Boys Town National Research Hospital

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Sophie E. Ambrose2010 Mary Pat Moeller (post-doc)
Mary Pat Moeller
Ryan McCreery
Joshua M. AlexanderAmplification, Speech Perception, Auditory Perception20072009 Patricia G. Stelmachowicz (post-doc)
Marjorie LeekAuditory System, psychoacoustics19801982 Charles S. Watson (post-doc)
Samantha J Gustafsonauditory system; development; audiology; hearing loss; pediatrics20102010 Ryan McCreery (research assistant)
Stephen T. NeelyCochlear mechanics, Hearing
Aryn M Kamerercochlear physiology Hearing Research Hearing Research20182021 Daniel M. Rasetshwane (post-doc), Stephen T. Neely (post-doc)
Patricia G. StelmachowiczHearing aids, Amplification, Pediatric audiology
Michael P. GorgaHearing loss, OAE's, Sensory neurophysiology
Shawn S. GoodmanOtoacoustic emissions and middle ear reflectance and will be teaching courses on instrumentation, signal and systems, and evoked potentials Douglas H. Keefe (post-doc)
Mark VanDamphonetics, acoustics, acquisition, deafness, development, psycholinguistics20072009 Mary Pat Moeller (post-doc)
Douglas H. KeefePhysical Acoustics, Middle Ear measurements, OAEs
Donna L. NeffPsychoacoustics, Cochlear implants
Marc BrennanPsychoacoustics, Hearing aids
G Christopher SteckerSpatial Hearing, Auditory cortex