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1983-1999 MCD Biology University of Colorado, Boulder, Boulder, CO, United States 
 1999- Genetics Washington University, Saint Louis, St. Louis, MO 
Cell Biology, Genetics, Bioinformatics Biology

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2020 Pandey M, Stormo GD, Dutcher SK. Alternative Splicing During the Cell Cycle. G3 (Bethesda, Md.). PMID 32817123 DOI: 10.1534/g3.120.401622  1
2020 Bustamante-Marin XM, Horani A, Stoyanova M, Charng WL, Bottier M, Sears PR, Yin WN, Daniels LA, Bowen H, Conrad DF, Knowles MR, Ostrowski LE, Zariwala MA, Dutcher SK. Mutation of CFAP57, a protein required for the asymmetric targeting of a subset of inner dynein arms in Chlamydomonas, causes primary ciliary dyskinesia. Plos Genetics. 16: e1008691. PMID 32764743 DOI: 10.1371/Journal.Pgen.1008691  1
2020 Ochi T, Quarantotti V, Lin H, Jullien J, Rosa E Silva I, Boselli F, Barnabas DD, Johnson CM, McLaughlin SH, Freund SMV, Blackford AN, Kimata Y, Goldstein RE, Jackson SP, Blundell TL, ... Dutcher SK, et al. CCDC61/VFL3 Is a Paralog of SAS6 and Promotes Ciliary Functions. Structure (London, England : 1993). PMID 32375023 DOI: 10.1016/J.Str.2020.04.010  1
2019 Dutcher SK, Brody SL. HY-DIN' in the Cilia: Discovery of Central Pair-Related Mutations in Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia. American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology. PMID 31604022 DOI: 10.1165/rcmb.2019-0316ED  1
2019 Kim M, Huff E, Bottier M, Dutcher SK, Bayly PV, Meacham JM. Acoustic trap-and-release for rapid assessment of cell motility. Soft Matter. PMID 30968924 DOI: 10.1039/C9Sm00184K  1
2019 Bottier M, Thomas KA, Dutcher SK, Bayly PV. How Does Cilium Length Affect Beating? Biophysical Journal. PMID 30878201 DOI: 10.1016/J.Bpj.2019.02.012  1
2018 Lin H, Guo S, Dutcher SK. RPGRIP1L helps to establish the ciliary gate for entry of proteins. Journal of Cell Science. PMID 30237221 DOI: 10.1242/jcs.220905  1
2018 Lin H, Cliften PF, Dutcher SK. MAPINS, a highly efficient detection method that identifies insertional mutations and complex DNA rearrangements. Plant Physiology. PMID 30206105 DOI: 10.1104/pp.18.00474  1
2018 Lin H, Zhang Z, Iomini C, Dutcher SK. Identifying RNA splicing factors usinggenes in. Open Biology. 8. PMID 29514868 DOI: 10.1098/rsob.170211  1
2018 Hunter EL, Lechtreck K, Fu G, Hwang J, Lin H, Gokhale A, Alford LM, Lewis B, Yamamoto R, Kamiya R, Yang F, Nicastro D, Dutcher SK, Wirschell M, Sale WS. The IDA3 adapter, required for IFT transport of I1 dynein, is regulated by ciliary length. Molecular Biology of the Cell. PMID 29467251 DOI: 10.1091/Mbc.E17-12-0729  1
2017 Yamamoto R, Obbineni JM, Alford LM, Ide T, Owa M, Hwang J, Kon T, Inaba K, James N, King SM, Ishikawa T, Sale WS, Dutcher SK. Chlamydomonas DYX1C1/PF23 is essential for axonemal assembly and proper morphology of inner dynein arms. Plos Genetics. 13: e1006996. PMID 28892495 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1006996  1
2016 Xu G, Wilson KS, Okamoto RJ, Shao JY, Dutcher SK, Bayly PV. Flexural Rigidity and Shear Stiffness of Flagella Estimated from Induced Bends and Counterbends. Biophysical Journal. 110: 2759-2768. PMID 27332134 DOI: 10.1016/J.Bpj.2016.05.017  1
