University of South Carolina

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
K Leigh Odomaphasia2006 Julius Fridriksson (grad student)
Kathryn L. MorrowNeurogenic Communication Disorders, Neuroimaging in Aphasia, Treatment of Aphasia2006 Julius Fridriksson (grad student)
Jessica KerstingChild language development and disorders Communication Sciences & Disorders2012 Denise A. Finneran (grad student)
Mark C. ZrullEnrichment, plasticity, behav neurosci James R. Coleman (grad student)
Barbara BlatchleyAuditory system
Julius FridrikssonNeurogenic Communication Disorders, Neuroimaging in Aphasia, Treatment of Aphasia
Denise A. FinneranChild language development and disorders
Krystal L. Werfellanguage and literacy development in children with hearing loss and literacy development in children with and without language impairmen
Jessica Klusekfragile X syndrome, autism
Dana C. MoserAphasia treatment & recovery; adult neurogenic communication disorders; neuroimaging2007 Julius Fridriksson (grad student)
David Eoute Communication Sciences & Disorders2010 Julius Fridriksson (grad student)
Jessica D. Richardsontreatment outcomes, translational neuroscience, adults with neurogenic communication disorders20092012 Julius Fridriksson (post-doc)
Paul T. Fillmore20102013 Julius Fridriksson (research scientist), John E. Richards (research scientist)
H. Isabel Hubbardaphasia treatment, recovery in stroke, neurodegenerative disease Communication Sciences & Disorders20102014 Julius Fridriksson (grad student)
Emily O'Dell GarnettSpeech, language, linguistics, stuttering, cluttering, speech production, aphasia, Psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics Communication sciences and disorders20112015 Dirk B. Den Ouden (grad student)
Lauren S. BaronLanguage, Literacy, Cognition2018 Suzanne M. Adlof (post-doc)