Sawicki (grad student)
Paula G. FarrellPublic Administration, Computer Science2004 Lawrence Keller (grad student)
Rebecca GrasserElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science2005 Vijay Konangi (grad student)
Sandra Hnat Mechanical Engineering Antonie J van den Bogert (grad student)
Vincent D. HollandPublic Administration Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs2014 Lawrence Keller (grad student)
Albert J. JuhaszMechanical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Computer Science2005 Jerzy Sawicki (grad student)
Lawrence KellerPublic Administration, Computer Science
Vijay KonangiElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science
Chien-hua LinComputer Science
Raviraj Nataraj Mechanical Engineering20162017 Antonie J van den Bogert (post-doc)
Alexander H. PeschMechanical Engineering Washkewicz College of Engineering2013 Jerzy Sawicki (grad student)
Rudolph PienaarBiomedical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence2003 Antonie J van den Bogert (grad student)
Betty K. PinkneyUrban and Regional Planning, Social Sciences Education2007 Lawrence Keller (grad student)
Farbod Rohani Antonie J van den Bogert (grad student)
Jerzy SawickiMechanical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Computer Science
Nicole Strah Antonie J van den Bogert (grad student)
T. E. SuttonPublic Administration, Organizational2006 Lawrence Keller (grad student)
Antonie J van den BogertBiomedical Engineering, Biomechanics, Human Motion
Huawei Wang Antonie J van den Bogert (grad student)
Adam C. WroblewskiMechanical Engineering Fenn College of Engineering2011 Jerzy Sawicki (grad student)