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Mary E. Beckman (Info) Ohio State Phonetics keithjohnson 2009‑06‑03
Ann Bradlow (Info) Northwestern Phonetics ajongman 2012‑09‑11
Vivian Ciaramitaro (Info) U Mass Boston attention, associative learning, crossmodal plasticity, development, vision, audition, fMRI, adaptation greghorwitz 2005‑10‑04
Macdonald Critchley (Info) National Hospital, Queen Square, London Neurology, language rraayy 2008‑02‑19
Paul A. Faure (Info) McMaster University bioacoustics, auditory system, echolocation, hearing, sensory physiology dark4lord 2006‑12‑14
Albert S. Feng (Info) UIUC Auditory system batgirl 2005‑09‑24
Daniel B. Hertz (Info) University of Maryland auditory system david 2009‑08‑11
Ronald R. Hoy (Info) Cornell Auditory system david 2005‑09‑15
Allard Jongman (Info) University of Kansas phonetics ajongman 2012‑09‑11
Eric Heinz Lenneberg (Info) Cornell language acquisition, cognitive psychology ckarns 2008‑02‑06
Viorica Marian (Info) Northwestern Language, Cognition, Psycholinguistics, Bilingualism, Memory spivey 2009‑05‑06
Urs Maurer (Info) Universität Zürich reading, language, dyslexia umaurer 2013‑04‑18
Bob McMurray (Info) University of Iowa Speech Perception, Spoken Word Recognition, Infancy, Eye-movements thebob 2006‑10‑27
Roberta Michnick Golinkoff (Info) University of Delaware Child language acquisition, cognitive development twig99 2009‑09‑20
Daniel Mirman (Info) Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute, Drexel, UAB Language, Neural Networks, Aphasia dmirman 2010‑04‑13
Peter Martin Narins (Info) UCLA Auditory Behavior, Neurophysiology and Mechanics sere 2005‑11‑05
Kevin N. Rohmann (Info) Johns Hopkins neuroscience, auditory physiology, hair cells, ion channels knrohmann 2012‑10‑08
Merri J. Rosen (Info) NEOMED Auditory system david 2005‑09‑15
Burton Rosner (Info) Penn feeding placenta 2006‑12‑15
Andrea Megela Simmons (Info) Brown Auditory system felloe 2006‑12‑11
Laurence Steinberg (Info) Temple University BBoyd 2016‑01‑14
Nigel Woolf (Info) Johns Hopkins auditory system, anatomy, neuroscience, molecular biology, development, immunology msachs4 2008‑04‑16
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