Boys Town National Research Hospital

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Joshua M. AlexanderAmplification, Speech Perception, Auditory Perception20072009 Patricia G. Stelmachowicz (post-doc)
Sophie E. Ambrose2010 Mary Pat Moeller (post-doc)
Marc BrennanPsychoacoustics, Hearing aids
Shawn S. GoodmanOtoacoustic emissions and middle ear reflectance and will be teaching courses on instrumentation, signal and systems, and evoked potentials Douglas H. Keefe (post-doc)
Michael P. GorgaHearing loss, OAE's, Sensory neurophysiology
Samantha J Gustafsonauditory system; development; audiology; hearing loss; pediatrics20102010 Ryan McCreery (research assistant)
Aryn M Kamerercochlear physiology Hearing Research Hearing Research20182021 Daniel M. Rasetshwane (post-doc), Stephen T. Neely (post-doc)
Douglas H. KeefePhysical Acoustics, Middle Ear measurements, OAEs
Marjorie LeekAuditory System, psychoacoustics19801982 Charles S. Watson (post-doc)
Ryan McCreery
Mary Pat Moeller
Stephen T. NeelyCochlear mechanics, Hearing
Donna L. NeffPsychoacoustics, Cochlear implants
G Christopher SteckerSpatial Hearing, Auditory cortex
Patricia G. StelmachowiczHearing aids, Amplification, Pediatric audiology
Mark VanDamphonetics, acoustics, acquisition, deafness, development, psycholinguistics20072009 Mary Pat Moeller (post-doc)