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Paul J. Abbas (Info) University of Iowa Auditory physiology, cochlear implants camiller 2007‑08‑22
Defne Abur (Info) Boston University cstepp 2015‑11‑04
Supraja Anand (Info) University of South Florida cstepp 2015‑11‑04
Craig A. Atencio (Info) UCSF Auditory system david 2005‑03‑27
Jean Berko Gleason (Info) Boston University Child language acquisition lmorett 2009‑08‑04
Nan Bernstein-Ratner (Info) University of Maryland Child language acquisition, stuttering lmorett 2009‑08‑04
Hari M. Bharadwaj (Info) Boston University, Harvard Medical School - Massachusetts General Hospital Auditory system, Human Neuroimaging haribharadwaj 2014‑08‑20
Manuel Diaz Cadiz (Info) Boston University cstepp 2017‑07‑14
Chandramouli Chandrasekaran (Info) Stanford Auditory Cortex, Coherence chandram 2006‑09‑19
Alicia Chang (Info) University of Delaware language, culture, and cognition aliciac 2008‑09‑30
Charles B. Chang (Info) Boston University phonetics, phonology, psycholinguistics, second language acquisition, bilingualism chuckinny 2009‑06‑07
Noam Chomsky (Info) MIT Language hanks 2005‑10‑22
Yoojin Chung (Info) Harvard Medical School / Eaton Peabody Lab Auditory system yjchung 2011‑02‑27
Oren Civier (Info) Stuttering, Speech Motor Control, Motor Sequencing civier 2009‑08‑24
Gabriel J. Cler (Info) Boston University cstepp 2014‑10‑08
H Steven Colburn (Info) Boston University binaural hearing, modelling antje 2008‑02‑24
Lisa Edmonds (Info) Teachers College, Columbia University MarionLeaman 2024‑01‑19
Frederick J. Gallun (Info) NCRAR, Dept of Veteran's Affairs Auditory system, psychoacoustics antje 2008‑04‑10
Howard Gardner (Info) Harvard hayden 2006‑03‑01
Norman Geschwind (Info) Harvard Medical School Behavioral neurology, language tamily 2005‑12‑01
Satrajit S. Ghosh (Info) MIT, MIT, Harvard Medical School Neuroinformatics, Neuroimaging, Speech communication scai 2008‑09‑05
Harold Goodglass (Info) Boston University&Harvard Medical School LuciaVaina 2007‑10‑13
Carla Gress (Info) UVA School of Medicine sgrubb 2014‑08‑22
Frank Guenther (Info) Boston University speech motor control and perception overduin 2008‑08‑04
Wei Guo (Info) MIT Auditory system, Hippocampus, Learning, Memory olayton 2009‑11‑15
Kenneth E. Hancock (Info) Harvard auditory system, dorsal cochlear nucleus hfv 2006‑10‑17
Kenneth M. Heilman (Info) UF Gainesville attention, apraxia, language yong 2007‑03‑13
Elizabeth S. Heller Murray (Info) Boston University cstepp 2013‑07‑14
Arild Hestvik (Info) University of Delaware linguistics & experimental psychology arild 2009‑10‑21
Robert E. Hillman (Info) Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School sgrubb 2014‑08‑22
Michael D. Ho (Info) BU School of Medicine Aphasia mikeho 2008‑07‑28
Antje Ihlefeld (Info) NJIT Psychoacoustics, Cochlear Implants, computational modeling david 2005‑08‑09
Todd R. Jennings (Info) Boston University Auditory System, Inferior Colliculus, Sound Localization, Interaural Time Difference, Modeling toddj 2010‑06‑07
Edith Kaplan (Info) BU School of Medicine process-oriented neuropsychology, language, aphasia, behavioral neurology abarrett 2007‑11‑03
Elaine Kearney (Info) University of Toronto Speech science, motor speech disorders, neurodegenerative disease ekearney 2017‑10‑26
Justin Tyler Kiggins (Info) Allen Institute Population coding, Behavior, Operant Conditioning, Audition, Vision, Perception jkiggins 2010‑06‑07
