University of California, Irvine

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
John H. AsheAuditory System Norman M. Weinberger (grad student)
Peter Bremenauditory system, spatial hearing, scene analysis2011 John C. Middlebrooks (post-doc)
Bradley R. Buchsbaumlanguage, working memory, functional neuroimaging Gregory S Hickok (grad student)
Stephen CrainChild language acquisition, language universals Psychology Psychology1980 Peter W. Culicover (grad student), Ken Wexler (grad student)
Michael D'ZmuraVision, hearing, language, attention, brain imaging, brain-computer interfaces
Andrew DimitrijevicEEG, auditory, event related potentials20062009 Arnold Starr (post-doc)
Paul T. Fillmore Psychology - Ph.D.2010 Gregory S Hickok (grad student)
Gregory S HickokLanguage, Aphasia1998 David Poeppel (collaborator)
Candace Y. Hsiehauditory physiology, developmental molecular biology, two-photon imaging20032007 Raju Metherate (grad student), Karina S. Cramer (post-doc), Jaime Pineda (research assistant)
I-Hui HsiehAuditory System, Cognitive Neuroscience20042007 Kourosh Saberi (grad student)
Colin J. HumphriesLanguage, fMRI19982003 Gregory S Hickok (grad student)
Sushrut KaleAuditory Neurophysiology, moeling John C. Middlebrooks (post-doc)
Chen-Chung LeeAuditory Neuroscience, Spatial Hearing
Raju MetherateNeurotransmitters, cholinergic system, auditory system2014 Norman M. Weinberger (post-doc), Carol Q. Pham (collaborator)
John C. MiddlebrooksAuditory system2011 Carol Q. Pham (collaborator)
Elizabeth D Peñabilingualism, developmental language disorder, dynamic assessment, measurement, treatment
Carol Q. Phamauditory system, auditory disorders Anatomy and Neurobiology20112016 Fan-Gang Zeng (grad student), Peter Bremen (collaborator)
Daniel B. PolleyAuditory System19962001 Ron D. Frostig (grad student)
Amy S. Pratt Education Elizabeth D Peña (post-doc)
Hillel PrattEEG, speech perception, auditory system19771979 Arnold Starr (post-doc)
Edwin W. RubelAuditory system Richard F. Thompson (post-doc)
David K. Ryugoauditory system Norman M. Weinberger (grad student)
Kourosh SaberiAuditory System, Neuroscience
Arnold StarrNeurology, EEG, auditory, memory
Christopher Turnerspeech perception, hearing aids, cochlear implants W. Dixon Ward (grad student)
Fan-Gang Zengauditory system, cochlear implants, speech perception
Yi ZhouAuditory Cortex, Barrel Cortex, Retina, Cortical Circuitry20102012 Ron D. Frostig (post-doc)