Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Sunil G. AbrahamComputer Science, Information Science, Artificial Intelligence2011 Michael Atwood (grad student)
Jeff AbrahamsonComputer Science2007 Ali Shokoufandeh (grad student)
Iftekhar AhmadChemical Engineering, Polymer Chemistry Chemical Engineering (College of Engineering)2014 Richard A. Cairncross (grad student)
Mehmet F. AkayElectronics and Electrical Engineering2005 Constantine Katsinis (grad student)
Kenneth R. AllendoerferComputer Science, Information Science2009 Chaomei Chen (grad student)
Michael AtwoodInformation Science, Computer Science
Linge BaiComputer Science Computer Science - College of Computing and Informatics2014 David E. Breen (grad student)
Bora BeranHydrology, Computer Science2007 Michael Piasecki (grad student)
Luis E. BermudezCivil Engineering, Computer Science2004 Michael Piasecki (grad student)
Demitriy BespalovComputer Science Computer Science2012 Ali Shokoufandeh (grad student)
David E. BreenComputer Science
Yuanfang CaiComputer Science
Richard A. CairncrossChemical Engineering, Computer Science
Tevfik K. CelebiogluCivil Engineering2006 Michael Piasecki (grad student)
Chaomei ChenComputer Science
Yunan ChenInformation Science, Design and Decorative Arts2008 Michael Atwood (grad student)
Fernand S. CohenElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
Vera J. ColeManagement Business Administration, Industrial Engineering, Operations Research2004 Gregory W. Hislop (grad student)
Muhammed F. DemirciComputer Science2005 Ali Shokoufandeh (grad student)
Trip DentonComputer Science2007 Ali Shokoufandeh (grad student)
Dennis O. DeverAlternative Energy, Chemical Engineering, Nanotechnology, Polymer Chemistry Chemical Engineering2013 Richard A. Cairncross (grad student)
Robert Dondero2008 Gregory W. Hislop (grad student)
An DuChemical Engineering2012 Richard A. Cairncross (grad student)
Joel U. EdenInformation Science, Cognitive Psychology2008 Michael Atwood (grad student)
Ekrem GursoyElectronics and Electrical Engineering2007 Dagmar Niebur (grad student)
Maria HaighComputer Science2002 June Verner (grad student)
Diana L. HechtElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science2002 Constantine Katsinis (grad student)
Gregory W. HislopInformation Science, Computer Science
Madhusudan HosaagraharaComputer Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering2006 Harish Sethu (grad student)
Ani HsiehRobotics Engineering, Computer Science
Akm S. IslamCivil Engineering, Hydrology, Computer Science2004 Michael Piasecki (grad student)
Milan IvosevicMaterials Science Engineering, Plastics Technology, Mechanical Engineering2006 Richard A. Cairncross (grad student)
Amitkumar C. JainChemical Engineering2004 Richard A. Cairncross (grad student)
Yolanda P. JonesLibrary Science, Information Science2008 Michael Atwood (grad student)
Salil S. KanhereElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science2003 Harish Sethu (grad student)
Constantine KatsinisElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
Michael C. KnauffElectronics and Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering (College of Engineering)2013 Dagmar Niebur (grad student)
Werner KrandickComputer Science
Jeremy LinElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Energy, General Engineering Electrical Engineering2014 Dagmar Niebur (grad student)
Monica G. MaceliInformation Science2012 Michael Atwood (grad student)
Srinath MadasuChemical Engineering2002 Richard A. Cairncross (grad student)
Linda S. MarionInformation Science, Social Psychology2004 Katherine W. McCain (grad student)
T. W. MatherRobotics Engineering Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics (College of Engineering)2013 Ani Hsieh (grad student)
Katherine W. McCainHealth Care Management, Computer Science, Social Psychology
Manolya E. McCormickComputer Science Computer Science2012 Ali Shokoufandeh (grad student)
Theodore A. MorrisInformation Science, Medicine and Surgery, Library Science2001 Katherine W. McCain (grad student)
Harsha V. NarravulaElectronics and Electrical Engineering2003 Constantine Katsinis (grad student)
Dagmar NieburElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Energy, Computer Science
Ko NishinoComputer Science
Adam J. O'DonnellElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science2005 Harish Sethu (grad student)
Geoffrey OxholmComputer Science Computer Science (College of Computing and Informatics)2014 Ko Nishino (grad student)
Donald A. PellegrinoInformation Science, General Chemistry, Computer Science, Bioinformatics Biology2011 Chaomei Chen (grad student)
Michael PiaseckiHydrology, Computer Science
Chuchart PintaviroojBiomedical Engineering, Radiology2000 Fernand S. Cohen (grad student)
Thomas A. PlickComputer Science, Applied Mathematics Computer Science2012 Ali Shokoufandeh (grad student)
James D. ProcaccinoInformation Science, Computer Science, Industrial Engineering2002 June Verner (grad student)
William C. RegliComputer Science
Aaron M Rosenfeldbioinformatics Computer Science20092014 William C. Regli (grad student)
Anatole D. RuslanovComputer Science2006 Werner Krandick (grad student)
Ioannis SavidisElectronics and Electrical Engineering, General Engineering Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences2013 Eby G. Friedman (grad student)
Timothy Schultz2017 Chaomei Chen (grad student)
Harish SethuElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
Hongyuan ShiElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science2003 Harish Sethu (grad student)
Ali ShokoufandehComputer Science
Ramona StammermannCivil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Hydrology Civil Engineering (College of Engineering)2014 Michael Piasecki (grad student)
Evan A. SultanikComputer Science2010 Ali Shokoufandeh (grad student)
Ezgi TaslidereBiomedical Engineering, Optics Physics, Computer Science2011 Fernand S. Cohen (grad student)
June VernerComputer Science
Madhu VinjamurChemical Engineering2001 Richard A. Cairncross (grad student)
Christine E. WaniaInformation Science2008 Michael Atwood (grad student)
Jodi C. WilliamsInformation Science, Computer Science2007 Michael Atwood (grad student)
Sunny WongComputer Science2010 Yuanfang Cai (grad student)
James WorcesterRobotics Engineering, Computer Science Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics2014 Ani Hsieh (grad student)
Chongzhen ZhangElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science2000 Fernand S. Cohen (grad student)
Cuiping ZhangElectronics and Electrical Engineering2006 Fernand S. Cohen (grad student)
James Jian Zhang20082011 Chaomei Chen (grad student)
Huan-Xiang ZhouMolecular Biology, Computer Science, General Biophysics