Dartmouth College

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Shawn S. Nelson SchmittPsychology and Deafness Laura-Ann Petitto (research assistant)
Laura-Ann PetittoLanguage & Development
Ioulia Kovelmanlanguage, development20012006 Melody S. Berens (collaborator), Laura-Ann Petitto (grad student)
Yale E. Cohenauditory system, prefrontal cortex
Henry (Gus) BuchtelEpilepsy, attention, language, Wada Test Psychology19621964 Thomas K. Landauer (research assistant)
Amy C. GeojoLinguistic and conceptual development20052006 Laura-Ann Petitto (research assistant)
Elizabeth S. NortonCognitive Neuroscience, fMRI, dyslexia, reading, ERP, mismatch negativity, reading fluency, autism spectrum disorders, language disorders20012006 Laura-Ann Petitto (research assistant)
Nathaniel T. GreeneAuditory System, Auditory Localization, Multisensory Integration20042006 Jennifer M. Groh (research assistant)