University of Wisconsin, Madison

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
James AbbsSpeech Science
Daniel J. Achesonspeech production, language, verbal working memory2009 Maryellen Coles MacDonald (grad student), Brad Postle (grad student)
Kartini Ahmad2005 Diane M Bless (grad student)
Joshua M. AlexanderAmplification, Speech Perception, Auditory Perception Communication Disorders Psychology20042007 Robert Lufti (grad student), Keith R. Kluender (post-doc)
Kirsten Allison Katherine C. Hustad (grad student)
Bonny AshlemanAuditory system John F. Brugge (grad student)
Brian BeyerlAuditory system John F. Brugge (research assistant)
Smiley Blanton
Barbara BlatchleyAuditory system John F. Brugge (post-doc)
Louis "Lou" John BrownSpecial Education
John F. BruggeAuditory system19631966 Jerzy E. Rose (post-doc), Clinton Woolsey (post-doc), Joseph E. Hind (collaborator)
Lindsey J. Byomacquired neurological communication disorders Communication Sciences and Disorders2013 Lyn S. Turkstra (grad student)
Daniel E. Callan Raymond D. Kent (grad student)
Thomas F. CampbellAcquired and neurological communication disorders in children Predictive models of speech and language disorders in children Speech-motor disorders in children Malcolm McNeil (grad student)
Laurel H. CarneyAuditory system19861989 Tom C T Yin (grad student)
An-chieh ChangPsychoacoustics Communication Sciences and Disorders20112016 Robert A. Lutfi (grad student)
Robin S. Chapman language and cognitive development in children and adolescents with Down syndrome
Jiashu ChenAuditory system John F. Brugge (research scientist)
Elizabeth R. CraisASD, family centered practices, personnel development, child language development and disorders19821987 Robin S. Chapman (grad student)
Cynthia Cress David Yoder (grad student)
Meghan Darling-White Katherine C. Hustad (post-doc)
Meghan M. DavidsonChild Language, Literacy
Amy L. Delaneyommunication development in children with cerebral palsy 2010 Katherine C. Hustad (grad student)
Karen A. Dohertyspeech perception, hearing-impaired, psychoacoustics, and amplification Robin S. Chapman (grad student), Robert Lufti (grad student)
Caryn S. Easterling2004 Diane M Bless (grad student)
Aida El BarbaryAuditory system John F. Brugge (grad student)
Susan Ellis WeismerChild language acquisition, atypical language development Robert Lufti (collaborator)
Jane FengAuditory system John F. Brugge (research scientist)
C. Daniel GeislerAuditory System
Jay M. GoldbergVestibular system Jerzy E. Rose (post-doc)
Anthony GoodwinLanguage Acquisition, Language Comprehension, Gesture, Autism20132015 Jenny R. Saffran (post-doc), Susan Ellis Weismer (post-doc)
Katharine M. Graf EstesLanguage acquisition20012007 Jenny R. Saffran (grad student)
John J. Heilmann2006 Jon F. Miller (grad student)
Jerry K. Hoepnercognitive impairments on communication ability in adolescents and adults with acquired neurologic disorders2011 Lyn S. Turkstra (grad student)
Lori L. HoltSpeech science19951999 Keith R. Kluender (grad student)
Katherine C. Hustadommunication development in children with cerebral palsy
Antje IhlefeldPsychoacoustics, Cochlear Implants, computational modeling20102011 Ruth Litovsky (post-doc)
Eric JavelAuditory physiology John F. Brugge (post-doc)
Jing-Yi Jeng2000 Gary Weismer (grad student)
Ken Jens Louis "Lou" John Brown (grad student)
Yue JiangPsychology, Speech perception
Heath G. Jonesauditory system2016 Ruth Litovsky (post-doc)
Philip X. Joris19871995 Tom C T Yin (post-doc)
Raymond D. Kent
Ronald KettnerAuditory system John F. Brugge (post-doc)
Yunjung Kim2007 Raymond D. Kent (grad student)
Mikael D Z Kimelman Malcolm McNeil (grad student)
Yo Kishimoto Nathan V. Welham (post-doc)
Thomas KleeImproving how children with language difficulties are identified, Early word learning in typically-developing and late-talking children, Evidence-based assessment and diagnosis of developmental language disorders Robin S. Chapman (grad student)
Melda Kunduk2004 Diane M Bless (grad student)
Christina Kuo2011 Gary Weismer (grad student)
Shirley LarsonAuditory system John F. Brugge (grad student)
Kyungah Lee2006 Diane M Bless (grad student)