2016 Dutcher SK, O'Toole ET. The basal bodies of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Cilia. 5: 18. PMID 27252853 DOI: 10.1186/s13630-016-0039-z  1
2016 Esparza JM, O'Toole E, Li L, Giddings TH, Kozak B, Albee AJ, Dutcher SK. Correction: Katanin Localization Requires Triplet Microtubules in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Plos One. 11: e0145569. PMID 26771461 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0145569  1
2015 Horani A, Ferkol TW, Dutcher SK, Brody SL. Genetics and biology of primary ciliary dyskinesia. Paediatric Respiratory Reviews. PMID 26476603 DOI: 10.1016/J.Prrv.2015.09.001  1
2015 Lin H, Zhang Z, Guo S, Chen F, Kessler JM, Wang YM, Dutcher SK. A NIMA-Related Kinase Suppresses the Flagellar Instability Associated with the Loss of Multiple Axonemal Structures. Plos Genetics. 11: e1005508. PMID 26348919 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1005508  1
2015 Wilson KS, Gonzalez O, Dutcher SK, Bayly PV. Dynein-deficient flagella respond to increased viscosity with contrasting changes in power and recovery strokes. Cytoskeleton (Hoboken, N.J.). PMID 26314933 DOI: 10.1002/Cm.21252  1
2015 Lin H, Dutcher SK. Genetic and genomic approaches to identify genes involved in flagellar assembly in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Methods in Cell Biology. 127: 349-86. PMID 25837400 DOI: 10.1016/bs.mcb.2014.12.001  1
2015 Cao M, Ning J, Hernandez-Lara CI, Belzile O, Wang Q, Dutcher SK, Liu Y, Snell WJ. Uni-directional ciliary membrane protein trafficking by a cytoplasmic retrograde IFT motor and ciliary ectosome shedding. Elife. 4. PMID 25688564 DOI: 10.7554/Elife.05242  1
2014 Viswanadha R, Hunter EL, Yamamoto R, Wirschell M, Alford LM, Dutcher SK, Sale WS. The ciliary inner dynein arm, I1 dynein, is assembled in the cytoplasm and transported by IFT before axonemal docking. Cytoskeleton (Hoboken, N.J.). 71: 573-86. PMID 25252184 DOI: 10.1002/cm.21192  1
2014 Blaby IK, Blaby-Haas CE, Tourasse N, Hom EF, Lopez D, Aksoy M, Grossman A, Umen J, Dutcher S, Porter M, King S, Witman GB, Stanke M, Harris EH, Goodstein D, et al. The Chlamydomonas genome project: a decade on. Trends in Plant Science. 19: 672-80. PMID 24950814 DOI: 10.1016/J.Tplants.2014.05.008  1
2014 Dutcher SK. The awesome power of dikaryons for studying flagella and basal bodies in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Cytoskeleton (Hoboken, N.J.). 71: 79-94. PMID 24272949 DOI: 10.1002/cm.21157  1
2014 O'Toole ET, Dutcher SK. Site-specific basal body duplication in Chlamydomonas. Cytoskeleton (Hoboken, N.J.). 71: 108-18. PMID 24166861 DOI: 10.1002/cm.21155  1
2013 Lin H, Nauman NP, Albee AJ, Hsu S, Dutcher SK. New mutations in flagellar motors identified by whole genome sequencing in Chlamydomonas. Cilia. 2: 14. PMID 24229452 DOI: 10.1186/2046-2530-2-14  1
2013 Alford LM, Mattheyses AL, Hunter EL, Lin H, Dutcher SK, Sale WS. The Chlamydomonas mutant pf27 reveals novel features of ciliary radial spoke assembly. Cytoskeleton (Hoboken, N.J.). 70: 804-18. PMID 24124175 DOI: 10.1002/Cm.21144  1
