Boston University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Paul J. AbbasAuditory physiology, cochlear implants Howard Eichenbaum (grad student)
Defne Abur Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences20172017 Cara E. Stepp (research assistant), Cara E. Stepp (grad student)
Supraja Anand Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences20142014 Cara E. Stepp (post-doc)
Craig A. AtencioAuditory system19971998 H Steven Colburn (research assistant)
Jean Berko GleasonChild language acquisition
Nan Bernstein-RatnerChild language acquisition, stuttering1982 Jean Berko Gleason (grad student)
Hari M. BharadwajAuditory system, Human Neuroimaging2014 Barbara G. Shinn-Cunningham (grad student)
Manuel Diaz Cadiz Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences2016 Cara E. Stepp (research assistant)
Alicia Changlanguage, culture, and cognition20012002 Jacqueline Liederman (research assistant), Catherine Caldwell-Harris (research assistant)
Charles B. Changphonetics, phonology, psycholinguistics, second language acquisition, bilingualism
Yoojin ChungAuditory system20052009 H Steven Colburn (grad student)
Oren CivierStuttering, Speech Motor Control, Motor Sequencing20032010 Daniel Bullock (collaborator), Frank Guenther (grad student)
Gabriel J. Cler20132018 Cara E. Stepp (grad student)
H Steven Colburnbinaural hearing, modelling Nathaniel I. Durlach (grad student), Frederick J. Gallun (collaborator)
Frederick J. GallunAuditory system, psychoacoustics Gerald Kidd Jr. (post-doc)
Satrajit S. GhoshNeuroinformatics, Neuroimaging, Speech communication19982005 Frank Guenther (grad student)
Carla Gress Robert E. Hillman (grad student)
Frank Guentherspeech motor control and perception1993 Daniel Bullock (grad student), Stephen Grossberg (grad student)
Wei GuoAuditory system, Hippocampus, Learning, Memory20092017 Barbara G. Shinn-Cunningham (grad student)
Kenneth E. Hancockauditory system, dorsal cochlear nucleus2001 Herbert F. Voigt (grad student)
Kenneth M. Heilmanattention, apraxia, language Norman Geschwind (post-doc)
Elizabeth S. Heller Murray20192020 Cara E. Stepp (grad student), Frank Guenther (post-doc)
Antje IhlefeldPsychoacoustics, Cochlear Implants, computational modeling20012007 Gerald Kidd Jr. (post-doc), Barbara G. Shinn-Cunningham (grad student)
Todd R. JenningsAuditory System, Inferior Colliculus, Sound Localization, Interaural Time Difference, Modeling2006 H Steven Colburn (grad student)
Elaine KearneySpeech science, motor speech disorders, neurodegenerative disease Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences2018 Frank Guenther (post-doc)
Justin Tyler KigginsPopulation coding, Behavior, Operant Conditioning, Audition, Vision, Perception20052005 Barbara G. Shinn-Cunningham (research assistant)
Swathi D. KiranBilingual aphasia, Aphasia rehabilitation, Functional neuroimaging, Language recovery, impairments in naming, reading, writing
Nicholas KurkjyAudiotry Attention20092011 Barbara G. Shinn-Cunningham (research assistant), H Steven Colburn (research assistant)
Eric LarsonAuditory Neuroscience, BCI20062011 Kamal Sen (grad student)
Rosemary A. Lester-Smith Cara E. Stepp (post-doc)
Yu-An Stephanie LienVoice20122015 Cara E. Stepp (grad student)
I-Fan LinAuditory system, Learning2009 Barbara G. Shinn-Cunningham (grad student)
Ashling Lupiani Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences20152018 Cara E. Stepp (research assistant)
Ross K. MaddoxAuditory neuroscience, selective attention, EEG, multisensory integration20062011 Kamal Sen (grad student), Barbara G. Shinn-Cunningham (grad student)
Paula I. MartinAphasia Behavioral Neuroscience2013 Margaret A. Naeser (grad student)
Victoria McKenna Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences20152018 Cara E. Stepp (grad student)
Christopher A. Moorespeech phsyiology, speech production, speech development
David C. MountainAuditory system
Lisa A. Newman Robert E. Hillman (grad student)
Caroline A. NiziolekSpeech motor control, Auditory feedback Sargent College, Dept. of Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences2015 Swathi D. Kiran (post-doc)
Elizabeth S. OlsonAuditory System David C. Mountain (post-doc)
Yeonggwang Paul Park Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences20162020 Cara E. Stepp (grad student)
Tyler K. Perrachioneauditory neuroscience, speech perception, talker identification, dyslexia
Gail Ramsbergeradult neurogenic disorders of communication Robert E. Hillman (grad student)
Chaleece W. Sandbergaphasia, semantics, neuroimaging CSD20062014 Swathi D. Kiran (grad student)
Dante Smith Graduate Program for Neuroscience20122020 Cara E. Stepp (grad student), Frank Guenther (grad student)
Elizabeth Sperry Robert E. Hillman (grad student)
Cara E. SteppSpeech Motor Control, Rehabilitation Engineering, Voice Disorders
Helen L. Tager-FlusbergLanguage acquisition, atypical language development, autism, Williams Syndrome
Daniel J. Tollinauditory physiology, psychophysics19911995 H Steven Colburn (research assistant)
Herbert F. Voigtauditory system, dorsal cochlear nucleus Murray B. Sachs (post-doc)
Jennifer M. VojtechSpeech Science, Electromyography, Rehabilitation Engineering, Voice Disorders Biomedical Engineering20152020 Cara E. Stepp (grad student)
Lisa M. Wisman Weilcquisition and use of grammar by children with typical development, specific language impairment, and those with autism spectrum disorder
Yi ZhouAuditory system19992005 H Steven Colburn (grad student)