University of Oregon

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Dare Ann Baldwinlanguage development, cognitive development, intentionality, action processing
Caitlin M. FauseyLanguage and thought
Michael KywerigaAuditory Cortex Biology2014 Michael Wehr (grad student)
Alexandra K. MooreAuditory Cortex Michael Wehr (research assistant)
Aaron J. Newmanneuroplasticity, language, deafness, aphasia, hearing disorders, audition, vision, sign language, gesture, biological motion2002 Helen Neville (grad student)
Lisa D. Sandersspeech perception, selective attention, auditory localization2001 Helen Neville (grad student)
Cynthia ThompsonAphasia, Neurolinguistics Michael I. Posner (grad student)
Michael WehrAuditory Cortex
Yoshiko YamadaCognitive Neuroscience, Language
Iryna YavorskaAuditory Cortex Michael Wehr (grad student)