2013 Lin H, Miller ML, Granas DM, Dutcher SK. Whole genome sequencing identifies a deletion in protein phosphatase 2A that affects its stability and localization in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Plos Genetics. 9: e1003841. PMID 24086163 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1003841  1
2013 Horani A, Brody SL, Ferkol TW, Shoseyov D, Wasserman MG, Ta-shma A, Wilson KS, Bayly PV, Amirav I, Cohen-Cymberknoh M, Dutcher SK, Elpeleg O, Kerem E. CCDC65 mutation causes primary ciliary dyskinesia with normal ultrastructure and hyperkinetic cilia. Plos One. 8: e72299. PMID 23991085 DOI: 10.1371/Journal.Pone.0072299  1
2013 Albee AJ, Kwan AL, Lin H, Granas D, Stormo GD, Dutcher SK. Identification of cilia genes that affect cell-cycle progression using whole-genome transcriptome analysis in Chlamydomonas reinhardtti. G3 (Bethesda, Md.). 3: 979-91. PMID 23604077 DOI: 10.1534/g3.113.006338  1
2013 Horani A, Ferkol TW, Shoseyov D, Wasserman MG, Oren YS, Kerem B, Amirav I, Cohen-Cymberknoh M, Dutcher SK, Brody SL, Elpeleg O, Kerem E. LRRC6 mutation causes primary ciliary dyskinesia with dynein arm defects. Plos One. 8: e59436. PMID 23527195 DOI: 10.1371/Journal.Pone.0059436  1
2013 Esparza JM, O'Toole E, Li L, Giddings TH, Kozak B, Albee AJ, Dutcher SK. Katanin localization requires triplet microtubules in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Plos One. 8: e53940. PMID 23320108 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0053940  1
2012 Horani A, Druley TE, Zariwala MA, Patel AC, Levinson BT, Van Arendonk LG, Thornton KC, Giacalone JC, Albee AJ, Wilson KS, Turner EH, Nickerson DA, Shendure J, Bayly PV, Leigh MW, ... ... Dutcher SK, et al. Whole-exome capture and sequencing identifies HEATR2 mutation as a cause of primary ciliary dyskinesia. American Journal of Human Genetics. 91: 685-93. PMID 23040496 DOI: 10.1016/J.Ajhg.2012.08.022  1
2012 Dutcher SK, Li L, Lin H, Meyer L, Giddings TH, Kwan AL, Lewis BL. Whole-Genome Sequencing to Identify Mutants and Polymorphisms in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. G3 (Bethesda, Md.). 2: 15-22. PMID 22384377 DOI: 10.1534/g3.111.000919  1
2012 Xu G, Wilson KS, Okamoto RJ, Shao JY, Dutcher SK, Bayly PV. The apparent flexural rigidity of the flagellar axoneme depends on resistance to inter-doublet sliding Asme 2012 Summer Bioengineering Conference, Sbc 2012. 397-398. DOI: 10.1115/SBC2012-80220  1
2011 Hom EF, Witman GB, Harris EH, Dutcher SK, Kamiya R, Mitchell DR, Pazour GJ, Porter ME, Sale WS, Wirschell M, Yagi T, King SM. A unified taxonomy for ciliary dyneins. Cytoskeleton (Hoboken, N.J.). 68: 555-65. PMID 21953912 DOI: 10.1002/cm.20533  1
2011 Ostrowski LE, Dutcher SK, Lo CW. Cilia and models for studying structure and function. Proceedings of the American Thoracic Society. 8: 423-9. PMID 21926393 DOI: 10.1513/pats.201103-027SD  1
2011 VanderWaal KE, Yamamoto R, Wakabayashi K, Fox L, Kamiya R, Dutcher SK, Bayly PV, Sale WS, Porter ME. bop5 Mutations reveal new roles for the IC138 phosphoprotein in the regulation of flagellar motility and asymmetric waveforms. Molecular Biology of the Cell. 22: 2862-74. PMID 21697502 DOI: 10.1091/mbc.E11-03-0270  1
2011 Elam CA, Wirschell M, Yamamoto R, Fox LA, York K, Kamiya R, Dutcher SK, Sale WS. An axonemal PP2A B-subunit is required for PP2A localization and flagellar motility. Cytoskeleton (Hoboken, N.J.). 68: 363-72. PMID 21692192 DOI: 10.1002/cm.20519  1
