Dartmouth College

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Shawn S. Nelson SchmittPsychology and Deafness Laura-Ann Petitto (research assistant)
Laura-Ann PetittoLanguage & Development
Ioulia Kovelmanlanguage, development20012006 Melody S. Berens (collaborator), Laura-Ann Petitto (grad student)
Yale E. Cohenauditory system, prefrontal cortex
Henry (Gus) BuchtelEpilepsy, attention, language, Wada Test Psychology19621964 Thomas K. Landauer (research assistant)
Elizabeth S. NortonCognitive Neuroscience, fMRI, dyslexia, reading, ERP, mismatch negativity, reading fluency, autism spectrum disorders, language disorders20012006 Laura-Ann Petitto (research assistant)
Nathaniel T. GreeneAuditory System, Auditory Localization, Multisensory Integration20042006 Jennifer M. Groh (research assistant)
Amy C. GeojoLinguistic and conceptual development20052006 Laura-Ann Petitto (research assistant)