Jimin Leeommunication development in children with cerebral palsy 2010 Katherine C. Hustad (grad student)
Eva van Leer2010 Nadine P. Connor (grad student)
Casey Lew-Williams Jenny R. Saffran (post-doc)
Ruth LitovskyAuditory system Tom C T Yin (post-doc)
Gregory L. LofSpeech Sound Disorders Robin S. Chapman (grad student)
Andrew J. LottoSpeech science1996 Keith R. Kluender (grad student)
Robert Luftihuman auditory perception
Maryellen Coles MacDonaldlanguage comprehension and production Mark S. Seidenberg (collaborator)
Emily McFadd Katherine C. Hustad (grad student)
Michael M. MerzenichAuditory system, plasticity Clinton Woolsey (post-doc), Jerzy E. Rose (post-doc)
Peter Meulenbroekcommunication skills and employment outcomes in persons with traumatic brain injury Communication Sciences and Disorders2013 Lyn S. Turkstra (grad student)
Sally Miles language and cognitive development in children and adolescents with Down syndrome2004 Robin S. Chapman (grad student)
Jon F. Miller
Vidisha Mohad2014 Susan L. Thibeault (grad student)
Jamie E. Moore Susan L. Thibeault (grad student)
David C. MountainAuditory system19701979 C. Daniel Geisler (grad student)
Caroline A. NiziolekSpeech motor control, Auditory feedback
Rocio S. Normantraumatic brain injury, cognitive-communication disorders, concussion/mTBI20132017 Lyn S. Turkstra (grad student)
Kirill V. NourskiAuditory physiology John F. Brugge (post-doc)
Thomas O'ConnorAuditory system John F. Brugge (post-doc)
Gerald O'Grady1962 Helen C. White (grad student)
Donata OertelAuditory Physiology Ann E. Stuart (post-doc)
Gary M. Oppenheimlanguage, speech production, lexical access, phonological encoding, inner speech20012004 Maryellen Coles MacDonald (research assistant), Mark S. Seidenberg (research assistant)
Steven OrmanAuditory system John F. Brugge (post-doc)
Marina-Elvira Papangelou2010 Diane M Bless (grad student)
Rita R. Patel2006 Diane M Bless (grad student)
Rhea PaulLanguage Development and Disorders, Autism, Preliteracy Development Robin S. Chapman (grad student)
Zahariah Pilus2002 Raymond D. Kent (grad student)
Nancy L. Potter2004 Raymond D. Kent (grad student)
Yuijing QuiAuditory system John F. Brugge (grad student)
Kristin Rosen2005 Raymond D. Kent (grad student)
Bernard Rousseautissue biology, aging, phonation and laryngeal models2004 Diane M Bless (grad student)
Robin A. Samlan Gary Weismer (grad student)
Alison R. Scheer2006 Raymond D. Kent (grad student)
Jan SchnuppAuditory System John F. Brugge (post-doc)
Mark S. Seidenberglanguage, reading
Hyekeung Seungautism Robin S. Chapman (grad student)
Philip H. SmithAuditory neuroscience
Jeanna Stiadle2014 Susan L. Thibeault (grad student)
Sara Mae Stinchfield Hawkdiagnostic categorization of Speech Disorders1922 Smiley Blanton (grad student)
Edythe A. StrandDysarthria in degenerative neurologic disease, Developmental and acquired apraxia of speech, Motor speech disorders in children Malcolm McNeil (grad student)
Sharon S. Tang Susan L. Thibeault (grad student)
Shannon M. Theis2006 Diane M Bless (grad student)
Susan L. Thibeault2001 Diane M Bless (grad student)
Erik D. ThiessenChild language acquisition, statistical learning2004 Jenny R. Saffran (grad student)
Daniel J. Tollinauditory physiology, psychophysics19982002 Tom C T Yin (post-doc)
Lyn S. Turkstracognitive impairments on communication ability in adolescents and adults with acquired neurologic disorders
Dolores Kluppel VetterCounseling
Lisa A. VinneyVocal health education, voice and voice disorders Communicative Disorders2013 Lyn S. Turkstra (grad student)
Houri K. Vorperian2000 Raymond D. Kent (grad student)
Yu-Tsai Wang2002 Raymond D. Kent (grad student)
Gary Weismer
Nathan V. Welham2006 Diane M Bless (grad student)
Robert W. West1927 Smiley Blanton (grad student)
Helen C. White Karl Young (grad student)
Clinton Woolsey Jerzy E. Rose (collaborator)
Tom C T Yinauditory physiology, binaural hearing, sound localization
David Yoder
Karl Young
Yana Yunusovaneurodegenerative diseases, speech motor control, speech rehabilitation Communicative Disorders20002005 Gary Weismer (grad student), Raymond D. Kent (grad student)
Yi ZhengAuditory Midbrain Physiology, Information Theory
Mark C. ZrullEnrichment, plasticity, behav neurosci John F. Brugge (post-doc)