2011 Bayly PV, Lewis BL, Ranz EC, Okamoto RJ, Pless RB, Dutcher SK. Propulsive forces on the flagellum during locomotion of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Biophysical Journal. 100: 2716-25. PMID 21641317 DOI: 10.1016/J.Bpj.2011.05.001  1
2011 Dutcher SK, Lin H. Tying TAZ and Nek1 into polycystic kidney disease through polycystin 2 levels. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology : Jasn. 22: 791-3. PMID 21474564 DOI: 10.1681/ASN.2011030256  1
2011 Okamoto RJ, Ying J, Lewis BL, Ranz EC, Shao JY, Dutcher SK, Bayly PV. Flexural rigidity of intact chlamydomonas flagella measured with an optical trap Asme 2011 Summer Bioengineering Conference, Sbc 2011. 407-408. DOI: 10.1115/SBC2011-53615  1
2011 Bayly PV, Lewis BL, Ranz EC, Okamoto RJ, Pless RB, Dutcher SK. Kinematics and kinetics of flagellar locomotion in chlamydomonas reinhardtii Asme 2011 Summer Bioengineering Conference, Sbc 2011. 1249-1250. DOI: 10.1115/SBC2011-53290  1
2010 Kwan AL, Dutcher SK, Stormo GD. Detecting Coevolution of Functionally Related Proteins for Automated Protein Annotation. Proceedings / Annual Ieee International Symposium On Bioinformatics and Bioengineering (Bibe). Ieee International Symposium On Bioinformatics and Bioengineering. 99-105. PMID 21655203 DOI: 10.1109/BIBE.2010.24  1
2010 Lin H, Kwan AL, Dutcher SK. Synthesizing and salvaging NAD: lessons learned from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Plos Genetics. 6: e1001105. PMID 20838591 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1001105  1
2010 Bayly PV, Lewis BL, Kemp PS, Pless RB, Dutcher SK. Efficient spatiotemporal analysis of the flagellar waveform of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Cytoskeleton (Hoboken, N.J.). 67: 56-69. PMID 20169530 DOI: 10.1002/Cm.20424  1
2010 Anderson KV, Dutcher SK, Greenberg ME, Karin M, Rapoport TA, Verdine GL, Zon LI. The Harvey Lectures: Delivered Under the Auspices of The Harvey Society of New York, 2006-2007 The Harvey Lectures: Delivered Under the Auspices of the Harvey Society of New York, 2006-2007. 1-189. DOI: 10.1002/9780470593042  1
2009 Iomini C, Till JE, Dutcher SK. Genetic and phenotypic analysis of flagellar assembly mutants in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Methods in Cell Biology. 93: 121-43. PMID 20409815 DOI: 10.1016/S0091-679X(08)93007-7  1
2009 Iomini C, Li L, Esparza JM, Dutcher SK. Retrograde intraflagellar transport mutants identify complex A proteins with multiple genetic interactions in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Genetics. 183: 885-96. PMID 19720863 DOI: 10.1534/genetics.109.101915  1
2009 Kwan AL, Li L, Kulp DC, Dutcher SK, Stormo GD. Improving gene-finding in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii:GreenGenie2. Bmc Genomics. 10: 210. PMID 19422688 DOI: 10.1186/1471-2164-10-210  1
2009 Khodiyar VK, Maltais LJ, Ruef BJ, Sneddon KMB, Smith JR, Shimoyama M, Cabral F, Dumontet C, Dutcher SK, Harvey RJ, Lafanechère L, Murray JM, Nogales E, Piquemal D, Stanchi F, et al. Corrigendum to "A revised nomenclature for the human and rodent α-tubulin gene family" [Genomics 90 (2007) 285-289] (DOI:10.1016/j.ygeno.2007.04.008) Genomics. 93: 397. DOI: 10.1016/J.Ygeno.2008.12.002  1
