University of Idaho

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Jafar M. Al-GharaibehComputer Science2012 Clinton Lewis Jeffery (grad student)
Abdullah M. Al-MuhaitheefComputer Science2002 Jim Alves-Foss (grad student)
James Alves-FossComputer Science
Jim Alves-FossComputer Science
Victor BalogunComputer Science Computer Science2013 Axel Krings (grad student)
Hani A. Bani-SalamehComputer Science2011 Clinton Lewis Jeffery (grad student)
Daniel BeckBioinformatics Biology, Microbiology Biology Bioinformatics & Computational Biology2014 James A. Foster (grad student)
Wayne F. BoyerComputer Science2004 Gurdeep S. Hura (grad student)
Ryan BradetichComputer Science2012 Paul Omar (grad student)
James R. ConradComputer Science2010 Paul W. Oman (grad student)
Paul V. CravenComputer Science, Civil Engineering2009 Paul W. Oman (grad student)
Jie DaiComputer Science2001 James Alves-Foss (grad student)
Kurt W. DerrComputer Science Computer Science2013 Milos Manic (grad student)
Gregory W. DonohoeElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
Barbara Endicott-PopovskyComputer Science2007 Deborah A. Frincke (grad student)
James A. FosterComputer Science
James F. FrenzelElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
Deborah A. FrinckeComputer Science
Jonathan GrahamComputer Science2005 Jim Alves-Foss (grad student)
Nadine HanebutteComputer Science2004 Paul W. Oman (grad student)
Kyle I. HarringtonArtificial life, computational biology, biological image analysis, evolutionary computation
Martin D. HashComputer Science2005 Robert E. Hiromoto (grad student)
Kenneth J. HassElectronics and Electrical Engineering2007 Gregory W. Donohoe (grad student)
Cheryl V. HindsComputer Science Computer Science2012 Jim Alves-Foss (grad student)
Robert E. HiromotoComputer Science
Chung-Tong ( HuComputer Science2002 Deborah A. Frincke (grad student)
Gurdeep S. HuraComputer Science
Kosuke ImamuraComputer Science2002 James A. Foster (grad student)
Clinton Lewis JefferyComputer Science
Axel KringsComputer Science
Hyungjick LeeComputer Science2002 Jim Alves-Foss (grad student)
Ondrej LindaComputer Science2012 Milos Manic (grad student)
Zhanshan MaComputer Science, Mathematics, Operations Research2008 Axel Krings (grad student)
Xiaogang Ma
Sreekanth MalladiComputer Science2004 Jim Alves-Foss (grad student)
Milos ManicComputer Science
Mark L. ManwaringBiomedical Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
David ManzComputer Science2010 Jim Alves-Foss (grad student)
Carol M. MasuckComputer Science2008 Jim Alves-Foss (grad student)
David A. MellickElectronics and Electrical Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering2014 James F. Frenzel (grad student)
Mark M. MeysenburgComputer Science2002 James A. Foster (grad student)
Paul W. OmanComputer Science
Paul OmarComputer Science
Mary OswaldEvolution and Development Biology2010 Barrie Robison (grad student)
Norman PendergraftComputer Science
Alan PiszczComputer Science2006 Terence Soule (grad student)
Barrie RobisonBioinformatics Biology, Computer Science
Mark RoundsComputer Science Computer Science2014 Jim Alves-Foss (grad student)
Bart I. RylanderComputer Science2001 James A. Foster (grad student)
Ahmed A. SerageldinComputer Science Computer Science2014 Axel Krings (grad student)
Matthew L. SettlesBioinformatics Biology, Computer Science2011 Terence Soule (grad student)
Bishnulatpam L. SharmaNeuroscience Biology, Cognitive Psychology, Computer Science2013 Terence Soule (grad student)
Lucas J. ShenemanBioinformatics Biology, Biostatistics Biology, Computer Science2008 James A. Foster (grad student)
Conrad ShyuMolecular Biology2006 James A. Foster (grad student)
Joon SonComputer Science2008 Jim Alves-Foss (grad student)
Jia SongComputer Science Computer Science2014 Jim Alves-Foss (grad student)
Terence SouleComputer Science
Molly StockComputer Science, Artificial Intelligence
Gregory L. VertComputer Science, Artificial Intelligence2000 Molly Stock (grad student)
Denis T. VollmerComputer Science Computer Science2014 Milos Manic (grad student)
Huaqiang WeiComputer Science2006 Jim Alves-Foss (grad student)
Jorge L. WilliamsComputer Science2008 Robert E. Hiromoto (grad student)
Shanyu ZhengComputer Science2006 Jim Alves-Foss (grad student)