Swathi D. Kiran (Info) Boston University Bilingual aphasia, Aphasia rehabilitation, Functional neuroimaging, Language recovery, impairments in naming, reading, writing sgrubb 2014‑08‑06
Nicholas Kurkjy (Info) Boston University Audiotry Attention nkurkjy 2009‑10‑08
Eric Larson (Info) University of Washington Auditory Neuroscience, BCI Eric89GXL 2011‑09‑24
Adrian KC Lee (Info) University of Washington psychoacoustics, neuroimaging, neuroengineering antje 2008‑02‑24
Rosemary A. Lester-Smith (Info) UT Austin pq 2015‑11‑15
Yu-An Stephanie Lien (Info) Nest, Inc. Voice cstepp 2013‑07‑14
I-Fan Lin (Info) Boston University Auditory system, Learning mountaineer 2008‑02‑01
Ashling Lupiani (Info) Boston University cstepp 2017‑07‑14
Ross K. Maddox (Info) University of Washington, Rochester, Rochester, University of Michigan Auditory neuroscience, auditory brainstem responses, selective attention, EEG rkmaddox 2011‑07‑29
Paula I. Martin (Info) BU School of Medicine Aphasia mikeho 2008‑07‑28
Victoria McKenna (Info) Boston University cstepp 2015‑11‑04
William P. Milberg (Info) Harvard Medical School Aphasia, Aging, Dementia and Risk for Dementia, philko 2006‑04‑04
Christopher A. Moore (Info) Boston University speech phsyiology, speech production, speech development snjoshi 2010‑06‑18
David C. Mountain (Info) Boston University Auditory system dcm 2010‑04‑08
Margaret A. Naeser (Info) VA Boston Aphasia mikeho 2008‑07‑28
Lisa A. Newman (Info) NIH sgrubb 2014‑08‑22
Caroline A. Niziolek (Info) UCSF, Boston University, UW Madison Speech motor control, Auditory feedback cniziolek 2012‑03‑13
Elizabeth S. Olson (Info) Columbia Auditory System dcm 2010‑04‑08
Carole L. Palumbo (Info) BU School of Medicine Aphasia, Neuroimaging mikeho 2008‑07‑28
Yeonggwang Paul Park (Info) Boston University cstepp 2016‑07‑24
Tyler K. Perrachione (Info) Boston University auditory neuroscience, speech perception, talker identification, dyslexia tkp 2012‑06‑11
Daniel B. Polley (Info) Harvard Medical School Auditory System polleydb 2005‑11‑01
Gail Ramsberger (Info) CU Boulder adult neurogenic disorders of communication sgrubb 2014‑08‑22
Merri J. Rosen (Info) NEOMED Auditory system david 2005‑09‑15
David K. Ryugo (Info) Johns Hopkins auditory system xpzhan 2007‑11‑16
Murray B. Sachs (Info) Johns Hopkins Auditory System, speech david 2005‑04‑22
Chaleece W. Sandberg (Info) Penn State aphasia, semantics, neuroimaging chaleece 2020‑02‑21
Dante Smith (Info) Boston University cstepp 2015‑11‑04
Elizabeth Sperry (Info) Boston University cstepp 2018‑12‑01
Cara E. Stepp (Info) Boston University Speech Motor Control, Rehabilitation Engineering, Voice Disorders cstepp 2010‑02‑15
Helen L. Tager-Flusberg (Info) Boston University Language acquisition, atypical language development, autism, Williams Syndrome lmorett 2009‑10‑05
Daniel J. Tollin (Info) University of Colorado School of Medicine auditory physiology, psychophysics djtollin 2008‑07‑23
Herbert F. Voigt (Info) Boston University auditory system, dorsal cochlear nucleus hfv 2006‑10‑17
Jennifer M. Vojtech (Info) University of Maryland, Boston University, Altec, Inc. Speech Science, Electromyography, Rehabilitation Engineering, Voice Disorders cstepp 2016‑07‑24
Arthur Wingfield (Info) Brandeis Cognitive aging and language drpeelle 2005‑07‑19
Lisa M. Wisman Weil (Info) Boston University cquisition and use of grammar by children with typical development, specific language impairment, and those with autism spectrum disorder sgrubb 2014‑08‑19
Yi Zhou (Info) Arizona State Auditory system yime 2010‑03‑20
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