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2011 Scientific Computation University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Minneapolis, MN 
Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Statistics, Computer Science
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2020 Karim MR, Beyan O, Zappa A, Costa IG, Rebholz-Schuhmann D, Cochez M, Decker S. Deep learning-based clustering approaches for bioinformatics. Briefings in Bioinformatics. PMID 32008043 DOI: 10.1093/bib/bbz170   
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2020 Han Z, Pedrycz W, Zhao J, Wang W. Hierarchical Granular Computing-Based Model and Its Reinforcement Structural Learning for Construction of Long-Term Prediction Intervals. Ieee Transactions On Cybernetics. PMID 32011274 DOI: 10.1109/TCYB.2020.2964011   
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