2009 Dutcher SK. Basal Bodies and Associated Structures The Chlamydomonas Sourcebook 3-Vol Set. 3: 15-42. DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-12-370873-1.00039-3  1
2008 Vallon O, Dutcher S. Treasure hunting in the Chlamydomonas genome Genetics. 179: 3-6. PMID 18493035 DOI: 10.1534/genetics.104.179101  1
2008 Rensing SA, Lang D, Zimmer AD, Terry A, Salamov A, Shapiro H, Nishiyama T, Perroud PF, Lindquist EA, Kamisugi Y, Tanahashi T, Sakakibara K, Fujita T, Oishi K, Shin-I T, ... ... Dutcher SK, et al. The Physcomitrella genome reveals evolutionary insights into the conquest of land by plants. Science (New York, N.Y.). 319: 64-9. PMID 18079367 DOI: 10.1126/Science.1150646  1
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2005 Miller MS, Esparza JM, Lippa AM, Lux FG, Cole DG, Dutcher SK. Mutant kinesin-2 motor subunits increase chromosome loss. Molecular Biology of the Cell. 16: 3810-20. PMID 15944218 DOI: 10.1091/Mbc.E05-05-0404  1
2005 Li JB, Zhang M, Dutcher SK, Stormo GD. Procom: a web-based tool to compare multiple eukaryotic proteomes. Bioinformatics (Oxford, England). 21: 1693-4. PMID 15564299 DOI: 10.1093/Bioinformatics/Bti161  1
2005 Dutcher SK. Dissection of Basal Body and Centriole Function in the Unicellular Green Alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Centrosomes in Development and Disease. 71-92. DOI: 10.1002/3527603808.ch5  1
2004 Li JB, Gerdes JM, Haycraft CJ, Fan Y, Teslovich TM, May-Simera H, Li H, Blacque OE, Li L, Leitch CC, Lewis RA, Green JS, Parfrey PS, Leroux MR, Davidson WS, ... ... Dutcher SK, et al. Comparative genomics identifies a flagellar and basal body proteome that includes the BBS5 human disease gene. Cell. 117: 541-52. PMID 15137946 DOI: 10.1016/S0092-8674(04)00450-7  1
2004 Fromherz S, Giddings TH, Gomez-Ospina N, Dutcher SK. Mutations in alpha-tubulin promote basal body maturation and flagellar assembly in the absence of delta-tubulin. Journal of Cell Science. 117: 303-14. PMID 14676280 DOI: 10.1242/jcs.00859  1
2003 Dutcher SK. Long-lost relatives reappear: identification of new members of the tubulin superfamily. Current Opinion in Microbiology. 6: 634-40. PMID 14662361 DOI: 10.1016/j.mib.2003.10.016  1
2003 Bowers AK, Keller JA, Dutcher SK. Molecular markers for rapidly identifying candidate genes in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Ery1 and ery2 encode chloroplast ribosomal proteins. Genetics. 164: 1345-53. PMID 12930744  1
2003 O'Toole ET, Giddings TH, McIntosh JR, Dutcher SK. Three-dimensional organization of basal bodies from wild-type and delta-tubulin deletion strains of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Molecular Biology of the Cell. 14: 2999-3012. PMID 12857881 DOI: 10.1091/Mbc.E02-11-0755  1
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2002 Dutcher SK, Morrissette NS, Preble AM, Rackley C, Stanga J. Epsilon-tubulin is an essential component of the centriole. Molecular Biology of the Cell. 13: 3859-69. PMID 12429830 DOI: 10.1091/mbc.E02-04-0205  1
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