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Daegun Won (Info) Carnegie Mellon Proactive Machine Learning jeanl 2017‑06‑22
Dishan Gupta (Info) Carnegie Mellon Text mining jeanl 2017‑06‑22
Jesse Dunietz (Info) Carnegie Mellon Semantic and causal analysis of text jeanl 2017‑06‑22
Keerthiram Murugesan (Info) Carnegie Mellon Large-scale skewed-class learning jeanl 2017‑06‑22
Shane Moon (Info) Carnegie Mellon Proactive machine learning jeanl 2017‑06‑22
Anant Agarwal (Info) MIT jeanl 2017‑11‑06
Sal Aguinaga (Info) Notre Dame jeanl 2017‑12‑15
Jaime Carbonell (Info) Yale, Carnegie Mellon Natural language processing jeanl 2017‑06‑22
Jeffrey Flanigan (Info) Carnegie Mellon Machine Translation of Low-Density Languages jeanl 2017‑06‑22
David Lee Franklin (Info) Northwestern jeanl 2017‑09‑18
Saturnino Garcia (Info) UCSD jeanl 2017‑11‑06
Anshuman Gupta (Info) UCSD jeanl 2017‑11‑06
D. Fox Harrell (Info) MIT Computational narrative, Cognitive semantics jeanl 2017‑02‑10
Donghwan Jeon (Info) UCSD jeanl 2017‑11‑06
Ashiqur Khudbukhsh (Info) Carnegie Mellon Network learning jeanl 2017‑06‑22
Chong-U Lim (Info) MIT Analytical AI and Machine Learning Tools, Player Social Identity, Novel Design and Content Generation for Games jeanl 2017‑02‑10
John (Jack) Morgan Sampson (Info) UCSD, Penn State Computer Architecture, Emerging Devices jeanl 2017‑11‑06
Peter Stojano (Info) Carnegie Mellon Transfer learning jeanl 2017‑06‑22
Michael B. Taylor (Info) UCSD, University of Washington ASIC Clouds, Dark Silicon, Tiled Processors, Specialization, Vision, Bitcoin jeanl 2017‑11‑06
Adams Wei Yu (Info) Carnegie Mellon Graph analysis and planning jeanl 2017‑06‑22
Ashkan Zeinalzadeh (Info) Notre Dame jeanl 2017‑07‑11
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